Crimes Against Humanity Redefined

All things flu/covid were made-in-the-USA with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

The mother of all state-sponsored scams inflicted more harm on more people over the past year throughout the US/West alone than all NATO wars on invented enemies combined since the alliance was formed nearly 75 years ago.

Reality about what’s gone on since seasonal flu was renamed covid should terrify everyone.

Eminent Professor of Medicine, practicing physician, public health expert Peter McCullough MD earlier called flu/covid jabs “the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

In world history, it should be stressed because what’s going on is happening worldwide.

On Friday, America’s Frontline Doctors for medicine as it should be practiced — for “honest healthcare solutions” over polar opposite practices by US/Western regimes — reported the following:

“Doctored data” show that countless numbers of hospitalized flu/covid patients were misdiagnosed.

Related data leave no doubt mass-jabbing produces diseases instead of protecting against contracting them.

Why does the mask-wearing scam continue?

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s book, titled “Proof that face masks do more harm than good” can be downloaded and read from his website (

He named a “new disease” he calls “chronic maskitis.”

Wearers self-inflict harm.

Mask-wearing doesn’t protect as falsely promoted.

Coleman cited speech therapists.

They’re “seeing a massive increase in children needing help with delayed speech.”

Masking young children in schools compromises their ability to develop language skills — to communicate properly with others.

Masking in schools at all levels, at work and elsewhere adversely affects interactions with others.

So why does the scam continue?

Why are health-destroying kill shots mandated?

Why do many businesses mandate destruction of health as a condition for employment?

Why does the same apply in other public places?

Why hasn’t mass rebellion arisen to stop the madness once and for all?

According to independent NTD television on Wednesday:

US attorneys “report(ed) an alarming uptick in calls for help from families of patients hospitalized with” what’s diagnosed as flu/covid — true or false.

Some family members “were arrested after trying to visit a loved one or speak with a doctor after communications with the hospital were cut off.”

Attorneys explained a range of draconian abuses.

They include “hospitals preventing visits from family, failing to provide nutrition and fluids, and coercing patients to agree to (health-destroying) treatments they’d already refused multiple times.”

Attorney Jeff Childers explained the following:

“In many cases, hospitals refused to release the patient, citing their unstable condition, meaning that at some point it can become impossible to get off the (flu/covid) express” to oblivion.

“The most common complaints we get include that patients are being pressured to accept (health-destroying) remdesivir.”

They’ve “been (involuntarily) given (the drug) even though they objected to it, or the hospital will not administer alternative widely-used treatments even though the patient is in critical condition where side effects are less risky than imminent death.”

“I have personally seen hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep patients in their facility.”

What’s going on throughout the US is “medical kidnapping” — including by the Mayo Clinic and other top-rated hospitals.

It’s slow-motion, state-sponsored murder on an unparalleled scale.

US hospitals nationwide are complicit with the highest of high crimes.

They’re hazardous to the health and well-being of patients diagnosed as ill from flu/covid.

Included are countless numbers who’ve been misdiagnosed — to artificially inflate numbers for greater compensation gotten.

Hospitals are financially incentivized to maximize numbers  of flu-covid patients — including by inventing them. 

So unrelated illnesses are included. Any will do.

Whistleblower nurse Jeanne Stagg explained the following to Project Veritas:

Flu/covid cases are invented for maximum profits.

One patient was admitted “for multiple gunshot wounds and was coded as” flu/covid.

Raising the issue with superiors “fell on deaf ears,” she explained.

Misdiagnoses in large measure come from false positive test results.

A personal note. In January 2021 I dodged a bullet.

Hospitalized for a possible blood clot not found, I was administered a PCR test.

What could have produced a false positive was negative.

No reason was found to keep me hospitalized. 

In around 48 hours, I was discharged and back home, none the worse for wear.

It might have been otherwise. 

I easily could have been misdiagnosed, prevented from leaving and heavily pressured to take drugs I’ve written about and know harm health.

I dread becoming ill enough to need inpatient care.

If occurs for any reason, I might not survive draconian mistreatment — what’s more likely than my year ago experience.

For inpatients diagnosed ill with flu/covid — right or wrong — US hospitals are killing fields, not institutions of healing with the rights of patients in mind.

They’re prisons that profit hugely by keeping maximum numbers of patients interned for what’s diagnosed as flu/covid.

Incentivized by a bonanza of big bucks to go along with the worst of things for patients comes at the expense of medicine as it should be practiced.

That’s the disturbing reality of what’s been going on for over two years.

If ever a popular revolution was needed to turn things around, it’s now.

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