The Myth of America the Beautiful

Big government in cahoots with monied interests are mortal enemies of ordinary people everywhere.

In the US and throughout the West, government of, by and for everyone equitably is a grand illusion.

Reality is worlds apart from MSM-proliferated rubbish based on state-approved talking points.

It debunks the myth of America the beautiful, its self-proclaimed exceptionalism, the indispensable state and moral superiority.

What never existed in the US from inception is nowhere in sight at the most perilous time in world history.

Manipulating the public mind is longstanding state-sponsored policy.

The late historian Howard Zinn said his motivation behind writing “A People’s History of the United States” was because rubbish taught students in schools at all levels defies reality.

It’s “tremblingly respectful of state and statesmen and so disrespectful, by inattention, to people’s movements,” he explained.

“(C)ounterforce (is needed) to avoid being crushed into submission.”

US history as it should be taught isn’t pretty.

Establishment texts call Andrew Jackson a frontiersman, soldier, and democratic man of the people.

The real Jackson was a slaveholder, land speculator, executioner of dissident soldiers, and exterminator of Native Americans.

So-called father of the USA George Washington had imperial delusions of grandeur.

He pursued it by exterminating its native population.

Calling Native Americans “red savages (and) beasts prey,” he ordered troops to slaughter them, destroy their villages, fields, food supplies, cattle herds, and orchards.

He wanted their land seized and developed for exclusive use by privileged interests.

Today, we’d call the US founders a Wall Street crowd.

Comprised of duplicitous, self-serving rich white men, there wasn’t a populist or civil libertarian among them.

They were politicians, lawyers, bankers, and merchants, as well as land and slave owners.

The Constitution’s Bill of Rights was all about protecting their interests alone.

From inception to now, the US has been run of, by and for wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of most others.

For most of the nation’s history, women were considered homemakers, child bearers and rearers alone.

To this day, the US is largely a white male supremacy society.

I recall only one Black member of my college class of 1956.

In graduate school, there was only one woman in my MBA class. 

Over time, things changed somewhat for the better while deteriorating to its current overall dismal state today.

Historically, Lincoln was arguably the worst of a long line of duplicitous, war-mongering US leaders.

By provoking an attack on Fort Sumpter, he launched the war between the states for economic and power-hungry reasons.

To this day, it was by far the bloodiest war in US history.

While ongoing, Lincoln usurped dictatorial powers.

He suspended the Constitution and habeas rights, closed courts, arbitrarily ordered arrests, conscripted US citizens without congressional consent, and shut down newspapers opposing his policies to suppress hard truths.

His Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single slave. 

The great emancipator was hardcore racist.

He wanted Blacks deported at war’s end to maintain America as a white supremacist society.

Throughout colonial America and for nearly a century later, Blacks in the US were considered commodities, not people.

Discrimination against people of color remains a major socioeconomic and political issue.

To this day, overwhelmingly white presidents and key congressional members are more selected than elected.

Throughout US history, the vast majority of Americans have had no say over how the nation is governed or by whom.

Democracy for the many is pure fantasy. The real thing exists for the privileged few alone.

When asked once to name a single admirable US president, Zinn minced no words saying there were none.

They’ve all been beholden to wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the general welfare.

US governance is “rotten at the root,” he explained.

Change “requires an uprooting of the old order, the introduction of a new kind of society (that’s) cooperative, peaceful, egalitarian.”

Along with longstanding inequality from inception, US history reflects a nation addicted to war-making against invented enemies.

At the end of the 19th century, McKinley created a pretext for war with Spain.

He annexed Hawaii, colonized Puerto Rico, established a protectorate over Cuba, forced the Spanish government to cede the Philippines, and occupied the country.

He fought a dirty war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. 

Theodore Roosevelt succeeded him, continued the carnage, and won a Nobel Peace Prize.

In 1916, Wilson was reelected on a pledge to “keep us out of (Europe’s) war.”

In 1917, he established the Committee on Public Information.

Its mind-manipulating mandate turned a pacifist nation into raging German-haters for the war he wanted and planned involvement in all along.

