Daily Drumbeat of Russophobic Fake News

On all major domestic and geopolitical issues, MSM operate as a 4th branch of government — a propaganda-proliferating hostile-to-truth ministry.

Its modus operandi is all about controlling the message, spreading the fabricated official narrative, wanting what conflicts with it eliminated, manipulating the public mind to believe rubbish.

For time immemorial, MSM in cahoots with diabolical US dark forces has prohibited truth-telling on what’s vital for everyone to know.

United against the rule of law and general welfare, they’re mortal enemies of public health, well-being, peace, stability and all else most dear to the vast majority of people everywhere.

They’re lying machines in support of powerful interests at the expense of societies safe and fit to live in.

Russia and other independent nations threaten no one.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO represents an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Because it’s free from US control, Russia has been in the eye of the Biden regime’s storm for months.

Threatening no one, MSM-proliferated fake news reports that turn reality on its head about Moscow are an every day thing.

On Sunday, the NYT cited nonexistent “declassified information” about “Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine” — not intended or forthcoming.

So what’s going on?

According to Times fake news:

The Biden regime “hope(s) that disclosing Putin’s (nonexistent) plans will disrupt them (sic), perhaps delaying an invasion (sic) and buying more time for diplomacy (sic), or even giving Putin a chance to reconsider the political, economic and human costs of an invasion (sic),” adding:

Another invented goal is “to make it more difficult for Putin to justify an invasion with lies (sic), undercutting his standing on the global stage (sic) and building support for a tougher response (sic).”

Who dreams up this type rubbish?

Is it from sessions by Times editors in consultation with Biden regime dark forces?

Do they meet regularly to plot propaganda reports on invented US enemies across the board?

Are state-approved talking points for publication agreed on?

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s prioritization of peace and stability, about its abhorrence of conflicts on the world stage, about its efforts to resolve differences between and among nations according to the rule of law.

So Russia’s real domestic and geopolitical policies had to be reinvented to what’s polar opposite reality to unjustifiably justify daily bashing.

Despite no credible evidence to support US/Western Russophobic claims, they proliferate anyway on a daily basis by official sources and their MSM press agents.

Supporting the worst of diabolical Biden regime policies at home and abroad, fake news propaganda prohibits journalism as it should be.

According to WaPo’s fake news, nonthreatening Russian military exercises with Belarus “pose risks” that don’t exist to Ukraine and Eastern Europe overall.

Separately in cahoots with the Biden regime and other MSM, WaPo continues to hyperventilate about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine — ignoring that the prospect of an attack by Russian forces on any nation is zero.

Ignored as well is that Russia is threatened by US-dominated NATO instead of the other way around.

Separately on Sunday, a screaming WaPo headline cited “high…Russia-Ukraine tensions as” Saturday talks between Vladimir Putin and the fake Biden wasted time and effort like earlier.

Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyansky called on Biden regime hardliners to “share…information” about an imminent invasion of Ukraine “since we are not aware of it.”

On Friday, BoJo regime war minister Ben Wallace met with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in Moscow.

In response to Russia-bashing by Wallace, repeating the Big Lie claim of a “highly likely” Ukraine invasion, Shoigu said the following after wasting time by meeting with him:

“(T)he level of our cooperation (with Britain) is close to zero and about to cross the zero meridian and go into negative” territory.

It’s at a time when hegemon USA-dominated NATO is “gorging” Ukraine with weapons for escalated aggression on Donbass.

“(T)here are no words left in English and Russian” to explain dismal East/West relations, said Shoigu.

They include “catastrophic, shocking and ‘destructive.”

As an appendage of US forever wars, good faith by Britain is off the table in dealings with its invented enemies like Russia. 

Following Saturday talks between Putin, Lavrov and their US counterparts, MSM reports across the board pushed fabricated official narrative rubbish.

Some examples: 

AP (fake) News: “(Fake) Biden warns Putin of ‘severe costs’ of Ukraine invasion (sic)” — that the world community knows is not coming.

Reuters: “(Interventionist) Blinken says (hegemon USA) prepared for Russian diplomacy or aggression on Ukraine (sic)”

NBC (fake) News: “Why does Russia want to invade Ukraine now (sic)?”

CNN’s reinvention of reality: 

Ignoring thousands of US/NATO troops menacingly near Russia’s borders, its fake news falsely claimed that:

“Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides (sic).”

“What created the new, more aggressive Putin (sic)?”

Aggression defines longstanding US-dominated NATO policies on invented enemies.

Russia’s agenda under Vladimir Putin sticks scrupulously to the rule of law — what hegemon USA long ago abandoned.

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) asked: “Is Russia actually planning to invade Ukraine (sic)?”

Wrong question!

The right ones highlight Russia’s commitment to peace in stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever wars on invented enemies.

Chicago Tribune: Biden regime “ramps up Ukraine warning…Russia may invade in days (sic).”

LA Times: Biden regime “warnings turn more dire about prospect for Russian” invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

At a time when the actual prospect Russia invading Ukraine is zero, MSM propaganda headlines scream otherwise — based on fabricated Biden regime-supplied talking points.

One thought on “Daily Drumbeat of Russophobic Fake News

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    What a Brilliantly constructed article.

    A perfect summary of the Cancer that eats away the very core of the Body Politick..

    And detours us into Death and Destruction..!

    Never been a Cancer like this in All of History.

    I had to chuckle .
    ( should cry)

    You asked rhetorically
    “Who dreams up this rubbish?”


    The guys we pay about
    $ 800 BILLION A YEAR.

    To sit around snd

    Need to get rid of them, Asap


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