Eli Yale Surveillance State

Since seasonal flu was renamed covid over two years ago, medical tyranny became the new abnormal on thousands of US college and university campuses nationwide.

Rights guaranteed by international and US constitutional law no longer apply.

Health and freedom-destroying mandates replaced them.

The higher education experience I enjoyed long ago is gone since medical tyranny took over.

Yalies are enduring some of the worst of what no one should tolerate under virtual surveillance state standards.

A university hotline was established to make “confidential (snitching) reports.” 

It largely relates to assuring “compliance with (draconian flu/covid) health and safety standards” that harm and don’t protect.

According to your.yale.edu, it’s to enforce compliance with all things flu/covid to include:

Destruction of normal campus interactions by mandated social distancing.

The same goes for masking.

What Yale calls “personal protective equipment (sic)” risks potentially serious respiratory harm while providing nothing beneficial.

So-called “cleaning and disinfecting standards” are best achieved by old-fashioned soap, water and other good personal hygiene practices.

Yale’s hotline for snitching on non-compliers to any of the above and whatever else relates to flu/covid operates “24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.”

The Washington Free Beacon (WFB) discussed one example of how Yale’s surveillance state operates.

On a Saturday night at 9:30 PM, a student in what appeared to be a deserted campus library went maskless to relax.

Alone with no one around, there was no reason to wear what’s required by university rules when others are nearby.

Somebody spotted, filmed and reported him.

In response, he got the following Office of the Dean notice, saying:

“The Compact Review Committee (CRC) is reviewing a report that your conduct failed to meet the commitments you agreed to in the Yale Community Compact.”

“The CRC has received the enclosed report from Melanie Boyd, Dean of Student Affairs, Yale College (flu/covid) Health and Safety Leader…” 

“You have until (24 hours from this notice to) provide the CRC with any relevant information you would like the Committee to consider in its evaluation.”

“(F)ailure to do so could lead to disciplinary action with the Yale College Executive Committee.”

“The CRC will review the matter and decide whether your conduct poses a risk to the health and safety of yourself or other community members.” 

Days after receiving the above notice, he received the following reply:

The so-called CRC “determined that your conduct posed a risk to the health and safety of yourself or other community members (sic).”

“Should you continue to engage in behavior that violates the Yale Community Compact, you will be placed on Public Health Warning and may face more serious outcomes, including the removal of permission to be on campus.”

On the same evening that the reprimanded student went maskless with no one around him in a near-deserted campus library, “1,000 maskless students gathered for Yale’s annual holiday dinner,” the WFB reported.

A video of the event showed the maskless attendees.

Apparently unsnitched on or for whatever other reason(s), no disciplinary actions were reported.

According to what students told the WFB, “rules increasingly feel like overkill.”

Enforcing them is “spotty.”

So far, there’s been no “organized opposition.”

Mass surveillance state Yale discourages it.

What one unnamed student called “a silenced majority (reflects fear of) administrative consequences” for openly addressing what harms health and denies students the full academic experience they deserve.

Other colleges and universities instituted their own surveillance state practices.

Northwestern University with campuses in Evanston, IL and Chicago is one.

Harvard is another. “Speak up,” it urged!

“Simple. Anonymous. 24/7.”

“Keep Harvard a safe place to live, learn and work (sic)” — by making it unsafe and unfit for students, faculty and staff.

By imposing draconian health and freedom-destroying mandates.

At Yale, no official guidelines were published to explain what alleged offenses merit what punitive actions.

The same is likely true on other campuses with draconian rules in place.

Most important is that kill shots and all else flu/covid have nothing to do with protecting and preserving health.

They aim to destroy public health and what remains of fundamental freedoms.

We’ve been lied to and mass deceived for over two years.

For students, academic life as it should be is gone.

For working-age individuals required to be jabbed and masked et al, destroying health and freedom is a condition of employment where these draconian standards were implemented.

The same applies to where free access to other public places are restricted or otherwise impeded.

I mentioned the following once before in an earlier article:

What going on reminds me of a comic routine performed on television long ago by famed entertainer/tightwad-impersonating Jack Benny (1894 – 1974). 

Approached by a thug impersonator and told “Your money or your life,” Benny responded:

“I’m thinking it over.”

There’s nothing to think over about draconian flu/covid mandates.

It’s crucial to shun what’s designed to destroy health and freedom — on the phony pretext of providing protection not gotten.

3 thoughts on “Eli Yale Surveillance State

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    So tragic.

    I want to cry.
    This Scam so poisonous to every aspect of our social Endeavor.

    Mind you .

    The Youth have been gelded

    And torn apart by indentity politics and Intellectual atomization and Balkanization.

    In the 60s the 49ers wouldn’t been fighting back at such tyranny.

    Mind you, up to Jr Class these poor bastards weren’t in School because of the Dystopian Criminal Agenda.

    Univ Campuses is exactly where the Push back should begin

    One small caveat to the bigger story..

    Students who were at or were accepted at Harvard, Yale etc

    The Draconian Ivies.

    Are now attending the Univ of Texas..who haven’t stripped
    the students of all their Democratic and Human Rights.

    Probably Univ of Florida also.
    But I’m not sure.

    Amazing Article.
    USA in big trouble..


  2. Your description of the Jack Benny skit misses the whole point:

    “Approached by a thug impersonator and told “Your money or your life,” Benny responded:

    “I’m thinking it over.””

    The whole point of the joke is that there was a very long pause after the thug made his threat. Benny said nothing. The thug, losing patience, made his thread even more intimidating than before. Only then did Benny make his reply.


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