Freedom v. Trudeau Regime Tyranny in Canada

According to Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly last week, “(t)here is likely no policing solution to” continued protests against draconian flu/covid mandates, adding:

Law enforcement isn’t prepared “to deal with a city under siege.”

The only solution is what the Trudeau regime rejects so far — an end to health and freedom-destroying mandates from hell.

What flagrantly breaches international and Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom continues to be Trudeau regime policy.

In cahoots with his higher power in Washington, he’s unbending so far.

On Saturday, Ottawa’s Police Services Board met in emergency session.

Discussion failed to accept the obvious resolution solution. 

Instead, Ottawa city council member Diane Deans said the following:

“We are on day eight of this occupation (sic).” 

“Our city is under siege.” 

“What we’re seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem.” 

“This is a nationwide insurrection.” 

“This is madness (sic).” 

“We need a concrete plan to put an end to this.”

In response to being asked what police need “right now,” Soley stressed the unavailability of “sufficient resources to adequately and effectively address this situation.”

Large-scale protests continue around Parliament Hill and surrounding areas.

What’s happening in Ottawa spread nationwide.

According to the Toronto Star on Saturday:

“As ‘Freedom Convoy’ hits Toronto and other cities, the anti-mandate movement is larger and faces more opposition than ever.”

In Toronto, freedom protesters “took over (the city’s) downtown core.”

Hundreds of healthcare workers joined them — placards reading: “Free-dumb.”

Thousands are protesting in Canadian cities nationwide.

On Friday, Trump expressed support, saying:

“The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far left lunatic Justin Trudeau who has destroyed Canada with insane (flu/covid) mandates.”

Rallies were held or are planned in Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and elsewhere in Canada nationwide.

Reporting on Quebec City protests, the Montreal Gazette quoted one individual involved who clearly spoke for many others, saying:

“It’s been two years. It’s time for all of this to stop. We want our lives back.”

Crowds include men, women, children and entire families.

As the day wore on Saturday, numbers turning out increased in size.

According to Quebec City mayor Bruno Marchard:

“What I have seen…is that things are unfolding peacefully.”

It’s much the same in other Canadian cities. 

Protesters demand an end to draconian mandates, their civil liberties restored and respected. 

They oppose Pharma profiteers.

Saying protesters “made their point. The entire country heard them,” Trudeau regime transport minister Omar Alghabra’s call for them to “go home” mocked their legitimate grievances.

Co-organizer of protests in Ottawa, Jim Torma stressed that “(w)e’re going to be in (the) faces (of Canadian politicians for) as long as it takes” to end draconian mandates. 

According to polling data, most Canadians (and their Western counterparts) are fed up with how mandates from hell are being enforced.

Interviewed by RT, Freedom Convoy spokesman BJ Dichter said the following:

“We want (flu/covid) mandates removed.”

“We also want the passport system – the QR code system for entering the country – we want that program abandoned.”

Protesters are supported by local residents “across the political spectrum.”

Canadians are “fed up with (duplicitous) politicians.”

They want lost freedoms restored.

They want what no ruling regimes can legally deny their people.

A Final Comment

Deputy Police Chief Trish Ferguson said there’s never been anything before in Canada like what ongoing now.

Ottawa police said every available officer is on duty.

Around 250 Royal Canadian Mounted Police were brought in to help.

Speaking to protesters near Ottawa’s Parliament Hill on Saturday, independent MP Randy Hillier said the following:

“I’m telling everyone, and I’m telling that coward in his cottage (Trudeau that) this is the hill we die on.”


4 thoughts on “Freedom v. Trudeau Regime Tyranny in Canada

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Fabulous and Extremely Important journalism you’re doing.

    No where else can one get
    “Just the Facts, Ma’am..”

    Still Spreading Like Wildfire

    WildCats all over the Country.

    This is Fantastic..
    This is the Real McCoy..

    Couldn’t find a Better Battlefield

    And the Troops are ready to fight..

    All we need are some poignant pictures of

    Merican Truckers
    On the Alaskan Birdrr

    Minnesota, Montana, etc

    Meeting and greeting
    and shaking hands
    In Solidarity.


    1,000,000,000 words in
    A 6″ x 6 ” picture in USA TODAY

    Better, say RT

    This week Walter Mitty is the Photo Editor of the
    Cleveland Plain Dealer
    No the Kansas City Star..


    Most importantly

    We need to recognize
    the Xeugodt..

    When it arrives.

    It arrived.

    Today you might call it a zeitgeist..

    ( Or as my Uncle Dave would say

    ” , I’ll give you a zetz..

    Squeeze your knee
    At the funny bone..

    Make you laugh
    and cry at the same time )


    The Zetz that shakes the torpor out of the beaten down
    Confused and bewildered masses..

    Hypnotized since birth by the Actor reading the News on TV

    Traumatized by the last two years

    Just now coming out of Shock..

    What Nietzsche called
    ” the
    Obedience of the Corpse..”

    Process took time..



    ( to the Virginia House of Burgesses)



    “Let’s get it on..!”

    ALWAYS Needed Focus.


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