US Sanctions War on Invented US Enemies

US sanctions on targeted nations reflect war-making by other means.

On Monday during Security Council open debate, Russian Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy slammed how hegemon USA-dominated NATO uses sanctions “as a punitive tool” against invented enemies.

Time and again when imposed to make economies scream, ordinary people in targeted countries suffer most.

“So-called secondary…sanctions remain a serious impediment for full-fledged functioning of humanitarian exemptions,” Polyanskiy explained.

This is notably the case in Syria, Yemen, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and other nations transformed into invented enemies by both wings of the US war party.

Polyanskiy said it’s “outrageous” that US/Western banks “profiteer  from Libya’s frozen assets that future generations of Libyans will need in the post-crisis era.” 

“It is inhuman when elderly or terminally ill people that pose no threat to security have to waste time waiting for a permit to go abroad” in countries targeted by hegemon USA for regime change. 

SC Res. 2615 considers humanitarian aid to Afghanistan a breach of 1988 sanctions.

They breach the UN Charter when imposed by one nation on others.

The Security Council alone may legally impose them.

On both sides of the aisle, Congress is infested with militantly hostile to peace Russophobes.

In mid-January, undemocratic Dem Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Robert Menendez introduced the so-called Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act of 2022 (sic).

It’s at a time when the US-colonized country’s foreign threats are invented, not real.

With dozens of Dem co-sponsors, Menendez reinvented reality with the following remarks, saying:

“This legislation makes it absolutely clear that (hegemon USA) will not stand idly by as the Kremlin threatens a re-invasion of Ukraine (sic). 

Fact: The Russian Federation never invaded Ukraine.

Fact: No threat of invasion exists now — against any nation.

Fact: Fabricated claims otherwise reflect longstanding Russia bashing for invented reasons.

Fact: In stark contrast to preeminent peace and stability advocate Russia, hegemon USA continues to wage permanent wars by hot and/or other means against invented enemies abroad and most Americans domestically.

Menendez also defied reality by falsely claiming that dominant Biden hardliners “seek a diplomatic path…in Europe (sic).”

“(B)loody war (involving) Ukraine” will only occur if made-by-the-USA.

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s geopolitical agenda.

It’s polar opposite longstanding US war on humanity.

Colonized Ukraine is a platform it uses to wage war on Russia by other means.

At a time when a threat by Moscow is invented, not real, the Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act calls for imposing the mother of all (illegal) sanctions on the country, its people and Vladimir Putin personally.

It includes another $500 million for heavy and other weapons — dubiously called “supplementary emergency security assistance” when no emergency exists, just an invented one. 

Aggression is longstanding US-dominated NATO policy.

In stark contrast to how its ruling regimes and congressional co-conspirators breach the rule of law on the world stage repeatedly, Russia fully complies with its international obligations.

Discussing his “mother of all sanctions” measure on Tuesday, Russophobe Menendez said “negotiations” are ongoing in Congress “to reconcile different views” on the proposed measure, adding:

His aim is to make Russians “feel pain” by sanctioning banks, energy and other enterprises, Nord Stream 2 to render it inoperable, and other draconian actions to impose maximum harm on Russia’s economy.

If passed by Congress and signed into law, it’ll up the stakes for conflict more than already.

Menendez and likeminded lunatics infesting the Washington asylum seem hell bent to escalate a permanent US state of war by hot and/or other means to an unprecedented level.

If hot war explodes on the world stage ahead, it’ll be hegemon USA’s doing unilaterally or in cahoots with its NATO partners.

What’s unlikely is possible because Washington is infested with lunatics like Menendez.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin minced no words, saying the following:

“It’s long been clear to everyone that American legislators have lost touch with reality and are living in a kingdom of their own phobias regarding our country, churning out obscurantist plans to deter Russia on all fronts, with any justification or without one.”

“I don’t see the point in reacting to the Capitol’s routine initiatives about this.” 

“We can only repeat once more our regret about what has happened, and confirm that there will inevitably be negative consequences from the harsh restrictions laid on us by the Western initiators of such measures.”

Throughout most of US history from inception, its ruling regimes have been at war on invented enemies — at home and abroad.

Nothing in prospect suggests an intention to go another way ahead.

Just the opposite is hard-wired by both its war-making wings.

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