Editorial Response to Trudeau Regime’s Invocation of Tyrannical Rule

On Monday, the Toronto Star called the Trudeau regime’s “decision to invoke the Emergencies Act (for the first time in Canadian history) an admission of failure…at all levels of government.”

Canada’s National Post reported that opposition parties slammed what they called his “proof of failure” to deal with activism by truckers.

“Premiers of Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba expressed opposition” to his draconian action.

Trudeau’s minority regime needs support from at least one opposition party to gain parliamentary approval of what no one should support.

Interim Conservative Party leader Candice Bergen called his usurpation of power “ham-fisted,” adding:

“Provinces are not in agreement with” his action.  

He “wedge divide(d) and stigmatize(d) Canadians who he doesn’t agree with.” 

“And by doing so, he creates so many barriers in terms of trying to solve this problem.”

Conservative Party leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre tried having things both ways by saying:

“I’ve always been against blockades and I still am now because I don’t believe you can gain your freedom by blocking someone else’s.” 

“So yes to peaceful protests. No to blockades.”

Ontario premier Doug Ford expressed support for Trudeau’s tyrannical action.

Passage calls itself a publication that “offers left-wing perspectives on politics, economics, and culture from Canadian writers and thinkers.”

In response to the Trudeau regime’s usurpation of draconian powers, it called his action “a dangerous mistake,” adding:

It’s “undisputed proof that the state is using its heaviest hand to break their movement” to reverse justice denied.

“Canadians need to keep in mind that this crisis has been entirely invented by people in power.”

“The only (solution) is another collective attack on the civil liberties of Canadians? Are we actually supposed to believe this?”

The Toronto Sun denounced Trudeau for “go(ing) too far,” adding:

His “unjustified invoking of the Emergencies Act is deeply problematic and will have long-lasting consequences for the country.”

“The only real violence so far has been a vehicular ramming conducted against protesters, which sent four people to hospital.”

“You don’t hear much about that though. Trudeau never condemned it.”

“Instead, (he) called protesters every name in the book even though they are a diverse crowd in every sense of the word.”

His draconian actions show that he “wants more division and more hostility.”

Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney slammed his Monday action, saying:

“We have all of the legal tools and operational resources required to maintain order.”

What Trudeau invoked on Monday will likely heighten tensions more than already.

Executive director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation, Joanna Baron, slammed his incompetence to deal with legitimate grievances.

NYT columnist Paul Krugman supports wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the general welfare he abhors.

His opposition to activism by Canadian truckers for restoration of lost freedoms didn’t surprise.

Instead of explaining what it’s all about, he called freedom-fighting “economic vandalism and intimidation (sic).”

He lied claiming that mass-protesters by Canadian truckers nationwide “isn’t a grassroots uprising (sic).”

Along with legions of supporters, people involved represent most all segments of society.

Not according to Krugman’s perversion of reality, falsely calling Canadian freedom fighters “right-wing extremists (sic).”

Downplaying their numbers to a few thousand, he ignored tens of thousands involved in Canada nationwide with widespread public support.

Saying the mission of freedom-fighting truckers is “all about…causing economic damage” is typical of how his columns consistently turn truth on its head.

The same goes for saying:

“The right is perfectly fine, indeed enthusiastic, about illegal actions and disorder as long as they serve right-wing ends.”

There’s nothing illegal about fighting for justice, for going all-out for restoration of lost freedoms, for opposing tyrannical rule.

The problem with Krugman and likeminded ideologues is that he and they support the latter at the expense of the former.


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