Russia and China United Against Hegemonic US Aims

On the eve of Vladimir Putin’s arrival in Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the opening day of the Winter Olympics, Xinhua published the text of his commentary, titled:

“Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership,” stressing:

“(B)ound by…friendship and trust,” both leaders are close friends, their nations close allies.

Their “comprehensive strategic partnership” reflects close ties that bind.

In 2021, they “celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation.”

During his visit to Beijing, Putin and Xi are discussing key bilateral, regional and global issues.

They include close business ties.

Both countries have “substantial financial, industrial, technological and human resources allowing us to successfully resolve longterm development issues.” 

“Working together, we can achieve stable economic growth and improve the well-being of our citizens, strengthen our competitiveness, and stand together against today’s risks and challenges.”

Over the past year, bilateral trade increased by over one-third to a record-high $140 billion.

Things are proceeding to increase it to $200 billion or more annually.

Dozens of joint projects are ongoing in “mining and mineral processing, infrastructure construction, and agriculture.”

Russia is a major energy supplier to China.

Along with providing large volumes of oil and gas, both countries are engaged in large-scale energy and related projects.

Russia is involved in constructing “four new power units at Chinese nuclear power plants with the participation of Rosatom State Corporation.”

Joint partnerships are involved in “information and communication technologies, medicine, space exploration, including the use of national navigation systems and the International Lunar Research Station project.”

Both leaders are discussing and coordinating key international issues.

“The XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (is) a major event of global significance,” Putin stressed. 

“Russia and China are leading sporting nations renowned for their sporting traditions and have hosted large international sports games” before. 

Hegemon USA and a number of its vassal states declined to participate for political reasons — in breach of the letter and spirit of the Olympic Charter.

Before arriving in Beijing, Putin extended his “warmest congratulations to the friendly people of China on the occasion of the Spring Festival, which marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger.” 

“I wish you good health, prosperity, and success,” he stressed.

On Friday afternoon Beijing time, Putin and Xi discussed joint efforts to challenge foreign interference in their internal affairs and regional  threats.

By joint statement, they explained that hostile forces promote unilateralism, power politics, and actions that aim to undermine the rights and interests of targeted countries.

Putin reaffirmed Russia’s support for the one-China principle, opposing Taiwan independence.

Both leaders also oppose further enlargement of NATO, a US-dominated war-making machine on the phony pretext of defense.

They vowed to uphold the letter and spirit of Asia/Pacific peace and stability.

Putin explained that both countries are united in creating ways to counter the hostile effects of illegal US sanctions and pressure in all possible ways.

Along with strong Sino/Russian ties, both leaders developed a close personal friendship.

Over the past five years, they met face-to-face in Beijing, Moscow, Sochi, Xiamen and elsewhere over 20 times.

After becoming China’s president in 2013, Xi’s first foreign visit was to Russia — symbolic of close bilateral ties that continue to grow stronger.

Ahead of his arrival in Beijing, Putin said the following:

“Our countries play an important stabilizing role in today’s challenging international environment, promoting greater democracy in the system of international relations to make it more equitable and inclusive.”

According to Tass on Friday, Russia’s Gazprom and China’s CNPC signed a longterm agreement to supply 10 billion more cubic meters of natural gas via a far eastern route, a Gazprom statement saying:

“The signing of this document is an important step towards further strengthening the mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and China in the gas sector.” 

“As soon as the project reaches its full capacity, the amount of Russian pipeline gas supplies to China is going to grow by 10 billion cubic meters, totaling 48 billion cubic meters per year (including deliveries via the Power of Siberia gas trunkline.”

“This is a second contract to be signed for Russian gas supplies to China, and it is indicative of the exceptionally strong mutual trust and partnership between our countries and companies.” 

“Our Chinese partners from CNPC have already seen for themselves that Gazprom is a reliable gas supplier.”

Earlier on Friday in Beijing, Xi said the following:

“I declare the 24th Winter Olympic Games as open.”

Addressing the opening ceremony,   International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said: 

“We all looked forward with great anticipation to an exciting opening ceremony.” 

“It is very different but is as exciting as Beijing 2008.”

“You, the Olympics athletes, you will show how the world could look like if we all respect the same rules and each other.”

Beginning on Friday, the Winter Games will continue through February 20.

The Paralympic Winter Games will follow from March 4 – 13.

A Final Comment

On Friday, a joint statement by Xi and Putin said the following:

“Today, the world is undergoing massive changes.” 

“Humanity is entering a new era of rapid development and large-scale transformations.”

“Such processes and phenomena as multipolarity, economic globalization, the informatization of society, cultural diversity, the transformation of the system of global governance and the world order are developing.”

“The interconnectedness and interdependence of states is increasing.”

“A trend is being formed to redistribute the balance of world power.” 

“There is a growing demand from the world community for leadership in the interests of peaceful and sustainable development.”

“At the same time…the situation in the field of international and regional security is becoming more and more complicated every day, with global challenges and threats multiplying.”

“Some forces representing a minority on the world stage continue to advocate for unilateral approaches to solving international problems and resort to the politics of force, engage in interference in the internal affairs of other states, cause damage to their legitimate rights and interests, provoke contradictions, disagreements and confrontation, and hinder the development and progress of mankind, creating opposition from the international community.”

China and Russia urge “dialogue and mutual trust, a deepening of mutual understanding, the upholding of universal values such as peace, development, equality, justice, democracy and freedom, respect for the rights of peoples to independently choose the path of development of their countries, and the sovereignty and interests of states in the field of security and development.”

They support “multilateralism…peace, stability…sustainable development,” and mutual cooperation among nations.

They “oppose the formation of closed bloc structures and opposing camps in the Asia-Pacific region, and remain highly vigilant regarding the negative impact to peace and stability in this region of the US Indo-Pacific strategy.”

The lengthy statement with lots more in it affirms support for constructive policies — ones polar opposite how hegemon USA and its war-making partners operate on the world stage.


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