Further Dialogue by Russia with the Biden Regime Uncertain?

There’s no ambiguity about the futility of diplomatic outreach to hegemon USA by nations free from its control.

No matter what its ruling regimes say or agree to, betrayal follows time and again.

Because of continued US-dominated NATO expansion eastward toward Russia’s borders — with intent to surround its territory with hostile forces — the Kremlin drew a line in the sand.

It justifiably demanded a halt to what breached inviolable international agreements — since the 1990s — on the indivisibility of security.

No signatory nation may legally increase its own security at the expense of another.

Operating by its own rules exclusively — in breach of international and its own constitutional law — both right wings of the US war party consistently pursue a might justifies right agenda on the world stage.

The Biden regime mocked Moscow’s legitimate security concerns by rejecting them out of hand.

Offering a spoonful of sugar alone to make the medicine go down, dominant Biden regime hardliners showed willingness only to focus on secondary issues.

The US-dominated West seeks “to sink (us) into oblivion,” Sergey Lavrov stressed, adding:

Its ruling regimes “literally make as the cornerstone exclusively the principle of the freedom of choosing unions while completely ignoring the condition agreed at the highest level that infringing upon the security of other states in this case is inadmissible.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassal states are “unwilling to implement (their) commitments or (seek) to implement them selectively in (their) favor.”

On Wednesday, Russia’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov said Vladimir Putin will decide on whether Russia will engage in further dialogue with the Biden regime on its sought security guarantees.

It unacceptably took from December 15 to January 26 for the US to respond to what’s fundamental for Russia.

“We are currently conducting an interagency analysis of the documents provided to us,” Antonov explained, adding: 

“Its results will be reported to Vladimir Putin (who’ll) decide on the feasibility of further dialogue.” 

“We are not very enthusiastic about the essence of the US(NATO) responses.”

“Washington suggests focusing on important, but basically secondary issues” alone.

Its dominant hardliners unacceptably demand “the right of states to choose alliances” — in breach of the 1997 Russia/NATO Founding Act and related East/West agreements that followed. 

“At the same time, (hegemon USA) ignores the fact that these (binding agreements obligate their signatories) not to strengthen (their) security at the expense of the security of others.”

“The main problem is that NATO countries are strengthening their security by weakening Russia.”

“We do not agree with such an approach.”

The “indivisibility of security should be implemented in good faith.” 

“We want to receive confirmation of the commitments made by the US earlier.” 

“Otherwise, it is necessary to explain why the US (dominated West does) not want to follow decisions agreed to by all of our nations.”

Will Russia continue to seek dialogue with hegemon USA on issues relating to its security — knowing the futility of its good faith outreach?

Or will Vladimir Putin and key Russian officials around him go another way — while continuing to prioritize peace and stability over the unacceptable alternative?

An invented Russian threat to US/Western security remains official Biden regime policy to distract attention from harmful to the public interest political, socioeconomic and related homeland issues.

So the myth of Russian hordes near Ukraine’s border was created with the above in mind.

After warning for weeks of an imminent Russian invasion — not planned or forthcoming in any form — the Biden regime dropped the word “imminent” this week for the first time.

On Tuesday, its UN envoy Thomas-Greenfield about-faced, saying:

“We are (no longer) arguing that (invasion) is imminent.”

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Psaki said much the same thing by reinventing what she earlier said many times.

Ignored all along is the absence of a Russian threat to anyone.

No Russian forces are massed with hostile intentions against Ukraine or anyone else.

No evidence exists to back an endless stream of US/Western-MSM proliferated fabrications about Russia.

At the same time, a state of US war on Russia by other means persists with no hint of shifting to more normalized relations.

Both wings of the US war party need enemies to advance their hegemonic agenda for unchallenged global control.

Since none exist, they’ve been invented throughout US history — from inception to the present day.

The public has been lied to and mass deceived to believe that what harms their interests and overall well-being geopolitically and domestically is beneficial.

Distracted by bread and circuses, manipulating the public mind is an every day thing — notably by propaganda TV heavy lifting.

The mortal enemy of ordinary Americans and their Western counterparts is home-based, not anywhere abroad.

A state of permanent US/Western war on humanity exists with no prospect for positive change.

Their ruling regimes are mortal enemies of their ordinary people and nations free from their control.

When nations serve wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of most others, the legitimacy of their ruling regimes no longer exists.

That’s the disturbing reality of how things are throughout the West at a time of forever wars by hot and/or other means at home and worldwide.


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