Fake News Over the Real Thing

Fake news abounds throughout the US/West.

It’s not just from the dominant 4th estate.

Not by a long shot.

With apologies to lyricist Oscar Hammerstein — like crab grass, it’s sprouting up all over.

Institutions of higher learning feature it over truth and full disclosure.

My alma mater shares guilt with most others — especially on kill shots, all else flu/covid related, and all things Russia.

At a time when US ruling authorities are mortal enemies of most people at home and abroad, complicit Harvard transformed its VERITAS motto into a four-letter word.

Discussing more scariant than variant omicron, fake news over the real thing was featured in a Harvard Gazette article by Roby Bhattacharyya, MD, Ph.D, and William P. Hanage, Ph.D — B&H below.

Pretending that the nonexistent SARS-CoV-2 virus is real, they ignored that differences among flu/covid strains are too minor to matter.

Their Greek-letter names aside, they’re virtually all alike.

Not a dime’s worth of difference distinguishes one strain from another.

But sticking to science by calling a spade a spade destroys the fabricated official narrative.

Like most others, B&H go along with state-sponsored fake news over the real thing.

Instead of debunking the official narrative, they support it — notably by pushing kill shots, Hanage saying:

“There must be a renewed push to (jab to include the unjabbed) because omicron is not necessarily intrinsically milder (sic).”

“This is especially true for those struggling to access (jabs), whether in the US or elsewhere in the world (sic).”

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published their fake news promotion for kill shots crucial to shun.

The once highly respected medical journal long ago fell from grace by selling its soul to Pharma for whatever benefits it derives.

Instead of warning about the dangers of kill shots and all else flu/covid, the NEJM supports the mother of all scams.

So do B&H — for whatever benefits given them for going along instead of sticking to science and sound medical practice over the alternative they chose.

Ignoring protection afforded by natural immunity, they dubiously claimed that omicron has “immune-evasion capability (sic).”

They also ignored that the vast majority of alleged flu/covid outbreaks don’t exist.

The true total is less than 10% of fabricated official numbers.

Notably because of MSM-proliferated fake news, the public throughout the US/West and elsewhere is assaulted with a daily blitzkrieg of fake news on flu/covid.

The same goes for Harvard and other institutions of higher learning.

Sticking to the fabricated official narrative, truth and full disclosure were abandoned.

Separately, the Harvard Gazette (HG) asked: “What’s Putin’s next move (sic)?”

More fake news over the real thing followed, the HG asked:

“What’s Putin’s Next Move?”

Reciting state-approved rubbish, the HG falsely claimed that “more than 130,000 Russian troops are massed on Ukraine’s borders,” adding:

“US and NATO (war-mongering Russophobes, masquerading as) diplomats have been negotiating with Russian officials to avert a ground war on the European continent (sic) as world leaders await Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next move (sic).”

Fact: On all things Russia and other independent nations, US-dominated NATO doesn’t negotiate. It demands.

Fact: If greater war in Europe than already erupts, it’ll be made-in-the-USA, not Russia.

Fact: In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO wars on invented enemies, Vladimir Putin is a preeminent peace advocate, threatening no one.

His “moves” are all about working cooperatively with other nations, hostile actions intended against none.

What’s clear to truth-telling international affairs analysts is suppressed by Russophobic ones.

Claiming he has “much to gain by pushing into Ukraine (sic)” reads like a fake news White House, CIA or State Department press release.

So does saying “(w)ith NATO advisers and equipment flowing into Ukraine, (he) may see the window closing on its advantage and want to strike while (he) can (sic).”

Remarks like the above and similar ones are both Russophobic and ignorant about how Putin operates on the world stage.

Abhorring war and instability, Russia under his leadership pursues cooperative relations with the world community of nations.

Not a shred of evidence suggests otherwise.

No Russian military buildup exists against any nations, no hostile actions of any kind intended, nothing resembling US/NATO’s war on humanity.

Instead of laying blame on all things war-making where it belongs, the HG repeats US fake news against invented enemies like Russia.

Claiming Putin wants pro-Russian puppet rule in Kiev sounds like what someone mind-manipulated by US fake news might say.

“What happens next” depends on what further stunts the Biden regime and its key NATO vassal states have in mind.

There’s no ambiguity about longstanding Russian policy under Putin’s leadership.

If all world leaders followed his example, peace, stability and good neighborliness would replace US-dominated NATO wars on invented enemies.


One thought on “Fake News Over the Real Thing

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    And not one sycophant in all of the 1000s of Asslickers in MSM

    Can say,

    “Keep in mind folks..

    Since Russia shares a Border with the Ukraine..

    Russia..by stationing troops inside of Russia…

    In their own border ..

    Constitutes the fabric of the lie

    And is what my colleagues are duping you morons with..!”

    “Mind you..ladies and gentlemen with satellite imagery

    We see the Russians are actually 100 kilometers from their own border..”

    Like 50 words
    Take 30 seconds tops.

    No light can get thru to the Troggs

    They must Remain in Fundamental Darkness

    Only seeing the Devil’s Shadows on Plato’s Walls.

    The Planet of the Apes
    Choking in Darkness,
    Stupidity, Cruelty, Injustices and High Crimes against all Humanity

    In a word
    Devoured by it’s
    It’s own feces and bile.

    That which they prostrate the World With.

    All Mankind asks,

    “Will Someone Rid me of this Pesky Priest …!”


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