Selling War, Shunning Peace

Dominant Biden regime hardliners are going all-out to draw Russia into war on Ukraine it doesn’t seek and wants avoided.

US-installed Kiev puppet Zelensky is a man on a tightrope.

Limited war on Donbass by cross-border shelling is one thing.

Full-scale war by invasion that draws in Russia defensively is something entirely different he wants avoided — knowing Ukrainian forces are no match against Moscow’s military superiority.

On Sunday, the fake Biden spoke to Zelensky.

According to a White House readout, hegemon USA will “respond swiftly and decisively, together with its allies and partners, to any further (sic) Russian aggression against Ukraine (sic).”

Because nothing of the sort is forthcoming, Biden regime hardliners are pushing for escalated Kiev war on Donbass, likely by invasion.

They aim to try drawing Russia into defending its nationals under attack.

On the one hand, they could falsely accuse Moscow of invading Ukraine by entering Donbass.

Ideally, the Biden regime would like  to spread conflict cross-border into Ukrainian territory. 

The plot is similar to US-orchestrated Georgian aggression on South Ossetia in August 2008.

In response to hundreds of its nationals killed by Georgian forces, including 12 peacekeepers, Russia intervened defensively, its UN Charter Article 51 right to defend its own people under attack.

As expected, Moscow was wrongfully accused of aggression.

In August 2008, S. Ossetia became a Eurasian great game battleground. 

Russia accused US-dominated NATO of encouraging Georgia to attack the province, calling its invasion undisguised aggression accompanied by propaganda war.

Is the Biden regime plotting for history to repeat by setting central Europe ablaze?

Despite Zelensky’s reluctance for escalated war by invasion to avoid possible direct confrontation with Russia, will he be maneuvered into it anyway if things play out as Biden regime dark forces likely plan?

The former comedian/performer — who earlier portrayed Ukraine’s president in a television series — became the real thing.

During a weeks earlier press conference, he shunned the idea of full-scale war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

His reluctance conflicts with the aim of dominant US hardliners.

In a nation infested with Russophobic extremists, notably neo-Nazi types, will the Biden regime replace Zelensky with someone willing to do its bidding against Moscow by launching full-scale cross-border war on Donbass?

In late January, a phone conversation between him and the fake Biden didn’t go well, according to a Ukrainian source.

A daily drumbeat of fake news about an imminent Russian threat of invading Ukraine by US officials and their MSM press agents is defied by events on the ground.

Zelensky reportedly told the fake Biden to tone things down — knowing no Russian threat exists.

If he doesn’t serve the interests of his higher power in Washington, regime change could follow.

When Russia intervened in S. Ossetia to protect its nationals in response to Georgian aggression in August 2008, things were resolved in about five days.

No Russian attack on Georgia occurred.

If Moscow in drawn into Donbass in response to cross-border Kiev aggression, things will likely play out in similar fashion with no attack on Ukrainian territory.

The US can hyperventilate against Russia by making stuff up if events force it to intervene in similar fashion to how it acted 14 years ago.

It won’t change a thing.

Greater European war didn’t erupt over Russia’s defense of its nationals in S. Ossetia.

Nor is it likely if Moscow is forced to aid its nationals under attack in Donbass if things play out this way.

Given Zelensky’s reluctance to go along with US rage to draw Russia into war with Ukraine, are his days numbered as Ukraine’s puppet?

Will hegemon USA install a neo-Nazi type to replace him with furthering its hegemonic aims in mind?

2 thoughts on “Selling War, Shunning Peace

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Amazing isn’t it..

    While both Joey and Zelensky are puppets..

    The President of the
    United States

    is the actual Dummy..!


    Zelensky is “walking a tightrope,” alright..

    Down South they’d say,
    “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof..”

    Ergo..the movie in the 5os

    Sammy still bluffing, I think..

    They’ll get slaughtered..
    They know that.


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