Freedom Trucking Gains Greater Traction

Neither snow – nor rain – nor freezing cold – nor gloom of night – nor fund-raising obstruction – nor lawsuits – nor military intervention – nor other police state actions have deterred Canadian freedom truckers and their supporters from staying the course in Ottawa until draconian flu/covid mandates from hell are rescinded.

Over a week after arriving in Ottawa, resisting Trudeau regime tyranny continues.

In cahoots with — likely US/Canadian coordinated — state-sponsored tyranny, GoFundMe froze millions of dollars raised by Canadian Freedom Convoy activists.

According to a perversion of reality statement on Friday, the crowdfunding site falsely claimed that funding by truckers violated its rule that “prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment.”

For over a week in Ottawa, activist truckers and supporters comported themselves peacefully.

Protest organizers have a legitimate distribution plan for raised funds.

They’re to be used for freedom truckers who traveled across Canada to engage in peaceful protests against draconian mandates from hell.

When frozen, nearly $8 million was raised — over $10 million in Canadian dollars.

Protests are ongoing in Ottawa and Alberta at a US border-crossing near Coutts.

On Friday, Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford said he’s suing the Trudeau regime over its draconian flu/covid mandates.

He’s the only remaining drafter/signatory of Canada’s 1982 Constitution and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Activist Canadian freedom fighters inspired their US and European counterparts to follow their example.

A previous article discussed a US trucker convoy to DC.

According to, over 100,000 US truckers expressed interest to join what’s schedule roll out on March 1.

More of the same is happening elsewhere.

According to European Freedom Convoy 2022, convoys on the continent “will arrive in Brussels (on February 14) to demand an end to tyrannical rules.”

“This is not about” pro-or-anti-mass-jabbing. “This is not about politics.”

It’s about “people’s right to choose…about freedom of the human race.”

Created on January 26, a Liberty Convoy group has nearly 200,000 members.

A World Freedom Convoy group was established on Telegram.

In the past week, around 40,000 people joined it.

Its focus is on free expression and choice on all things health related.

Starting Monday, truckers in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries intend heading toward their respective capitals to protest for restoration of lost rights.

French Yellow vest protesters are out in large numbers.

Their counterparts are following suit in Vienna, Rome, Berlin and other European cities — demanding an end to draconian mandates.

In response to mandated kill shots for Austrians by the fascist Karl Nehammer regime, tens of thousands protested in Vienna against the draconian health and freedom-destroying mandate.

According to, protesters “have been streaming into” Canberra, Australia “all week,” the country’s capital.

A trucker convoy to Canberra was organized with the same aims in mind. Thousands joined it.

According to email information from a friend in Italy days earlier in sadness about what’s going in the country he loves:

A Calabria region man “tried to burn himself (to death) close to a police station” in protest against draconian mandates.

A 33-year-old teacher, he was suspended without pay for not sacrificing his health as a condition of continued employment.

“(W)e can’t save ourselves alone” without help to end intolerable hellishness, said my friend.

Activists are out in force across Europe against all things flu/covid and related issues.

The Toronto Star reported that “(d)ozens of Facebook and Telegram groups inspired by the Canadian truckers have sprouted up across the world.”

They’ve been organized “from Cyprus to Argentina to New Zealand.”

“Members (are) expressing solidarity and shared frustration, and in some cases, even organizing convoys to their own local capitals.”

“After two years of (flu/covid) restrictions around the globe, the chorus of frustration with health restrictions and mandates to be (jabbed) or risk losing work or access to other services seems to be resonating globally.”

On Saturday, the Ottawa Citizen reported the following:

Convoy organizers “say they won’t leave until mask and (jabbing) mandates are ended.”

Numbers of protesters are growing in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

On Saturday, “farmer convoys arrived in Ottawa” to support truckers.

Businesses away from the city’s Parliament Hill are impacted by what’s going on.

Construction at or near Parliament Hill was slowed or halted entirely.

A dubious class-action suit was filed against truckers — seeking “damages for emotional, mental and other distress, and $5 million in punitive damages (sic).”

Calling for what’s going on to end, Ontario premier Doug Ford ignored what’s crucial.

It’ll end straightaway once draconian health and freedom-destroying mandates are rescinded.

As long as they remain in place, protesters hopefully will stay the course, grow in size, spread nationwide across Canada, the US, and many other countries.

Mandates where ordered have nothing to do with protecting health and well-being.

They’re all about destroying what’s too precious to lose — along with instituting social control tyranny.

Freedom-loving people have a choice throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

They can go along with the unacceptable road to hell with ill-intentions.

Or they can rise up en masse to protect public health and restore lost freedoms.

There’s no ambiguity about the only acceptable option.

No further elaboration is needed.

A Final Comment

According to Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly, increasing numbers of protesters and trucks arrived in the city over the weekend.

Reportedly a similar scenario is playing out in Toronto.

If police begin to break ranks to support their own health and freedom rights, the Trudeau regime will likely get its long overdue comeuppance.

If similar actions unfold in other Western cities, the worst of what’s gone on can be beaten.

If growing numbers of activists are like Ontario’s Tina Trealout, all things are possible.

“We’re all here in unity and we’re going to fight to the end,” she said.

“We’re staying until it’s done. We’re not leaving.”

Staying the course is the only option.

There is no other way.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Florida Governor Ron di Santos
    Threatened a lawsuit on
    GoFux Me..put the Fla AG on it
    Suing the bastards for Fraud.

    and GoFuxMe backed up and relented, I believe.

    Good on ya Ronnie!

    BTW . Once had a bookie in LA who was a Stanford MBA..very creative guy..

    He sent and picked up money at Walmart.

    He Sent and picked up money at Indian Casinos.

    He put money in Off Shore Gambling sites that he could pick up anywhere in the World.

    I’m Just saying..



  2. Mr Lendman


    BTW.. not about me, at all…

    I couldn’t Share the first two stories to My Story..

    So I wrote a Meme
    30 minutes ago..


    Hear Forrest Gump..

    All of a Sudden this Truckers Story was able to be shared to MY STORY

    Just like that.

    “The Moral of the Story
    Is like the moral of this tale”

    The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil.
    And it further corroborates
    My theory that “You know who”

    Runs the Show on Weekends.


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