People’s Convoy USA

A People’s Convoy of truckers and allies will head to Washington DC in March from California and other US locations.

Their mission is peacefully replicating activist Canadian truckers and supporters to end draconian health and freedom-destroying mandates once and for all, according to the rule of law.

Their declaration states the following:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to restore our once perfect Union, re-establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense of all, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, to ordain and establish the restoration movement of The Peoples Convoy for the United States of America.”

Demanding an immediate end to draconian emergency powers, they added:

“We are the people of the United States of America.”

“We stand together under the banner of freedom.”

It’s “the one thing that unites us all.”

“Liberty flows through all of our veins.”

We’re “truckers, moms, students, nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, cowboys, loggers, engineers, sanitation workers, professors, cashiers, flight attendants, pilots, sales reps, physical therapists…” 

We’re “fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, married, single, divorced, separated. gay, straight.”  

We’re “Black, white, Asian, Native American.”

We’re “immigrants, natives, short, tall, fat, skinny.”

We’re “citizens of the free world.”

Elected officials “work for us.”  

“Our constitution was written to provide enough power to act on a national level but not enough to deprive the people of fundamental rights.”  

“The people are prepared to see this through.”

We’ve “seen…our fights for freedom through” before.

We’ll “know victory and will prevail and prosper.”

“To our brave and courageous neighbors to the north, our Canadian brothers and sisters, thanks for the wake up call.”

We’re “answer(ing) your call to freedom with THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY.”

We’re “going to take back our country for ourselves and our future generations!” 

The People’s Convoy aims to restore lost civil liberties and inviolability of our bodies over which we have exclusive control.

“Let freedom roll.”

At this time, the convoy will originate from northern and southern California, Texas, Florida and Maine with other likely origination points to follow.

Ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Biden regime’s DHS warning about truckers “potentially impacting” the game was all hype with no substance.

No disruptions were planned. None occurred.

Actions by Canadian truckers and their supporters have been peaceful according to the rule of law.

Truckers involved in the upcoming  US Peoples Convoy are highly likely comport themselves in similar fashion.

Criminal elements infest Washington and other Western capitals.

Trucker activism is all about wanting lost freedoms restored according to the rule of law.

A Final Comment

As of Sunday night, the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Canada to Detroit was cleared.

Short of reopening it to traffic, Windsor police chief Pamela Mizuno said the following:

“We need to make sure that prior to reopening traffic in the area, it is safe to do so.” 

“There are steps we need to take in order to open the roadways so that we don’t encounter the same issues.”

Reportedly about two dozen (police state) arrests were made, a number of vehicles illegally seized, others towed away.

A police update added:

“You will see a continued police (state) presence in the area” — to act in breach of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms at the discretion of the Trudeau regime and its criminal accomplices.

Over the weekend, an activist commentary stressed that truckers and supporters want an end to repressive governance that institutes house arrest by draconian lockdowns.

That “annihilate(s) jobs.”

“(I)mpose(s)” kill shot mandates and all else flu/covid related to destroy public health and freedom.

The criminal class in Ottawa, Washington and other Western capitals resort to all sorts of dirty tricks to continue their reign of terror.

Committed resistance is the only option until their diabolical war on humanity is ended by whatever it takes to restore the rule of law.

7 thoughts on “People’s Convoy USA

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Yeeeee hah..
    Bring it on boys..!

    In the immortal words of Patrick Henry..

    “They may call this Revolution
    Well then.. let’s get it on..!”

    Hells bells..
    US population is 15 times Canada’s

    Alot more Trucks
    And Truckers..

    And maybe not so polite
    And “Socialized” with all the civic graces..


    Tell ya one thing Mr Lendman,

    Texas Truckers ain’t turning
    a’ round them Rigs, son

    Nossir…not gonna happen

    They didn’t come that far
    To chili up over some Judges illegal Fatwahs..


