Pushing Kill Shots for Kids

Pushing kill shots for kids aims to irreparably harm the health of the youngest generation.

Promoting them by US/Western dark forces and their MSM co-conspirators is a high crime against humanity.

Parents permitting their children to be jabbed are guilty of child abuse.

Jabbing children without parental consent is slow-motion mass-murder.

If contract flu/covid, full recovery for children, adolescents and young adults is virtually certain.

For older age groups, the vast majority who contract the viral illness fully recover.

Mass-jabbing for flu/covid has nothing to do with protecting public health.

For US/Western dark forces, it’s all about eliminating millions and billions of unwanted people worldwide — along with instituting social control tyranny.

For Pharma, it’s to cash in big on a bonanza of profits — no matter the irreparable harm to everyone jabbed.

On Sunday like all other days for over the past two years, the NYT pushed to get maximum numbers of people jabbed maximum times with health-destroying kill shots.

January 30 was no exception.

Focusing on wary parents who are unwilling to sacrifice the health of their children, the Times recited its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception rubbish.

Saying an end to the pandemic — that only exists for the jabbed — requires “getting more young school-age children” jabbed reads like a combination Biden regime/Pharma commercial.

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis based on federal data, only 28% of US kids got one jab.

Less than 19% are fully-jabbed.

Like jabbing overall, the percent of kids inoculated varies greatly by US states and regions.

According to Kaiser official Jennifer Kates, “(e)ven (inoculated parents are) cautious about getting their kids” jabbed.

What’s consistently left unexplained by US dark forces, fraudsters Fauci and Walensky et al, and their MSM press agents is that jabs are designed to irreparably harm health.

Providing nothing beneficial, they’re crucial to shun.

In his latest alert to followers, “Conscience of Psychiatry Peter 

Breggin MD interviewed Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Citing irrefutable evidence, he stressed that flu/covid practices “are intentionally murdering people.”

It can happen straightaway or soon after one or more jabs.

Or it can happen incrementally by destroying one bodily organ after another.

According to the Times, “parents give numerous reasons for their hesitan(cy)” about getting their kids jabbed.

One reason alone matters — to protect their health over destroying it by one or more kill shots.

According to Times fake news, parental hesitancy is based on “rampant disinformation (sic).”

That’s Times code language for truth and full disclosure it goes all-out to suppress. 

No responsible parent or anyone else should go near kill shots.

No parent should be complicit in destroying their health of their kids.

No one should believe anything from an official source or what their MSM press agents repeat.

Everyone should rely exclusively on independent sources that are unconnected to governments or Pharma.

MSM consistently and repeatedly repeat state-approved bald-faced 

Big Lies.

Knowing kill shots destroy health, the Times falsely claimed that they’ve “been shown to strongly protect against severe illness and death (sic).”

Evidence based on science indisputably proved otherwise.

The Times and other MSM are paid to lie and mass deceive.

Reliable independent sources prioritize truth and full disclosure.

Shunning kill shots and all else flu/covid is crucial to protect and preserve health.

Following state-approved, MSM promoted mandates and advice on this issue is all about destroying it.

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