Canada’s Trudeau Usurps Dictatorial Powers

On Monday, Canada’s tinpot despot Trudeau revealed the true measure of his dark side.

In similar fashion to how Adolph Hitler usurped dictatorial powers in 1933 by invoking Nazi Germany’s Enabling Act circumvention of constitutional law, Trudeau mimicked his action by invoking Canada’s Emergencies Act for the first time in Canada’s history — when no emergency exists.

The law defines an emergency as conditions that “seriously endanger the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.” 

Parliamentary review is required. Will Canadian lawmakers go along with Trudeau’s usurpation of tyrannical rule over what’s mandated by constitutional law?

While Emergencies Act authority invoked must be “reasonable and justified” according to Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms,  powers invoked suspend civil liberties while enforced.

Freedom-fighting truckers and supporters are profiles in courage.

Acting nonviolently in compliance with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms doesn’t rise to the level of a national emergency as defined by the Act.

No threats to Canada’s national security exist — nothing defined as “espionage or sabotage that is against Canada or is detrimental to the interests of Canada or activities directed toward or in support of such espionage or sabotage.”

No foreign power is involved in what’s going on, no violence or other lawbreaking committed by freedom-fighting protesters.

Trudeau’s action is all about wanting no change in his regime’s health and freedom-destroying policies by kill shots and all else flu/covid related with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

It’s about extermination of unwanted Canadians, along with elimination of what remains of a free and open society.

On Monday Trudeau recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, saying the following:

“It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement’s ability to effectively enforce the law (sic).

“It is no longer a lawful protest at a disagreement over government policy (sic).” 

“It is now an illegal occupation (sic).”

“It’s time for people to go home (sic).”

What he falsely called “reasonable and proportionate (measures) to (nonexistent) threats” reflects tyranny over the rule of law.

His usurpation of dictatorial powers is polar opposite “keeping Canadians safe, protecting people’s jobs and restoring confidence in our institutions.”

In response to his flagrant breach of the rule of law, Canada’s Civil Liberties Association tweeted the following:

“The (Trudeau regime) has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act.” 

“This law creates a high and clear standard for good reason.”

“The Act allows government to bypass ordinary democratic processes.” 

“This standard has not been met.”

“The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation ‘seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada’ & when the situation ‘cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada.’ ”

“Governments regularly deal with difficult situations, and do so using powers granted to them by democratically elected representatives.” 

“Emergency legislation should not be normalized.” 

“It threatens our democracy and our civil liberties.”

Separately, Canada’s Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms minced no words in expressing opposition to Trudeau’s unconstitutional action.

It’ll “immediately file a court application seeking to overturn” his usurpation of dictatorial powers.

In 1970, his father, Pierre Trudeau, as PM used the War Measures Act to deal with violence, kidnapping and murder committed by terrorists in Quebec.” 

Today, (the Trudeau regime intends) using the Emergencies Act to deal with bouncy castles and ball hockey,” the Center’s Litigation Director Jay Cameron stressed, adding:

“Peaceful protesters who feed the homeless, shovel snow, pick up garbage, dance in the streets, play street hockey, wave Canadian flags, sing the national anthem and set up bouncy castles for children do not ‘seriously endanger the lives, health or safety of Canadians,’ nor are these peaceful activities ‘of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.’ ”

“Sworn affidavits about the situation in Ottawa, filed with the courts, indicate that the truckers are ‘friendly, courteous, humble, considerate and peaceful.’ ”

“The peaceful nature of the truckers’ protest has also been confirmed by numerous media sources and by hundreds if not thousands of videos taken by people on the ground in Ottawa.”

“Truckers in Ottawa sitting in hot tubs by their trucks do not ‘seriously threaten the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada.’ ”  

“The only reason the truckers are still in Ottawa (and elsewhere in 

Canada) is because the arrogant political elite refuse to discuss the truckers’ concerns over the loss of their civil liberties, and authoritarian vaccination mandates.”

By invoking the Emergencies Act, the Trudeau regime must “demonstrate to a court how existing powers, both municipal and provincial laws, such as bylaws, are insufficient to deal with any issues.”

Since freedom-fighting truckers arrived in Ottawa in late January, Trudeau and likeminded Canadian hardliners demonstrated their contempt for the rule of law and fundamental rights of all Canadians.

On Monday, deputy tinpot despot PM Chrystia Freeland explained that the Trudeau regime intends to (illegally) cut off funding to truckers.

Falsely calling what’s been raised online to support their freedom-fighting activism “illicit funds,” she said that to continue operating in Canada, they must immediately register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC), adding:

“As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order.” 

“In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability for actions taken in good faith (sic).”

“This is about following the money.” 

“This is about stopping the financing of” legitimate freedom-fighting protests. 

“We are today serving notice.”

“If your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen.”

The Trudeau regime want freedom stifled and eliminated altogether.

It wants activist truckers and supporters suffocated into submission to draconian rule.

It wants the rule of law abolished altogether.

The only option in response to its tyrannical rule is hardened opposition.

On Monday, Freedom Convoy 2022 co-organizer Tamara Lich stressed that “(t)here are no threats that will frighten us.”

“We will hold the line.”

At this time, at least four Canadian provincial premiers expressed opposition to Trudeau’s usurpation of tyrannical powers.

Canadians across the board should denounce it by taking to the streets in greater numbers.

Like his Western counterparts, Trudeau and likeminded regime hardliners are enemies of what rule of law governance is all about.

By usurping dictatorial powers, their legitimacy no longer exists.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Remember, Mr. Natural..from Big Ass Comix in the 60s

    ( The Grandfather with a long white beard in Jesus Robes and Army Boots.)

    His Motto:


    This Wildcat will not die..!

    is straight out of the Constitution of the USA .

    The very thing that aspirated the need for a Bill of Rights..

    The true spirit of the Words.

    James Carroll of Maryland and Caeser Rodney.of Rhode Island

    Said the Constitution was worthless without it.

    Only reflected and protected
    The needs of the Bourgeoisie

    The Bill of Rights protected th Working Class.

    One small point..
    It might be worthwhile to mention

    I believe , unless the law has changed.. ( I doubt it )

    Any US citizen can walk / drive across the border of Canada or Mexico with $10,000 cash questions asked.


  2. I submit this here because it is a solutions to being injected/conjected. There are guides published in the comment section, but there has to be a better link for printing. It is as good as can be had. MSM was mentioned in relation to sulfur, but DMSO was left out when DMSO is destined for supplement cabinets everywhere. And especially for its use as a carrier of magnesium oil. Clif High has C60 on his list and of course the king of mushrooms, Chaga. Chaga has Vitamin D and if set in the sun, chaga will make vitamin D.

    Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!
    The Stew Peters Show

    The latest Covid-19 variant they’re using to justify permanent lockdowns is the omicron variant, coming out of South Africa. Of course, after omicron will come some other variant, and then another, for as long as the government feels like controlling our lives.
    You know where this is leading: They want universal vaccine mandates, for everyone, from infancy to the nursing home. They want forcible injections for toddlers, for grade-schoolers, for pregnant women, and mandatory boosters even for those who had severe reactions to the first shot. And they will keep at this no matter what the side effects are, because they simply deny that side effects even exist.
    Doctor Zandre Botha is in South Africa. She’s seen a whole host of negative symptoms in her vaccinated patients: Blood clots, arthritis flair-ups, hypertension, heart attacks, and worst of all, metastatic cancer in vaccinated patients who were previously in remission.


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