Illinois Judge Rules Against Flu/Covid Mandates in Schools

Toxic jabs irreparably harm health.

Masks don’t protect and risk potentially serious respiratory harm from longterm use.

Based on indisputable science, flu/covid mandates across the board are unjustifiable.

On February 4, Illinois Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge Raylene Grischow issued a temporary restraining order against mandatory kill shots, masking, and all else flu/covid related in Illinois schools “without due process” — not afforded by state and local authorities.

Her action responded to lawsuits by attorney Thomas DeVore on behalf of hundreds of parents and teachers.

Her TRO ruling voided draconian Illinois Board of Education emergency rules when no emergency exists — an invented one alone to unjustifiably justify imposition of health and freedom-destroying mandates.

Illinois Department of Public Health rules were imposed with this draconian aim in mind.

Along with masking, they unacceptably require proof that teachers, students and staff are  fully-jabbed or test negative.

Ignored is that when positive, test results are nearly always false because of how administered to turn out this way.

In response to Judge Grischow’s temporary restraining order, science-defying Gov. Jay Pritzker said the following:

“The grave consequence of this misguided decision (sic) is that (Illinois) schools…no longer have sufficient tools to keep students and staff safe (sic) while (flu/covid) continues to threaten our communities (sic).” 

“This may force schools to go remote (sic).”

In her ruling, Judge Grischow said if Illinois lawmakers were “of the opinion that public health laws as written were not satisfactory to protect public health from (flu/covid), (they) had adequate opportunity to change the law since March 2020.”

In response to her ruling, Smithfield High School teacher Kimberly Smoot likely spoke for many others, saying the following:

The Feb. 4 ruling “means I can make my own decision about whether to wear a mask on…or not” in class. 

“All along, it was always about my rights and my freedoms being taken away, much more so than anything.”

“I’m just thrilled the judge agreed with us and issued the TRO.” 

“I guess it just says that the judge understands where we’re coming from when we say we just want our due process and not a blanket ‘you have to do this no matter what.’ ”

Defying science, common sense and international law, Illinois Education Association president Kathi Griffin showed ignorance about and indifference toward public health with the following remarks:

Judge Grischow’s “ruling…calls into question the safety of schools across the state (sic), and we will support all efforts to stop its immediate implementation while state and district defendants pursue an appeal.”

In Lake County north of Chicago, Vernon Hills High School principal Jon Guillaume ignored Judge Grischow’s ruling by ordering students and staff to continue masking.

In response, a Students Unmasked initiative tweeted the following:

“Today, a group of us from Vernon Hills HS…arrived at school without masks protesting the mandate.”

“Here is our statement on the event.”

“We encourage students from other districts to stand with us.”

“Thank you to our parents for your support.”

A statement said the following in part:

“(I)t is time for us to make a stand.”

Principal Guillaume presented several options.

Attending class requires masking.

Maskless students must either stay isolated from masked classmates or be removed from school.

“(It) is time for (masking) to end.”

“We’ve complied for two years.”

“(S)cience no longer supports it. Neither do we.”

“We want to be free of these masks.”

“We want to see each other’s faces.”

“We want…normalcy (returned to) enjoy what is left of our high school years.”

“Many school districts…made masks optional.”

“(T)ake a stand” against mandatory masking.

The “time is now.”

“(S)tand with us.”

By executive order, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin banned mandatory masking.

Virginia’s Supreme Court upheld the right of students and staff to choose — to go masked or unmasked at their discretion.

Mandating them is politicized.

It’s unrelated to science.

The same reality applies to all things flu/covid — especially health-destroying kill shots.

Will truckers in Canada and elsewhere — along with US parents, students and supporters on both sides of the border — turn the tide against over two years of health and freedom-destroying mandates?

US/Western and other draconian regimes won’t do it on their own unless forced by mass-activism staying the course.

Now is the time to rise up for restoration of lost freedoms.

Nothing less can turn things around.

A Final Comment

In response to Judge Grischow’s ruling, Illinois GOP Rep. Joe Sosnowski issued the following statement:

“In our system of government, the judiciary has the final say, not the governor and not his allies in the legislature.” 

“School districts that have not yet complied with the court’s ruling should do so immediately.”

“Wearing a mask in school should be optional and a decision made by a parent or guardian.”

“Local school officials should abide by the court ruling and not yield to pressure from the Pritzker (regime) and (others) that want mask mandates in place indefinitely.”

They’re “not effective in decreasing infection, and children have proven to be the safest from serious infection.”

“We are one of only a couple states enforcing a statewide mask mandate and it needs to end.”

“I support Judge Grischow’s ruling and urge all our local school districts to follow her order without further delay.”

On Feb. 6, Pritzker regime AG Kwame Raoul appealed her ruling with the Illinois Appellate Court for the Fourth District.

That’s where things now stand.

One thought on “Illinois Judge Rules Against Flu/Covid Mandates in Schools

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The Bio Scam is amazingly ending like Prohibition

    By judicial decree and executive orders.

    Then Boom…

    Back to reality.

    Like the Y2K Scam

    Meanwhile this Scam
    So much more insidious and destructive..

    It ruined the lives of Billions of people.

    Children scared and traumatized for life.

    In the Late Stages of Capitalism

    Not only do periodic crashes occur more often and with Greater Severity..

    So do FFs
    And Black Ops..

    “A Funny Thing Happened
    On the Road to Extinction..!”


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