As Alberta and Saskatchewan Go, So Goes Canada?

People everywhere should prioritize an end to draconian health and freedom-destroying mandates.

The only way is by pursuing whatever it takes to end them once and for all — according to international law.

They have nothing to do with protecting public health.

Nothing to do with serving the public interest.

Nothing beneficial for the vast majority of people where they’re imposed.

They’re all about serving wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively — at the expense of most others.

They’re about eliminating millions and billions of unwanted people, along with creating ruler/serf societies worldwide.

What’s going on took years of planning and trial runs before the diabolical mother of all state-sponsored scams was rolled out over two years ago.

It’s time to roll it back by driving a stake through its heart of darkness — by killing the scourge before it kills us.

Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers are leading the way.

They put their bodies and spirit on the line for fundamental rights everyone deserves, for inspiring others throughout the West and elsewhere to follow their example.

“We Support Truckers,” a sign displayed near Ottawa’s Parliament Hill reads.

The spirit of its message should resonate in the hearts and mind of freedom-loving people everywhere.

No more mandates!

No kill shots!

No lockdowns!

No tests designed to produce false positives!

No masking!

No distancing from others in public or anywhere else!

No ruling regimes in favor of the above tolerated anywhere!

On February 9, Canada’s Alberta province began partially rolling back draconian flu/covid mandates.

What’s announced is a step in the right direction — baby steps in three phases instead of a great leap forward.

Steps 2 and 3 depend on whether hospitalizations trend downward.

Ignored is that flu/covid outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths are proportional to numbers of people jabbed and multi-jabbed.

The way to curb all of the above is by halting them altogether.

Effective February 14, Saskatchewan province’s vax pass policy ends.

Businesses and other public places will no longer require proof of jabs or negative test results for free access to their spaces.

Masking that doesn’t protect and risks potentially serious harm to health from longterm use remains provincial policy indoors until at least end of February.

So does self-isolation if test positive — no matter that the vast majority positive results are false.

Like Alberta, Saskatchewan failed to end health and freedom-destroying mandates altogether.

While any steps in the right direction are welcome, nothing short of abolition across the board of what never should have been instituted is acceptable.

There’s no ambiguity about why the above steps were taken.

They’re in response to freedom-seeking trucker protests in Ottawa and other Canadian cities.

The  website is maintaining a time log of days, hours, minutes and seconds of trucker activism in Ottawa.

Over 12 days ago, thousands of truckers arrived in the city.

Thousands of area residents joined their freedom-fighting mission.

The following groups support it:


Families for Choice

Canadian Frontline Nurses

Canadian Law Education and Rights (CLEAR)

Police on Guard For Thee

Will You Stand?

Mama Bears

It’s okay to wait

Citizens for Unity

Stand Up Canada

Rise Up Durham

Putting Unity in the Community

Convoy for Freedom

Freedom Alliance

Truckers United

Take Back Our Freedoms

Strong and Free Canada

No Retreat

No Surrender

In cahoots with his higher power in Washington, PM Trudeau and the anti-freedom/anti-rule of law regime he represents is unbending so far.

On Monday and Tuesday, he recited a litany of hate-filled bald-faced Big Lies in support of tyranny over the other way around.

Vowing to maintain draconian mandates, the only option for truckers and supportive freedom-loving Canadians is to keep fighting the good fight for justice opposed by Trudeau and hardliners around him.

A Final Comment

Since Ottawa protests began 12 days ago, they’ve been peaceful, according to the rule of law.

City police chief Peter Sloly admitted it publicly.

Yet police made about two dozen arrests on dubious charges and ticketed hundreds of truckers to harass them.

On Tuesday, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms in Canada explained the following:

Ottawa police are unlawfully seizing donated fuel to truckers.

“Protesting publicly in freezing temperatures requires the truckers to have fuel to stay warm,” Justice Center Litigation Director Jay Cameron stressed, adding:

“Confiscation of fuel jeopardizes the personal safety of the peaceful protesters.”

According to Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Everyone in the country is entitled to “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”

They’re guaranteed “freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association.”

No evidence of criminal code violations by truckers exists.

According to Justice Center Nicholas Wansbutter representing Ottawa truckers:

City “police seem to be rebranding the exercise of the Charter freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly as criminal mischief under section 430 of the Criminal Code.”

“Taking fuel from Canadian citizens in the downtown Ottawa area is an illegal seizure in a context where no crimes are being committed, and no charges were laid against truckers or anyone else.”

“(T)ruckers are not doing anything illegal by protesting peacefully against the 23 months of politicians restricting our Charter freedoms.”

“Citizens have every right to bring food, water, fuel, and other necessities of life in the winter to other Canadians, including truckers.”

“Charging truckers with mischief under Criminal Code section 430 (is) a serious overreach and a violation of citizens’ Charter freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly.”

Declared state of emergency powers — notably when no emergency exists — by Ottawa mayor Jim Watson is “serious” overreach.

It flaunts the rule of law and “risk(s) serious harm.”

“Emergency powers were never intended to prevent (Canadian) citizens…from expressing their displeasure with government overreach and mandates they believe to be unconstitutional.”

The struggle for restoration of lost freedoms in Canada continues.

Much the same is vitally needed throughout the West and elsewhere — with no letup until what’s lost is restored.

3 thoughts on “As Alberta and Saskatchewan Go, So Goes Canada?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Need a Strikers Council..

    A Big gathering of all the Groups involved

    And all individuals who support

    A “GOVERNMENT” of the Workers

    Not Trudeau and the Criminal Class

    Let them decide policy for the Truckers..

    Organize the Defense of the Truckers

    Countermanding the Capitalist Orders..

    Hey Ho..
    Here we go.

    Gonna need a Real Steeled and Conscious Formation to take this puppy till Summer.

    Bourgeoisie is prepared to unleash hell.

    This hits the Gangsters right in the gut.


    All I can say is

    Wheeeee Doagies

    Gotta Widcat going up in Canada, son.

    The RealvMcCoy

    Could blow the Pop Stand wide open.


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