Russia Invades Ukraine?

Throughout the US/West, journalism as it should be no longer exists.

Long ago abandoned by the dominant 4th estate, state-approved fake news is featured instead.

A daily drumbeat is standard operating procedure over the real thing on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Invented US enemies are assaulted by a fake news war of words onslaught.

Brainwashing is intense enough to make most believe that Snow White is actually Typhoid Mary.

MSM fake news transformed preeminent peacemaker Vladimir Putin — and nonbelligerent Russia — into public enemy No. One.

Flashback to August 28, 2014:

MSM fake news falsely reported that Russia invaded Ukraine.

The NYT falsely claimed that Russia conducted “a stealth invasion (of) eastern Ukraine (by) sending armored troops across the border (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news at the time:

“Russian military forces are crossing the border into Ukraine in what is clearly a hostile invasion and act of war (sic).” 

“That includes Russian artillery, Russian tanks, Russian-trained irregular forces, and even uniformed Russian soldiers (sic).”

“(A)n invasion has occurred (sic).”

At the time, US News & World Report falsely headlined:

“Russia Invades Ukraine, Prompts Emergency UN Meeting (sic).”

“New satellite imagery appears to show Russian artillery, troops crossing border into Donetsk region to bolster separatists (sic).”

Fact: No Russian forces crossed into Ukraine.

Fact: No invasion occurred.

Fact: No credible evidence suggested it.

Fact: The above MSM fake news was based on Obama/Biden regime supplied talking points.

History not only rhymes as Mark Twain once explained, the worst of it repeats with disturbing regularity.

On Friday, Bloomberg (fake) news headlined: “Russia Invades Ukraine (sic).”

According to the NY Post:

Bloomberg’s “jarring headline (appeared) on Bloomberg’s homepage at around 4 pm” Friday.

Staying up for around 30 minutes before removed, the Post quoted Russian analyst Olga Lautman, saying:

“I went on the site and saw the breaking news but knew it wasn’t real because I deal with Ukraine and will be one of the first to know,” adding: 

“It is bizarre and a pretty big mistake to make considering this is a potential large scale invasion and everyone is on edge.” 

A Bloomberg spokesman’s attempt to justify what’s unjustifiable fell flat, saying:

“We prepare headlines for many scenarios, and one of those headlines was inadvertently published at around 4 PM ET (Friday) on our website (sic).”

“We deeply regret the error (sic).”

Only because of egg splattered all over BN’s shredded credibility.

A screen shot of its front page showed the following top-featured:



Live: Russia Invades Ukraine”

In response to what was unacceptable, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

Phony claims about preparations by Russia to invade Ukraine are “empty and groundless” to heighten tensions more than already.

Moscow threatens no one, Peskov stressed.

No evidence refutes what’s indisputable reality.

Was Bloomberg’s fake headline a blunder or an overstepping part of daily MSM Russophobic fear-mongering?

Here’s another by the NYT in its latest edition, headlining:

“Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness Add to Worries for Ukraine (sic)”

In response to Biden regime fake news about a planned Russian false flag operation in Ukraine that doesn’t exist, Moscow’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov said the following:

“These lies are part of (US) information war against Russia.”

“For several months, Washington has been agitating the entire world with claims that Ukraine is about to fall victim to ‘Russian aggression.’ ” 

“However, a mishap happened since there is no invasion” — none launched or planned. 

“(I)n order to be more convincing, the use of ‘leaks’ from some intelligence data began with blasphemous and unfounded allegations.”

“(T)here is an impression that US spin doctors in an attempt to discredit Russia are acting according to a ‘throw enough mud and some of it will stick’ principle.”

“We know the price of such ‘evidence’ by US intelligence (that) deeply disgraced itself at the time by handing a tube with white powder to the US Secretary of State to justify the Iraq invasion.” 

“Russia does not intend to attack anyone,” Antonov stressed, adding: 

“We need good-neighborly relations with the fraternal Ukrainian people.”

Antonov also slammed the Biden regime and complicit NATO partners for pouring weapons into Ukraine with escalated war on Donbass in mind.

Russia prioritizes peace and stability.

Hegemon USA’s aims to dominate the world community of nations are polar opposite Moscow’s sought mutual cooperation agenda — according to the rule of law.


2 thoughts on “Russia Invades Ukraine?

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    Cannot say it enough..

    Everything is based on Enormous Lies..!

    Not sure if there’s a duplicate in History

    Even Goebbels would guffaw at this never ending garbage.

    Goebbels was very clever compared to these illiterate children
    Mickey Mouse Club

    Goebbels at least used half truths

    Some in fact were 90 % Truthful
    The Sudenland was 90% German Speaking and had been part of Hohenzollern Germany for five Centuries.

    These American freaks might actually be the all time liars in all of History.

    Remember the Romans
    In the Days of the Republic
    made good allies..

    Because they made good Treaties..
    And honored them for 5 Centuries.

    Sam..can’t turn around without lying.

    World catching on.
    Brand is tarnished.


    Gotta laugh

    Made Snow White look like Typhoid Mary..

    Make Bloody Hillary
    Look like Cinderella…!

    In a Land where

    John McCain the
    War Criminal

    Is a Hero.

    wearing Merlin’s Robes



  2. Spot on!

    Good examples on why the Empire had been prophesized as the Second Beast and the False Prophet (Rev 13:11; 16:13, 19:20, 20:10).


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