Russian and Chinese Officials at Beijing Winter Olympics

In Beijing with Vladimir Putin for the opening of its Winter Olympic games, Sergey Lavrov commented on key geopolitical issues.

He stressed that Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed key issues of importance to both nations on Friday.

They “reaffirmed…the steady development of (Sino/Russian) strategic partnership in all areas.”

Relations between both nations are “the best in the entire history of (their) ties.”

Their primary geopolitical focus was on hostile made-in-the-USA actions against Russia and China.

Both leaders agreed to work cooperatively on international issues that includes “countering attempts to erode…principles of the UN Charter.”

On Biden regime fake news about a planned Russian false flag attack on Ukraine, Lavrov minced no words, stressing:

“The lunacy of such allegations (and there are more and more of them every day) is obvious to any more or less experienced political scientist.”

Together with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, Lavrov said that he, Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials are in Beijing to be with close friends at this time, adding:

“We greatly value the unprecedented level of cooperation with our Chinese friends, their firm and reciprocal support.”

“Our relations rely on broad public consensus in both countries.” 

“They are self-sufficient, sustainable and immune to the fluctuations of the political environment.” 

“They are not aimed against third countries.”

Putin and Xi affirmed strong Sino/Russia ties that bind, along with rejection of US hegemonic aims.

According to Chinese international affairs analyst Lu Xiang:

A 6,000-word Sino/Russian joint statement on virtually “all major issues and strategic questions shows that (bilateral relations) reached an unprecedented level.”

Hostile US actions encouraged their leadership to cooperate more closely against a common threat.

Their “solidarity…gives a new definition to the world order, as they share common knowledge about where major threats to the global stability come from,” Lu added.

Eastern European studies expert Zhang Hong stressed the following:

“The US is now touting its Cold War mentality and so-called China threat theory in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the so-called Russia threat theory in Europe, which prompted China and Russia to stand up against such zero-sum mentality.”

The more hostile the US becomes on the world stage, the stronger Sino/Russian ties that bind become.

Putin stressed it saying that “the spirit of friendship and strategic partnership” defines Sino/Russian bilateral relations.

They’ve advanced to “a truly unprecedented (level) and are an example of worthy relations that help both (countries) develop and, at the same time, support each other in their development.”

Growing ties between both nations put hegemon USA on the back foot.

Remarks by the fake Biden, interventionist Blinken, and their spokespersons about “Russian aggression” are buffoon-like about a nation that prioritizes peace and stability in stark contrast to longstanding US war on humanity at home and abroad.

A Final Comment

On opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Sino/Russian cooperation advanced to a higher level with the announcement of 16 new bilateral agreements.

They include what both countries called a roadmap for increased trade, investment and cooperation on a range of other issues.

According to Asia/Pacific analyst Alexander Gabuev, three pillars define Sino/Russian relations.

They include binding ties on peace, economic and political issues.

At the same time, bilateral rapprochement increased to counter hostility by the US-dominated West.

Separately on Thursday, the Donetsk News Agency reported that Kiev asked foreign nationals in Donbass to leave.”

It’s at a time of escalated Ukraine aggression.

According to the Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova:

“The situation has strained to the limit in the past week through Kiev’s fault.”

“The disregard of this setup by guarantor countries that have influence on Ukraine, especially by France and Germany is considered absolutely inadmissible.” 

“If representatives of these states continue to close their eyes to Ukraine’s provocative behavior and do not put proper pressure on Ukrainian authorities in order to prevent such actions, it can be interpreted as tacit assistance to Kiev.”

US-orchestrated and directed cross-border attacks by Ukrainian forces go on daily.

Tens of thousands of heavily armed Ukrainian forces are massed along the line of contact with Donbass.

Does the Biden regime intend using them as proxy troops to invade Donetsk and Lugansk?

Does it aim to try drawing a Russian response to protect its nationals in both states?

What’s going on is a developing issue.

More on it ahead as the risk of greater war in central Europe increases.


2 thoughts on “Russian and Chinese Officials at Beijing Winter Olympics

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “Developing situation!”
    Apt description.

    Obviously one last attempt to draw / provoke Russia into a war…duh.

    Sadly, if the Ukis baee stupid enough to attack Donbass

    Russia would have to roll..
    Like poking the Bear in the eye

    NATO and Filthy Joe Biden would have their war.

    And I firmly believe Bruce Lee would send 250,000 troops

    Just for Shits and Giggles.
    Sun Tze…


    A Spanish guy said yesterday he expects the Gangsters to attack during the Olympics

    The Gangsters M.O…huh
    Sneak attacks

    He mentioned “That’s what they did during the last Olympics in China…”

    Precedent, that can’t easily be discarded without thought.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Need a BOOOOSTER

    BTW… sadly, I just read my comment again..

    I said nothing of import
    Only stater the Obvious.

    The Entire New Overarching Edifice that the two Hegemons constructed last week..

    1000 times more Historically important than the
    Uki Dirty Joe Stolenberg Affair

    The Mickey Mouth War

    Except for one small detail
    It Could wipe out the Planet in Thermonuclear War.

    Except for that, Mrs Lincoln.

    BTW..This would be China’s Coming Out Party on a
    World Historical Scale

    if the Fightin PLA came marching in.

    “Red Rover..Red Rover..
    Can the PLA COME OVER..?”




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