Waging Hot and Cold Wars on Multiple Fronts

Hegemon USA is addicted to wars at home and worldwide.

Waged by hot and/or other means from the nation’s inception, they reflect longstanding dirty business as usual.

While Russia remains in the eye of the made-in-the-USA storm, US war on China rages by other means as bilateral tensions remain high.

The country is economic, industrial, military and growing technological powerhouse.

It’s just a matter of time before it becomes the world’s largest economy, a notion not going down well in Washington.

The aim of hardline US policymakers to marginalize, weaken, contain, and isolate China and Russia failed.

Yet cold war on both countries continues with no end of it in prospect.

While US/Western focus is mainly on Russia at this time for invented reasons, China’s Global Times reported the following:

Interventionist Blinken may order a reduction of US staff in the country on the phony pretext of an “epidemic situation (sic).”

According to Beijing, the Biden regime “has been conducting a number of acts in instigating and sabotaging the Winter Olympics” to be held from Feb. 4 – 20.

According to head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin last week:

“(W)e have rather extensive information about a large-scale campaign by the (Biden regime) and its most odious, obedient allies to aggressively and maliciously interfere in the preparation process for the Beijing Olympics,” adding:

“We are seeing their attempts to discredit the Olympic organizers in Beijing.” 

“The US State Department is playing the largest role here, coordinating all the anti-Chinese activities of NGOs and media.”

“(D)iplomatically boycott(ing)” the games and pushing other countries to follow Washington’s lead is part of what’s going on, according to Naryshkin.

The Biden regime’s plot contradicts the Olympic motto of “sport without politics.”

Last month, Vladimir Putin said the US-dominated West aims to discredit China as host of the winter games.

It’s over the phony pretext of (nonexistent) “genocide and crimes against humanity” in China’s Xinjiang region.

Dirty tricks reflect longstanding US policy against invented enemies.

Russia foiled the Obama/Biden regime’s attempt to sabotage the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Beijing is equally up to the challenge of assuring that its own Olympic games are held smoothly.

According to Chinese International Affairs Professor Li Haidong, hegemon USA aims to “purposely mak(e) chaos” during the upcoming games.

In the run-up to and completion of the games next month, he expects attempted Biden regime provocations to try disrupting them.

Separately on Tuesday, The Dem-controlled House posted the text of a sweeping 2,912 page America Competes Act of 2022 bill.

Prepared with China in mind, it includes billions of dollars in handouts to US semiconductor producers.

Other provisions aim to strengthen US ties to Taiwan and so-called Quad countries Japan, India and Australia to counter Beijing.

A new special envoy position proposed to challenge invented Chinese human rights abuses in Xinjiang that don’t exist.

Preparation of the measure followed last June’s adoption of the Senate’s US Innovation and Competition Act with similar aims in mind.

Differences between both measures remain to be resolved.

While there’s strong bipartisan support on issues relating to China and other US invented enemies, it’s unclear whether the newly unveiled House measure will be passed and reconciled with the Senate bill ahead of this year’s congressional elections.


One thought on “Waging Hot and Cold Wars on Multiple Fronts

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  1. Mr Lendman

    If you put 100 Americans in a Focus Group

    Any age, any social class,
    any gender, any color,
    any geographical area of the Country

    And asked them if they want to fight China ..

    70 to 80 % would say no.

    Reframed..would you like to be Friends with China..

    Rather than fight them in a war
    65 to 75% would say yes.

    250 Million Walmart shoppers remember.



    Only the Criminal Elite


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