Turning the Tide on All Things Flu/Covid?

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere, the public has been consistently lied to and mass deceived about all things flu/covid related.

Protests against draconian flu/covid mandates in the US/West and elsewhere are encouraging.

If what’s going on continues to gain traction, chances for relegating public health and freedom-destroying mandates to history’s dustbin where they belong will be greatly enhanced.

In response to and influenced by protests against flu/covid mandates in Canada nationwide, Angus Reid Institute polling data found that 54% of Canadians want Trudeau regime imposed restrictions lifted across the board.

Majority support represents a 15-point increase since early January.

In Quebec where some of the most draconian restrictions were imposed, 59% of respondents want mandates ended compared to 34% in favor of continuing them.

The Trudeau regime follows the worst of draconian US/European restrictions.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, most Canadians want their civil liberties restored.

They’ve “had enough of lockdowns and broken promises,” Conservative Party deputy leader Candice Bergen stressed, adding:

“They deserve to be heard and…respect(ed).”

In Britain, a Jobs Not Jabs initiative “aim(s) is to provide affordable group legal action to all who are impacted by the (Boris Johnson regime’s) No Jab No Job and No Jab No Education policies.”

Its website asks:

“Are you facing job loss due to you declining” flu/covid jabs?

“Or are you a health/care provider who is worried about understaffing on the quality of care?”

“Dr R Zac Cox BDS and his team are here to try and help you through this unprecedented period.”

“(C)oercion, bullying, discrimination, harm and loss” of employment for refusal to sacrifice health as a condition for keeping it must end.

Jobs Not Jabs “is a front line battle for democracy, freedom and liberty.”

It’s an initiative for “medical autonomy, informed consent, freedom of choice and human rights.”

Eased Johnson regime restrictions is no cause for celebration at a time when the battle to end draconian flu/covid mandates across the board just began.

Jobs Not Jabs is “pushing forward and will not stop until there is no longer a threat of reintroducing requirements for (jabs) to work ever again.” 

Johnson regime weasel “word(ing) enables them to” reinstitute toughness at any time for any invented reasons.

Nothing was said about permanently reversing what shouldn’t have been mandated in the first place. 

Jobs Not Jabs aims to hold politicians, bureaucrats and employers “responsible for unfair dismissals, harassment and bullying.”

“The time to act is now.”

“(E)mployers are free to set their own policies, and therefore may go ahead with mandatory (mass-jabbing) in spite of government revocation.”

This must end and not be reinstituted.

The same goes for schools at all levels and public places across the board.

“Our legal team will assess the situation holistically as we go through this unprecedented situation and want each and every one of you to be able to, not only access justice, but to do so at the absolute minimum costs and with maximum impact.”

Stand up for your rights.

Bow to no one wanting them eliminated or compromised for any reasons.

Great victories are won one small step at a time.

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces, MSM are enemies of the rule of law, the public welfare, and science on all things health related.

Defying what’s indisputable, the NYT turned science on its head by falsely claiming that “masks offer strong protection (sic).”

The self-styled newspaper of record cited a non-study/study based “phone survey” responses.

Proving nothing, the Times falsely cited “evidence” that doesn’t exist to show that “high-quality, well-fitting masks can help protect the wearer from infection with the virus (sic).”

Based on indisputable science, masking doesn’t protect.

Worn longterm risks potentially serious respiratory harm from bacteria, fungi and other pathogens able to penetrate masks and concentrate inside.

Claims otherwise defy scientific reality. MSM across the board are repeat offenders.

Separately, the Times reported the following:

Pennsylvania physician Edith Behr MD was fired by Tower Health for prescribing known safe and effective ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for treating and curing flu/covid.

According to Times fake news, both “drugs (are) called not safe for treating the disease (sic)” — ignoring indisputable evidence otherwise.

Citing the Pharma-controlled FDA, the Times stressed that both drugs “should not be used to prevent or treat” flu/covid (sic).

In cahoots with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers, the Times and other MSM support what destroys health and freedom over the other way around.

It’s been official policy since garden variety flu was deceptively renamed covid with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

Since mass-jabbing began in December 2020, countless millions were irreparably harmed.

In the US alone, hundreds of thousands died.

All of the above and what relates to it is consistently suppressed by the Times and other MSM.

Going along makes them complicit with the highest of high crimes.

It’s at a time when physicians and scientists for medicine as it should be practiced are suspended, sacked, otherwise persecuted and demonized for doing the right things.

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