Fake News War on Russia an Every Day Thing

Russia is a preeminent champion of peace, stability and compliance with international law on the world stage.

Vladimir Putin’s leadership reflects it. 

Towering in stature over his pigmy Western counterparts — especially the known-nothing fake Biden — Putin said the following on Wednesday.

“The situation in the world is becoming more turbulent and tense.” 

“This certainly requires additional and persistent efforts to ensure strategic stability (and ways to) counter arising threats and challenges.” 

“This especially includes our bid to receive comprehensive, legally binding national security guarantees from the US and its NATO allies.”

“(C)onsistent, systemic work to strengthen the supremacy of international law and the UN’s central coordinating role, to create a fair and stable multipolar world order remains fully topical.”

Russian “diplomacy helps uphold the lawful rights of Russian citizens and compatriots abroad and facilitates the settlement of regional conflicts and crises and, most importantly, plays a major role in creating favorable external conditions for the steady progress of our country.”

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes operate in polar opposite fashion to Russia’s cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with its international obligations.

On Wednesday, Russia’s UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia commented on nearly eight years of made-in-the USA Kiev war on Donbass.

It continues because hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes keep “inundating Kiev with weapons (for) offensive rather than defensive” actions in defiance of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements.

“The only way (to resolve conflict) is by fulfilling (what) Minsk agreements” call for, Nebenzia stressed.

It’s clear “that today we are very far from this, and not through our fault, not by our will.”

Hegemon USA, its NATO vassal states and colonized Ukraine bear full responsibility for what continues endlessly with nothing positive in prospect.

Along with other Russian officials, Nebenzia stressed that Moscow intends no “malign” actions against Ukraine — militarily or in any other way.

On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) director Sergey Naryshkin made similar remarks, saying:

“Russia has never had any aggressive plans towards Ukraine,” adding:

“(D)angerous lies” otherwise from “the other side of the Atlantic” in Washington spread throughout the West.

Russia’s envoy to Germany Sergey Nechayev highlighted the threat of using Kiev as a platform for US/Western war in central Europe along Russia’s borders, saying:

“(W)eapons supplie(d) to Ukraine (by US/Western regimes) encourage nationalist and extremist forces in (the country) to take uncontrolled actions that can trigger another crisis.”

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO “dramatically raised tensions.”

“(P)ump(ing) (Ukraine) with foreign weapons, troops and special forces (risks greater) provocations” than what’s gone on for years.

A state of undeclared Cold War continues by both right wings of the US war party against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

On Wednesday, Moscow’s US envoy Anatoly Antonov said the following:

“What is happening today in Washington and what is happening today at the Capitol is very difficult to explain in one or two sentences,” adding: 

“It’s a contest among senators and congressmen who are ready to hit Russia harder.”

They’re (preparing) sanctions that would cause serious damage to the economic and political image of our country.”

“It is difficult to say (precisely) what” they’ll agree on.

“There is a feeling is that sanctions will be developed under any circumstances (for invented reasons), and the only question is when they will be imposed.”

It’s at a time of daily fake news about Russian forces mobilized along Ukraine’s border — not there — with intent to invade not forthcoming.

An anti-Russia “information war” is being waged by the Biden regime, its NATO vassal states and MSM press agents, Antonov stressed.

At a time when no Russian threat exists against Ukraine or any other countries, the daily onslaught is “fake news.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed the danger of “daily aggressive statements…from Washington (and) European capitals.”

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s Contact Group envoy Boris Gryzlov said Ukrainian forces continue “increasing their presence” menacingly along the border with Donbass.

At the same time, Kiev “refuse(s) to hold direct dialogue” with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics to promote peace over endless conflict.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova blamed hegemon USA for “aggressive actions.”

The fabricated US-led Western narrative about Russia is ominously like Bush/Cheney fake news on Iraq ahead of planned US 2003 aggression.

Zakharova mocked US/Western fake news about Russia, saying:

“We learn from US newspapers that we will attack Ukraine (sic).”

“That’s even as we believe we and that country are a people (with) a common history.”

The notion of Russian aggression on Ukraine is “absurd.”

Yet a daily US/Western drumbeat repeats the fake news.

Separately, the Boris Johnson regime’s imitation foreign minister Truss arrived in Moscow.

Days earlier, she invented a nonexistent Kremlin coup plot to replace the US-installed Kiev regime with pro-Russian rule.

Why Sergey Lavrov agreed to waste time meeting with her on Thursday is for him to explain.

According to Tass, “talks beg(an) in a rather reserved atmosphere.”

It reflects “complications in bilateral relations and the tense situation around European security,” Tass added.

Following talks, Lavrov confirmed that dialogue with Truss was “like the deaf talking to the blind.”

As expected, it was a waste of time and effort.

“Nobody is hearing each other,” said Lavrov.

Truss blocked her mind to his straight talk remarks.

Despite longstanding Russian Federation good faith diplomatic outreach to the West, it’s “been cheated and wronged for many years, many times, when it comes to agreements and obligations from other states,” Lavrov stressed.

Nothing positive was achieved with Truss or other Western officials because hegemon USA-dominated NATO rejects improved relations with Russia and other independent nations.

Both wings of the US war party demand no change in the above policy toward nations free from their control.


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