On December 7, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt duplicitously called it “a date which will live in infamy (when) the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

Left unexplained was how he manipulated Japan into war with the US its leadership wanted avoided.

He froze Japanese assets in the US, planned a naval blockade, then dropped the idea.

It resurfaced as a way to suffocate its economy.

From 1933 to late 1941, he spurned Japanese peace overtures that would have protected all American interests in the Pacific. 

By November 25, 1941, the die was cast. 

War Secretary Henry Stimson said conflict depended only on how to maneuver Japan to attack with the lowest number of US casualties.

Roosevelt encouraged an attack on Pearl Harbor by stationing the Pacific Fleet there — against the advice of its commander and chief of naval operations.

After the Japanese code was broken, intercepted cables confirmed an attack was coming. 

The US tracked its fleet from the Kurile Islands to its North Pacific refueling point en route to Pearl Harbor on or about December 7.

At a December 5 cabinet meeting, Navy Secretary Frank Knox said: 

“Well, you know Mr. President, we know where the Japanese fleet is?” 

“Yes, I know,” said Roosevelt, adding: “Well, you tell them what it is Frank.” 

Naval intelligence reports indicated it was in Pacific waters heading for Hawaii. 

On December 6, the attack was imminent. It came the next morning at 7:55AM Hawaii time.

Pearl Harbor commander Admiral HE Kimmel got no intelligence about what was coming.

The “surprise attack” was no surprise. 

Roosevelt wanted isolationist congressional members and the public transformed into raging Japan haters. 

He got the war he wanted, including in Europe.

In September 1940, Axis powers Germany, Japan and Italy signed the Tripartite Pact.

It called for mutual assistance if any TP signatory country was attacked.

Four days after Pearl Harbor on December 11, Hitler declared war on the US — even though the TP didn’t obligate Germany to aid Japan if it was the aggressor. 

As the saying goes, the rest of history.

Both world wars — and all others — never should have been waged.

Responsible leadership could have prevented them.

Weapons makers and other monied interests profit hugely from mass slaughter and destruction.

Their bottom line depends on wars. The more waged and for longer durations, the more profits they make.

War in Europe and the Pacific I recall well as a young boy transformed the US into the dominant world power.

Its land was unscathed by ravages that devastated Europe and East Asia.

Instead of using its preeminence on the world stage for peace, equity and justice, endless wars followed.

Beginning with the rape and destruction of nonbelligerent North Korea, they continue today by hot and/or other means to transform the world community of nations into US vassal states by brute force if lesser tactics fall short.

At a time of endless US hot and cold wars on nations free from its control, much the same is ongoing against ordinary Americans and their counterparts abroad by kill shots and all else flu/covid.

Warts and all, the nation I grew up in long ago no longer exists.

Tyranny replaced it that’s heading for becoming full-blown without popular revolution against what no one should tolerate anywhere.

2 thoughts on “The Myth of America the Beautiful

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  1. Very truthful article. Thank you.

    I’ll add some lessons from history.

    The ancient Babylonian empire was powerful and rich with its famed Hanging Garden. Babylon was militarily impenetrable, yet doomed by Divine order unless Babylon changed its course and show mercy to the poor (Dan 4:27).

    Ancient Babylon was the head that had a deadly wound which healed (Europe – First Beast) and all the world wondered after the First Beast (Rev 13:3).

    The USA-UK axis (the Second Beast – Rev 13:1-18) is part of modern-day Babylon, is militarily impenetrable just like ancient Babylon was and is doomed by Divine order (Rev 20:10) because it won’t change its course just like ancient Babylon didn’t.

    And no mercy to the poor because a hospital stay could bankrupt you. Sick people avoided hospitals which is the very reason for mandatory vaccinations to injure and hospitalize the poor for financial gains.

    Now, the worldwide Covid fake-pandemic and mandatory vaccination to debilitate and ensnare the poor into bankruptcy.

    The weapons industry and money-printing should be nationalized to prevent wars. Essential services like hospitals and utilities should also be nationalized.

    Gambling should be banned, government official should be democratically-selected based on meritocracy (examination system) and the poor helped out of poverty. One country is doing just that and its government can never be toppled because of popular respect and support.


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