Staying the Course

Thousands of Canadian truckers and supporters continue protesting against draconian Trudeau regime health and freedom-destroying mandates.

Ongoing since January 29 in Ottawa, they continued overnight Saturday for the 6th day along the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Ontario to Detroit — defying a court order to disperse and state of emergency threats by Ontario premier Doug Ford.

Things are fluid and quick-changing.

After things eased somewhat along the Ambassador Bridge, other protesters arrived on the Canadian side to block free passage.

According to news reports, a face-off with police sent to clear the bridge included no physical confrontations as of Saturday evening.

Disruptions also affect border crossings from Coutts, Alberta to Montana and Surrey, British Columbia to Washington state.

Late Saturday, a Trudeau regime statement said “border crossings cannot, and will not, remain closed, and that all options are on the table.”

Vehicles continue to block the Ambassador Bridge, Toronto Star reporter Jacob Lorinc tweeting:

“Police moving up slowly, but very slowly. Lots of protesters here.”

“(V)ehicles are still blocking lanes that lead to the bridge. (It’s) closed.”

“Not clear when it will reopen.”

“No arrests made as far as I can tell.”

Al Jazeera reported that “(a) crowd exceeding 10,000 people made their way between the trucks towards (Ottawa’s) parliament building.”

On Saturday, “many vehicles” along the road from Montreal to Ottawa displayed “Freedom” signs.

CTV News said “(p)rotests continue across Canada.”

At the Ambassador Bridge, police and protesters remain in “standoff…with more protesters arriving throughout the” day on Saturday.

In Surrey, British Columbia, “multiple commercial trucks…broke through an RCMP barricade on the Pacific Highway while following protesters marching to the border Saturday afternoon.”

The main route to Blaine, Washington remained closed.

No violence, injuries or arrests were reported.

Resolution of what’s going on in Canada nationwide requires the Trudeau regime to rescind flu/covid mandates across the board.

Protests continue because he refuses to end what shouldn’t have been imposed in the first place.

One protester along the Ambassador Bridge expressed the sentiment of all others across Canada, saying:

“We’re sick and tired of mandates.”

Ending them is the only acceptable option.

In New Brunswick, an anti-mandates video by Canadian army major Stephen Chledowski went viral online, saying the following:

“I am calling on my military and cops comrades to now stand up and safeguard your loved ones against this government-forced medical tyranny.”

“For 2 years our elected government officials have been using the strategies of fear, coercion and financial, intimidation and physical altercation against us to attain compliance for specific repeated medical procedures.”

The Trudeau regime and provincial officials are using “bullying tactics of fear, intimidation, coercion and financial and physical violence.”

Like the US Constitution’s First Amendment affirmation of free expression, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom mandates it for all the nation’s people.

According to the rule of law in both countries, it cannot legally be denied to anyone.

So-called free expression limits on what Canadian military personnel may say publicly breach the law of the land.

Given how Canada operates extrajudicially on all things flu/covid related, Chledowski could face stiff disciplinary action for the “crime” of truth-telling about health and freedom-destroying mandates.

In December 2020, in full military attire, Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi spoke out publicly against what he called “killer” jabs.

In response, he was charged with what CTV News called “a mutiny-related offense.”

As in the US and throughout the West, democracy in Canada is pure fantasy. It’s for the privileged few alone at the expense of most others.

The rule of law is what ruling regimes say it is, the real thing be damned when interfering with their draconian policies.

Health and freedom-destroying mandates revealed reality about how Canada is ill-governed.

The only option for protesters is staying the course for restoration of what Trudeau regime hardliners abolished in deference to wealth, power and privilege by harming the vast majority of Canadians — on the phony pretext of protecting them.


3 thoughts on “Staying the Course

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  1. Mr Lendman

    A Wildcat strike is just like Finance Capital…

    It either Expands or Contracts..
    There’s no in between.

    Repressive Government Threats put Tremendous Pressure on the Workers..

    Only way to negate them is with more numbers..

    And an expanded base of Support.

    Where are the Farmers with Tractors and Backhoes..?

    Remember, Monty Hall
    On “Let’s Make a Deal”

    Old Macdonald who has a Farm,
    Come on down.

    Need Motorcycle Groups,Taxis and Bicycle Brigades.

    Where are the Women..
    They’re your Shock Troops

    Put em up Front..
    They won’t be pushed or take any shit.

    Trust me.


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