Made-in-the USA Russian Threat

Most people confuse what they read in newspapers, hear on radio and view on television with news.

Long ago journalist/political critic HL Mencken once said that “(t)he most dangerous (person) to any government is (anyone) able to think things out for himself (or herself), without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos,” adding:

“Almost inevitably (they come) to the conclusion that the government…is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…”

The same thing applies to its MSM press agents.

It’s notably so about made up stuff on invented US enemies.

It’s true as well on all things all else things flu/covid – especially kill shots — since the mother of all state-sponsored scams was rolled out over two years ago.

Despite no evidence to suggest possible Russian hostilities against Ukraine or any other countries, fake news claims otherwise repeat daily.

In the absence of evidence, they’re invented and regurgitated by MSM.

According to NYT fake news, Vladimir Putin “keep(s) (up) pressure on” Ukraine (sic).

“(B)acked by the threat of force (sic), (he’s) staking his legacy on reversing Ukraine’s pro-Western shift (sic) for as long as it takes to get his way (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from the above rubbish.

No responsible editors would touch it.

Times editors invent reasons to bash Russia — and other nations free from US control — by making stuff up.

So they feature fake news daily over all the news that’s fit to print.

The nonexistent Russian threat to Ukraine is repeated ad nauseam by militantly hostile Russophobes.

In knee-jerk fashion, the invented red menace in new form is top featured geopolitical news by MSM press agents for wealth, power and privilege daily.

There’s no ambiguity about how National Pentagon News (NPR) operates.

Supporting US/Western aggression, abhorring peace and stability, it features fake news about invented US enemies daily over truth and full disclosure it long ago banned on air.

“Russia threatens Ukraine” it roars one day after another.

Claiming Russian “disinformation” is in full swing (sic), NPR repeated Big Lies by US war department spokesman Kirby and Boris Johnson’s imitation foreign minister Truss.

Making stuff up about invented enemies is how they operate, truth and nothing else on Russia as well as other nations free from US control nowhere in sight.

According to WaPo’s fake news, Russian forces in Belarus for nonthreatening military exercises “could provide cover for a multi-pronged invasion of Ukraine (sic).

Both countries conduct all things military in their own territory.

Hegemon US-dominated NATO rehearses war on Russia along its borders in neighboring countries.

Citing unnamed military analysts, WaPo reinvented Russia’s geopolitical policy by falsely claiming that its forces “are largely in place for a major strike that could topple Kiev’s (US-installed regime) and reassert Moscow’s control (sic).”

According to the Russophobic London Guardian’s reinvention of reality:

“Russia and Belarus will begin 10 days of joint military drills on Thursday, setting in train one of the most overtly threatening elements (sic) of the Kremlin’s buildup of forces around Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

On Wednesday, Belarusian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Aleinik said the following:

“The (made-in-the-USA) conflict in Ukraine looks local only on the map.” 

“Today, this is a flashpoint, or rather a pretext for a global political confrontation.”

“We are witnessing a consistent dismantling of the systemic foundations of international and regional security” by the US-dominated West. 

“Confidence is being replaced by confrontation.”

“Dialogue is being replaced by the blame game.” 

“International instruments of arms control as well as confidence and security-building measures continue to degrade.” 

“Meanwhile, the spiral is devolving into a full-scale arms race in Europe.”

If greater violence than already erupts in central Europe near the borders of Russia and Belarus, it’ll have hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s fingerprints all over it.

One thought on “Made-in-the USA Russian Threat

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’m my entire life I’ve never seen one day go by

    that the US News Media wasn’t fabricating lies to start a War.

    I don’t believe there has ever been such an enormous assemblige of War Criminals

    In one place at one time..
    Like the USA.

    Irrespective of the Nazi War Criminals…

    I think the American Monsters beat them hands down.

    I feel certain History will make the same assessment.


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