Hyping v. Downplaying a Nonexistent Russian Threat

In stark contrast to fake news by Biden regime officials about a Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist, Kiev called for toning things down.

On Sunday, the Zelensky regime’s foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba said the following:

“Do not believe the apocalyptic predictions.” 

“Different capitals have different scenarios, but Ukraine is ready for any development.” 

“Today, Ukraine has a strong army, unprecedented international support, and Ukrainians’ faith in their country.” 

According to Zelensky regime advisor Mikhail Podolyak, chances of resolving things diplomatically are “substantially higher than the threat of further escalation.”

On Sunday, Russian Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy slammed what he called “(a)nother masterpiece of US propaganda war,” adding:

“Unnamed officials, undisclosed sources, no evidence. Madness and scaremongering” alone. 

“And as we all saw, if you openly question such fakes you won’t get answers and will be labeled a Russian apologist.”

“What if we would say the US could seize London in a week and cause 300K civilian deaths?” 

“All this based on our intelligence sources that we won’t disclose.”

Heavily hyped Russian hordes at the gates of Ukraine are hundreds of kilometers away in their own territory — threatening no one.

No US/Western intelligence suggests otherwise.

On Sunday, the fake Biden spoke to France’s Macron at a time when the so-called buildup of Russian forces along Ukraine’s border is fake news, not the real thing.

On Monday, Macron is meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov:

All things invented about a nonexistent Russian threat to Ukraine will not be resolved “after one meeting” between both leaders, adding:

“We are aware of this, and Macron also told Putin that (his visit intends to address) some ideas to find possible ways for reducing tensions in Europe. 

“Let’s wait for the outcomes of today’s meeting and listen to how the presidents assess them during their press conference.”

“This is a very important visit.”

Both leaders “will focus on tensions in Europe amid the situation around Ukraine.”

They’ll “touch upon (Russia’s sought) security guarantees and everything relating to these main issues.” 

On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Biden and Boris Johnson regimes cooked up a fake Russian threat to Ukraine to divert attention from domestic crises, adding:

“The well-known psychedelic phobias by Western media about the ‘Russian aggression against Ukraine’ are under development in the forthcoming composition.” 

“(T)ime marches on and Russia is not attacking Ukraine.” 

“The calculation by the US and UK is clear.”

They invented a phony scenario to counter in whatever ways they have in mind to declare victory against those pesky Russians.

“(Y)ou’ve got both an opportunity to divert attention away from their own political crises and a chance to pour billions into arming” Ukraine and other regional countries.

“As they say, you don’t need enemies with friends like this.” 

“Then again, we repeatedly said that the West is not concerned at all about Ukrainian interests.”

On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will meet with the fake Biden at the White House.

Ahead of his visit, he recited lines that sounded suspiciously like Biden regime scripted rubbish, saying:

“We are ready to take together with our allies all necessary steps (sic).”

“We have a very clear agreement with the (Biden regime) on gas transit and energy sovereignty in Europe (sic).”

“We already also agreed that we will support (US-colonized) Ukraine (sic).”

“It is absolutely clear that in a situation like this (sic) all options are on the table (sic).”

“I will not get into any specifics, but our answer will be united and decisive (sic).”

“We are working very hard with our allies in NATO and in the European Union to make clear what we can do in the specific situation (sic).”

“But we are also clear about the necessary strategic ambiguity (sic).”

“This is also critical for giving this strong message that it will be very costly (sic).” 

“It would be too high a price to intervene in Ukraine (sic).”

“We are working very hard to use all  channels of talks that we have now: talks between the US and Russia, the NATO-Russia Council, the OSCE and Normandy format (sic).”

Western leaders know that Russia threatens no one.

Yet they pretend otherwise.

Even when harming their own interests, they side with Washington’s hegemonic agenda.

On all things related to East/West relations, Russia bashing continues because both right wings of the US war party need enemies to justify their unjustifiable geopolitical agenda.

Most Americans are mind-manipulated to believe almost anything about invented US enemies no matter how untrue.

At a time when hegemon USA threatens the health, well-being and rights of everyone domestically and abroad, there’s no ambiguity about where Russia stands.

On the world stage, it stands tall as a preeminent advocate of peace and the rule of law.


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