Biden Regime Hyperventilating Over Invented Russian Threats

On Thursday, the know-nothing White House impersonator recited or paraphrased pre-scripted lines on NBC (fake) News as follows, saying:

“American(s) should leave (Ukraine) now (sic).”

“Things could go crazy quickly (sic).”

“Americans and Russia (could) start shooting at one another (sic)?”

“We’re in a very different world than we’ve ever been (sic)?”

According to a fake news Pentagon/CIA assessment, Russia could invade Ukraine and reach Kiev in 48 hours (sic).

Despite no evidence suggesting a Russian threat to Ukraine or any other countries, US/Western regimes falsely hyperventilate otherwise.

After wasting time and effort by meeting with the BoJo regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss in Moscow, Sergey Lavrov again stressed that no Russian plan to invade Ukraine exists, adding:

“(N)egative consequences of (US/Western) hysteria” are taking a toll on Ukraine’s economy.

Foreign embassies are evacuating their staff. See below.

“Investment is fleeing Ukraine because of the crying and wailing.”

Are hegemon USA and NATO vassal states “preparing something of their own, and this is why they are evacuating their staff?” 

“We see their actions.” 

“We will also probably advise non-essential staff at our diplomatic missions to go home for a time.” 

“I don’t know what…Anglo-Saxon (hardliners) have on their minds. This is sad.”

“Russia-UK relations leave much to be desired, to put it mildly,” Lavrov stressed.

The same reality applies to Kremlin relations with hegemon USA.

“Russian troop deployments on our own territory” threaten no one, said Lavrov.

It’s in stark contrast to how Russia is surrounded by hostile US-dominated NATO forces.

As orchestrated and directed by US/Western elements in Ukraine, its “rhetoric” toward the Donbass People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk “is militaristic and war-like (by) proclaim(ing) some mythical plans A and B, Kremlin deputy administrative head Dmitry Kozak explained.

It’s unclear if Kiev will act rationally or follow orders from its higher power in Washington.

At a time when no Russian threat exists to Ukraine or any other nations, dominant Biden regime hardliners continue to invent one.

On Thursday, interventionist Blinken’s State Department updated its “Ukraine travel advisory (to) Level 4: Do not travel,” falsely hyperventilating as follows, saying:

“Do not travel to Ukraine due to the increased threats of Russian military action” that don’t exist.

“(T)hose in Ukraine should depart now via commercial or private means.” 

“If remaining in Ukraine, exercise increased caution due to crime, civil unrest, and potential combat operations should Russia take military action (sic).”

Left unexplained by the State Department is that if greater war than already erupts in central Europe, it’ll be planned, orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

On January 23, the State Department began evacuating family members of staff from its Kiev embassy over the invented threat of Russian military action not planned or forthcoming.

It advised against travel to the US-colonized country.

For weeks, there’s been a daily fake news drumbeat of Russian hordes massed along Ukraine’s border with intent to invade.

Biden regime MSM press agents repeat the fake news with disturbing regularity.

The UK owned and controlled BBC sticks exclusively to the fabricated official narrative about Russia, asking:

“Are Russian forces getting ready for war in Ukraine (sic)?’

“Why is Russia threatening Ukraine (sic)?”

“How big is the threat of invasion (sic)?”

“How big is Russia’s military buildup (sic)?”

“Where (are) Russian troops positioned (sic)?”

“What does Russia want from NATO (sic)?”

“What does Russia want with Ukraine (sic)?”

“What is Vladimir Putin planning?”

“Can Russian action be stopped (sic)?”

The above, and more of the same fake news, is based on BoJo regime-supplied talking points

It reads like third-rate Hollywood script rubbish no producer would touch.

US and UK MSM are mirror images of each other on all things Russia and other sovereign independent countries.

An undeclared Cold War exists between the US-dominated West and nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

The Biden and BoJo regimes threatened more illegal sanctions than already.

According to Politico on Thursday, both right wings of the US war party failed to agree on how far to go so far at a time when the threat of Russia invading Ukraine is invented, not real.

At the same time, MSM ignore nearly eight years US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression on Donbass at high-risk of escalating ahead.

On Thursday, Russia’s OSCE envoy Alexander Lukashivich said the world’s largest security organization reported over 8,000 ceasefire breaches this year by Kiev along the contact line with Donbass.

If Ukrainian forces invade its territory in the days or weeks ahead, all bets are off.

At this time, military and information provocations continue daily.

What dominant Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts have in mind remains to unfold.

One thought on “Biden Regime Hyperventilating Over Invented Russian Threats

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Earth has exactly the same odds of being invaded by Martians…

    As Russia invading the Ukraine.


    Here’s my plan du jour..

    First…Russia should offer Zelensky Political Asylum


    suggesting of course..
    The Wankers are going to depose him ..asap


    Next Lavrov should use
    back channels to actually

    If it can be done..
    Dr.Lavrov can do the surgery.


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