Hegemon USA-Dominated NATO Forever Wars v. Nonexistent Russian Aggression

Aggression is longstanding US-dominated NATO policy against invented enemies.

No real ones threatened the West since WW II ended.

So hegemon USA and NATO vassal states invented one after another to maintain a permanent state of hot and cold wars with diabolical aims in mind.

In stark contrast, the Russian Federation and other nations free from US control prioritize peace and cooperative relations with the world community of nations — confrontation with none.

On Monday, France’s Macron met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow while Germany’s Scholz genuflected to the fake Biden at the White House.

According to a Biden regime readout, the White House imposter and German chancellor discussed “deterrence efforts in response to (fake news about) Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s borders” that doesn’t exist, adding:

“…NATO is ready” to confront preeminent peace and stability advocate Russia, a nation threatening no one.

Bowing to the higher power Biden regime, Scholz said “(w)e are absolutely united.”

“Far-reaching measures” were agreed on.

“We will take all necessary steps.” 

“You can be sure there won’t be any measures on which we have a differing approach.” 

“We will act together jointly.”

Scholz was in Washington on the same day that his foreign minister Annalena Baerbock visited Kiev — while France’s Macron met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

The French president wants no part of war in Europe that potentially could repeat devastation wrought by two world wars.

At the same time, the Fifth Republic is joined at the hip with US-dominated NATO’s hot and cold wars on invented enemies.

While the chance of US military confrontation with Russia is slim, if occurs it’ll likely draw France into it via NATO.

Days before meeting with Putin, Macron stressed the importance of not “giv(ing) up (on) dialogue with Russia.”

Wanting NATO, EU, OSCE and Normandy format countries involved, he said security in Europe depends on “exhaust(ing) all these forms to the last.”

With a presidential election scheduled in April — round one on the 10th, a runoff if necessary on the 24th — Macron has reelection on his mind.

In stark contrast to calling Russia a “destabilizing power” last November, he said the following on Monday at a press conference with Putin:

“Russia is a European country. It is necessary to work with Russia to build a future in Europe.”

He called it “imperative to develop new mechanisms that would ensure stability in the region, but these new mechanisms must not be built by redrawing the agreements of the past 30 years and by revising fundamental principles or imposing limitations on basic European rights.”

After talks that reportedly lasted about five hours, Putin said the following:

Russia’s security concerns were ignored by the “US and NATO.”

He stressed the binding obligation of NATO Founding Act states “not to strengthen one’s security at the expense of the security of other states.”

According to US-dominated NATO military strategy, “Russia is (falsely) named the main security threat and adversary.” 

No Russian aggression exists. No evidence suggests otherwise.

“(S)aying that Russia is aggressive does not correspond to common sense,” Putin stressed.

At the same time, “I want to emphasize again…that if Ukraine joins NATO and tries to return Crimea by military means, European countries will automatically be drawn into a military conflict with Russia?”

“(H)aving moved their military infrastructure close to our borders, NATO and its member states consider themselves entitled to lecture us…about where and how to place our armed forces.”

Operating on their own territory non-belligerently is considered a threatened invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time, nearly eight years of war by Kiev on Donbass is supported and encouraged by US-dominated NATO.

On Tuesday, Macron is visiting the US-installed Zelensky regime in Kiev.

According to Putin, he’ll “have a hard time” dealing with its US-controlled leadership.

While Putin and Macron share concern about security in Europe, hegemon USA calls the shots.

NATO vassal states go along with policies set by their higher power in Washington.

Macron and Scholz are no exceptions to the rule.


One thought on “Hegemon USA-Dominated NATO Forever Wars v. Nonexistent Russian Aggression

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Ready…my Script du jour

    France holds a plebiscite,

    French voters overwhelming want to join with CSTO


    MACRON Fulfilling deGauls policy.

    pulls out of NATO

    And joins CSTO.


    Hear The Village People

    ” Young Man..
    No time to blow..
    NATO will Fux you
    As you surely know..

    you can join the CSTO.”


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