Russia Falsely Blamed for Hegemon USA-Dominated NATO High Crimes

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s Russophobic rage has nothing to do with claims about Kremlin threats that don’t exist.

It’s all about Moscow’s freedom from US control.

The above reality is proof positive of no end to made-in-the-USA East/West friction.

Ongoing forever it seems, dominant Biden regime hardliners and likeminded Republicans have no intention of ending it.

The futility of Moscow’s diplomatic outreach to the US and NATO vassal states it controls needs no elaboration.

High-level psychopaths and sociopaths infesting US/Western regimes don’t respond to reason.

It’s why engaging with them diplomatically is an exercise of futility whenever undertaken.

On Thursday, wicked witch of the West Liz Truss — aka Britain’s imitation foreign minister — held talks with Russia’s Sergey Lavrov.

On the same day, Boris Johnson met with US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg in Brussels.

What followed didn’t surprise.

Reciting lines scripted by his higher power in Washington for the occasion, Stoltenberg repeated the thoroughly debunked Big Lie claim about Russian forces mobilized to attack Ukraine.

“The warning time…is going down (sic),” he roared.

“We must be prepared for the worst (sic).”

“We will defend and protect all (NATO) allies” — despite none facing a foreign threat from Russia or any other country.

Separately according to reinvented reality by former UK envoy to Russia Andrew Wood, Vladimir Putin is weighing “whether he can conquer Ukraine or bring it under submission very quickly (sic).”

Johnson reinvented reality as well by calling a nonexistent Russian threat “the most dangerous moment” since a fake crisis over Ukraine was created by hegemon USA-dominated NATO.

No planned “Russian incursion into Ukraine” is forthcoming as Truss falsely claimed.

No “prolonged and drawn-out conflict” by Moscow against any country.

Repeating the thoroughly debunked official narrative, Truss said “Russia has a very clear choice (sic).”

“They can pursue the path of diplomacy, work with (hegemon USA-dominated NATO) to improve European security (sic), or continue down the path that they have been indicating by amassing troops on the border in a threatening way (sic).”

Following talks with Truss, Sergey Lavrov called her remarks — based on the fabricated official narrative — “a tragedy that looks more like a comedy.”

So-called UK “evidence” of a plot to install a pro-Russia government in Kiev is invented BoJo regime rubbish.

The same goes for phony Western claims about Moscow “waiting for the ground to freeze in Ukraine so that Russians tanks can move forward (sic).”

“We don’t want to threaten anyone,” Lavrov stressed.

“We’re the ones being threatened” by Western psychopaths and sociopaths.

Are the Biden and BoJo regimes up to something by evacuating staffers and family members from Ukraine, Lavrov asked?

So-called US/Western intelligence reports about a Russian invasion of Ukraine that could come at any time are invented, not real.

Lavrov expressed disappointment about talks with Truss.

Dealing with her was “like the deaf talking to the blind,” he said, adding:

“Ultimatums and threats (are) a dead end. (They) yield nothing.”

On Friday, UK war minister Ben Wallace is scheduled to arrive in Moscow for talks with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

Like Lavrov, he’ll waste time and effort by meeting with him.

The same reality may unfold when German Chancellor Olaf Scholz meets with Vladimir Putin next week in Moscow.

Follow-up talks between Lavrov and Truss were scheduled.

He’d be wise to cancel them going forward — with interventionist Blinken as well.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Remember the TV show,
    “The West Wing”

    The kind hearted Pres
    A former History Professor from New Hampshire



    (Forerunner of the
    Jabberwookie Nation..LOL)

    I’m gonna do a show called the East Wing..

    exhibits all the Lies and FF
    Of a bunch of CRIMINALS.

    Wait..maybe I should call it,


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