    It’ll be fight first.
    And a good one.

    Grab those bridges with your life boys..

    Have back ups

    They close At Louie..
    Hold Davenport.

    10/4 Good Buddy

    You’re doing the Lord’s work.


  2. USA – Peoples Convoy game plan. Updated 2-14, 2022
    Suggestions that need to reach the truckers directly, their families, friends, trucking company owners and especially organizers of this convoy!

    This will be “peaceful” demonstration of Americans that wish to voice and demonstrate grievances with the Administration as to freedoms now being trampled on and denied to citizens and a two-tiered justice system, and other issues.

    The cost to truckers participating is not only lost wages and time away from family, but also the fuel and other costs to run just the rigs even without a trailer/box.

    Here is a vision that the worlds news medias need to show the public! – This is the, “PEOPLES” Convoy!

    1. All along the travel routes, signs posted for rally points at fueling stations for the “local citizens” to gather at the off ramps with kids, flags and “contributions” handed directly to the truckers to help fill their tanks— CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MEN, GIVE DIRECTLY TO THE DRIVERS!
    A. Video footage of children handing a dollar bill to individual drivers; adults a $5, $20 or more.
    B. Envelopes with notes showing the contributors, – Local schools by “class year”, “sports
    teams/programs”, employee groups from small and large local businesses with a THANK YOU card
    enclosed to be personally handed to drivers with donations.
    C. Every local organization and business separately pooling contributions to deliver directly to drivers.
    Cash or prepaid debit cards with a note of thanks for representing, us, the “PEOPLE” of this country!

    2. If you have any contacts into the legal profession, pass this along to the local individuals that can make this happen locally, in every county along the routes — We know the federal government and some local state governments will try to crush the movement with false claims of illegal, violent, terrorist, anti- American activity. We need the attorneys of every county on the routes to be organized and prepared to aid and assist the drivers as needed and bail money support. This is most critically needed within 50 miles of the final destination of Washington DC.

    3. There will be organized attempts to seed the activities with bad actors that will promote violence, property destruction and displays of flags and signs that are not the sentiments or values of this protest movement. The drivers, and every protester as a group, all adults together need to immediately peacefully confront and stop such activity. Be prepared, have a plan!

    4. Truckers need to provide game plan of communications to leave lanes open for emergency vehicles at all times.

    5. Drivers and supporting protestors need to be prepared for 3-4 weeks of food, fuel, shelter and other necessities for a long campout.

    6. All local residents in a 20-mile radius of DC need to understand that this movement will directly and
    substantially impact them, their families, businesses, schools, local commuting to work, shopping, and refueling their cars. Patriots prepare!! You are part of, and “essential” to the success of this entire effort! Tanker trucks need to replenish locals fuel, as well as the Convoy and supporting protestor vehicles.
    A. Locals; fill, to full, all of your vehicles fuel tanks 10 days prior to the anticipated arrival of the Convoy and continually
    top off when you get down to a ¾ full tank! This will give the fueling stations deliveries, time and ability to keep station
    storage tanks full by the time the Convoy and supporter arrive.
    B. 14 days prior to the Convoys anticipated arrival shop for a 30-day supply of food and necessities so
    stores can be restocked prior to arrival date!

    7. All Americans across the US, be ready to do your part! We all will face shortages of all the items the trucking industry transport every day to supply or stores and shops. Business’s will have hardship with inventory and lack of sales. We all need to endure this to demonstrate to the Administration the power of the “people” to unit and stand together from our truly national melting pot of the world’s cultures.

    Please pass this along to “local” organizers that can assist, and also to, individuals, organizations, and businesses that can make this happen! – We all need stand together united! – Needs to go viral! – Patriots all !




  4. From Montana, want to head south on 25 to meet up with convoy at or near I-40 OR I-10 to support, Volunteer at serving booths for truckers etc etc but cant find anything regarding route or when the convoy will be near 25 can you help


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