No Letup in Gratuitous Russia Bashing

Based on the rule of law and legitimate security threats it faces from US-dominated NATO, Russia no longer accepts the unacceptable status quo.

Nor should any nation under similar circumstances.

Hegemon USA and its subservient partners represent an unparalleled threat to world peace, stability, and rights of everyone everywhere.

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia has legitimate grievances it wants addressed.

In cahoots with US-dominated NATO’s forever war on humanity, MSM falsely portray Russia and other independent nations as bad guys.

More below on their daily war of words on Russia.

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov spoke to interventionist Blinken by phone “at the latter’s initiative,” according to Russia’s Foreign Ministry, adding:

Lavrov “emphasized the imperative character of (Moscow’s) demands that all OSCE countries faithfully abide by the commitment not to enhance their security at the expense of the security of others, including NATO’s non-expansion and non-deployment of offensive weapons near Russian borders.”

Blinken ducked the issue. According to his spokesman Price:

Along with subservient NATO partners, his boss said he’ll “continue a substantive exchange with Russia on mutual security concerns (sic),” adding:

He “reiterated (the Biden regime’s) commitment to (vassal state) Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (sic), as well as the right of all countries to determine their own foreign policy and alliances (sic).”

He “urged immediate Russian de-escalation (of what it didn’t escalate) and withdrawal of troops and equipment from Ukraine’s borders” not there.  

He warned of “severe consequences” if Russia invades Ukraine — a nonexistent threat.

The above is Price’s recitation of the Biden regime’s intention to continue dirty business as usual on all things Russia and on the world stage overall.

It’s further evidence of how Russian diplomacy with hegemon USA is a colossal waste of time and effort — consistently achieving nothing positive.

The NYT continued its daily war on words on Russia — in supporting forever US wars by hot and other means worldwide, including against the vast majority of Americans.

No Russian threat exists to the US, Ukraine or other countries.

A daily drumbeat of fake news by the Times pretends otherwise, saying:

Russia “massed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border” — what no one spotted because they’re not there.

The mandate of White House press secretaries is to lie for the ruling US regime.

According to Psaki’s perversion of reality, Putin is a “fox (who’s) screaming from the top of the henhouse (sic).”

“Russia has 100,000 troops on the (Ukraine) border (sic). “They are the aggressor (sic).”

Aggression defines longstanding US policy on the world stage since the 18th century.

Russia is a preeminent proponent of peace, stability and compliance with international law.

According to WaPo’s fake news:

Biden regime “intelligence detected serious Russian planning for an invasion in October (sic),” adding:

“Russian plots (and) aggressive tactics” don’t exist.

There’s no Putin “ambition to redraw the security map in Europe (sic).”

No hostile Russian actions of any kind — what define hegemon USA-dominated NATO aggression against invented enemies.

What WaPo called a “storm over Ukraine” was made-in-the-USA with support from subservient NATO vassal states.

What it falsely called “US intelligence (showing) that the Russians were planning a broad invasion from multiple attack points” doesn’t exist.

As part of its war of words on Russia, WaPo invented the nonexistent threat — likely in cahoots with Biden regime dark forces.

Separately, WaPo reinvented Russia’s legitimate security concerns by falsely accusing Putin of wanting to “dismantle NATO in its current form (sic),” adding:

Its fake news claimed that it’s Moscow’s “condition for…deescalation (sic)” — what it didn’t escalate.

According to NBC (fake) News:

“Ukraine (is) the front line in the battle between freedom and autocracy (sic).”

Calling model democrat Putin a “dictator,” NBC embarrassed itself, including by saying that he “fears…any hint of democratization in (nations) surrounding” Russia (sic).

The above are examples of state-approved rubbish fed Americans and others in the West by MSM press agents for US-dominated NATO’s forever wars.

For its state-terror worldwide.

For its contempt for governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

For its abhorrence of peace, stability and the rule of law.

MSM operate as press agent supporters of regimes where they’re based — sharing guilt in their highest of high crimes of war and against humanity.

The dominant 4th estate is a propaganda tool for wealth, power and privileged interests.

Their members are mortal enemies of what’s most important to most people — including truth telling on vital issues they long ago abandoned.

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