The Russians Are Coming Big Lie That Won’t Die

Russia prioritizes peace and compliance with the rule of law.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA-dominated NATO shows up guns blazing against invented enemies for not bending to the will of a higher power time and again.

The world community of nations knows that Russia threatens no one.

According to the fabricated — MSM regurgitated — official narrative, Vladimir Putin intends to move militarily against Ukraine, despite no evidence suggesting it.

On Thursday, NYT fake news falsely claimed that Russian military exercises with Belarusian forces may “block (Black Sea) shipping lanes…to tightened (a nonexistent) military vise on Ukraine (sic).”

“Satellite images (show) new deployment of Russian military equipment and troops” — in their own territory, hundreds of kilometers from Ukraine, threatening no one.

No Russian disruption of Ukrainian seaports are occurring or planned, as NYT fake news suggested.

No threat of any kind to Ukrainian borders or territorial integrity.

No threat against any nation the way hegemon USA operates against invented enemies — nations free from its control.

Citing unnamed “Western officials,” the Times continued its daily perversion of reality by falsely claiming that Russian exercises are providing “cover to position (its forces in place) to invad(e) Ukraine on short notice (sic).”

No Russian buildup exists.

No invasion planned.

No hostilities of any kind against Ukraine or any other countries.

US/Western regimes, the Times and other MSM know that Moscow prioritizes peace, deplores war, intends none of the latter, and seeks cooperative relations with other countries.

Yet they claim otherwise daily, a steady drumbeat of fake news rubbish about Russia.

Hegemon USA needs enemies to justify its unjustifiable domestic and geopolitical actions.

None exist so they’re invented to include all nations free from its control, especially Russia and China because of their prominence on the world stage.

Reciting lines scripted for him by his higher power in Washington, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg reinvented reality by falsely accusing Russia of creating “a dangerous moment for European security (sic),” adding:

“The warning time for a possible attack is going down (sic).”

The so-called Ukrainian crisis is fiction, not fact.

The same goes for European security at a time when the only foreign threats its member states face are invented.

No real ones exist so inventing them is the recourse of choice with bashing Russia in mind.

Moscow is not “clos(ing) in on Ukraine,” as Times fake news falsely claimed.

Nor is Ukraine “encircle(d) by hostile forces.”

No Russian blockade of its ports” is forthcoming.

An invasion of Donbass by Ukrainian forces exists, not the other way around as Times fake news claimed.

Nor are Donetsk and Lugansk forces armed, trained and directed by Russia the way hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates in Ukraine.

According to WaPo’s reinvention of reality, “Ukrainians are united against” an invented Russian threat that doesn’t exist.

Its fascist tyranny masquerades as “Western democracy” — the real thing banned in the country, following the lead of how Western regimes operate.

Do Biden regime hardliners — together with likeminded extremists in NATO capitals and Kiev — intend a false flag attack to try drawing Russia into conflict with Ukraine?

A previous article suggested the possibility to shift attention from majority homeland opposition to draconian Biden regime policies by falsely blaming Russia for a made-in-the-USA central European war.

If greater conflict in Europe erupts than already, it’ll be made-in-the-USA — likely together with complicit NATO partners — not Russia.

While the vast majority of Americans want long neglected homeland needs addressed — including growing numbers against flu/covid mandates — dominant hardliners in Washington are pushing things toward possible proxy war with Russia.

While direct confrontation between the world’s dominant military powers is unlikely, Washington’s forever war policy by hot and/or other means on invented enemies makes the unthinkable possible.

2 thoughts on “The Russians Are Coming Big Lie That Won’t Die

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Call me nutz
    A lunatic
    A Dreamer

    But here’s my Script du jour for Feb 12..

    Putin invite Kerensky
    I mean Zelensky

    To meet him
    Right on the Border.

    For a Cup of Coffee or a Beer.

    Talk realpolitik.

    I hear Bobby D…maybe Jimi

    ” All Along The Watchtower”


    ” But let us not talk kindly now

    Putin makes Zelensky an offer he be a fool to refuse…”

    All in camera.
    High Stakes Hold Em

    And Putin has the Full Boat.


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