Mind Manipulation and its Price

Years of planning, preparation and test-marketing went into manipulating the public mind to believe that seasonal flu-renamed covid is a real-life andromeda strain able to wipe out humanity unless multi-jabbed with what’s crucial to shun.

The price of going along was explained by my Italian friend earlier and again this week.

What’s happening in the country he loves is replicated in similar ways throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

If unwilling to sacrifice their health to the power of the state and Pharma profiteers, Italian citizens, residents, and surely visitors are barred from “enter(ing) a bank, a post office,” and most other public places.

Public sector staff face termination unless fully-jabbed. Retired workers “cannot collect” their pension without self-inflicting harm.

“(W)hether you are a teacher, a policeman, a soldier, a doctor, a simple employee or a worker of any kind,” if unwilling to be jabbed with what doesn’t protect and irreparably harms health, “you end up suspended without pay,” he explained. 

If over age-50 and unjabbed, you’ll be fined.

No matter that toxic mRNA drugs and vaccines are designed to destroy health, not protect what’s too precious to lose.

No matter than they’re experimental, poorly tested, and rushed to market with diabolical aims in mind.

No matter that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid cases, serious ones, hospitalizations and deaths.

No matter that jabs risk contraction of any one or a combination of potentially deadly diseases.

No matter that being jab-free, having natural immunity, and following a healthy lifestyle is most effective in protecting against flu/covid and other health issues.

No matter that going along with jabs is playing Russian roulette with health that’s sure to turn out badly sooner or later.

No matter that all things flu/covid aim to eliminate what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

Going along with what’s crucial to shun assures self-inflicting harm to include a shorter lifespan and likely bad end time.

It’s abandoning the right of voluntary consent on all things health related — what’s mandated by international law.

Separately on Monday, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) expressed a death wish for individuals diagnosed with flu/covid, true or false.

It lied calling experimental remdesivir — that’s toxic for flu/covid — “highly effective (sic)” in treating the illness.

Its sources: Pharma profiteer Gilead, the drug pusher, and unnamed “public health experts” involved in going all-out to destroy what they’re pretending to protect.

Based on science, no peer-reviewed evidence shows that remdesivir significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization in high-risk or other patients diagnosed with flu/covid.

The drug showed no effectiveness in reducing pathogens in the bloodstream of individuals ill from the viral infection.

According to independent medical and scientific experts — unconnected to government or Pharma — the drug is potentially highly toxic and dangerous.

Around 25% of hospitalized patients administered remdesivir died.

Clearly it’s to be shunned, especially when known safe and effective protocols exist for treating and curing flu/covid.

Like other MSM, NPR is on the side of the devil instead of the other way around.

According to fake news by notorious NYT liar Paul Krugman — caught red-handed deceiving readers time and again — not enough Americans “behaved responsibly (sic).” 

Referring to millions unjabbed or not fully-jabbed ignored the only responsible choice for everyone with protecting their health in mind.

Not according to science-defying Krugman in deference to Biden regime dark forces and Pharma profiteers.

He’s “angry” — because the unjabbed haven’t sacrificed their health, or done it fully, to comply with what demands rejection, not acceptance.

At a time of an invented pandemic, not a real one, Krugman pretends otherwise.

Turning truth on its head, he falsely claimed that the unjabbed “placed the rest of us at risk and degraded the quality of our nation’s life (sic).”

Indisputably, it’s the other way around.

What Krugman calls “the right thing” is self-inflicting harm.

It’s destroying health, not protecting it.

It’s ignoring that jabbed individuals shed and spread toxins to others.

They jeopardize the health and well-being of unjabbed individuals from close contact.

Staying jab-free greatly reduces the risk of contracting flu/covid and other serious illnesses.

Krugman lied pretending otherwise.

He lied claiming that “flying without a mask or dining indoors while un(jabbed) (risks) endanger(ing) others (sic).

He lied calling the unjabbed “selfish (for) ignoring the welfare and comfort of their fellow citizens (sic).”

He lied by accusing unjabbed individuals of “deliberate aggression (sic) — putting others at risk to make a point (sic).”

He lied saying that “Republicans (have been) fed a steady diet of misinformation (on flu/covid) by partisan media (sic).”

He lied claiming that “bad behavior (of the unjabbed) keeps (the) pandemic (that’s invented, not real) going (sic).”

He’s paid to lie and mass deceive over the other way around.

Truth-telling on all things flu/covid and other key issues would get him sacked.

The same standard applies across the board to other MSM reporters, columnists and contributors.

Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Is the worm turning in a positive direction?

Are greater numbers of people in the West and elsewhere beginning to realize that we’ve been lied to, mass deceived and otherwise scammed on kill shots and all else flu/covid?

Are Canadian freedom of choice truckers, their supporters, and growing numbers of counterparts in the US and Europe leading a long overdue revolution against draconian mandates from hell?

Staying the course and spreading the word by example is crucial to turning the tide for freedom of choice over the draconian alternative.

For the first time since seasonal flu underwent a name change with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, what’s going on in Ottawa, other Canadian cities and spreading elsewhere shows that challenging authority by holding firm makes all things possible.

It’s the only way to achieve positive change.

Resisting tyranny is a universal right, an obligation to challenge what no one should accept.

Passivity is no option in the face of injustice, MLK stressed.

Time and again throughout history, people power made a difference.

Is the power of positive actions repeating again now?

Is it coming to a city near you and your own?

Will you get involved in your own self-interest?

It’s too soon to draw conclusions but signs are encouraging.

Collective defiance against draconian mandates with the worst of diabolical aims in mind is the only way forward.

There is no other way.

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