MSM Fake News About Trucker Protests

Trucker protests across Canada, in Europe and elsewhere are all about wanting lost freedoms restored.

They’re about governance according to the rule of law, about the inviolability of everything related to our bodies over which we have exclusive sovereignty.

NYT fake news defied reality by claiming otherwise, falsely saying:

“The goal (of protests) to disrupt daily activities for residents and slow the economy in order to force federal officials to roll back pandemic restrictions (sic).”

As usual, the Times invented its own reality in line with the fabricated official narrative.

Pandemics of the jabbed and fake news exist, no other.

The goal of protesters has nothing to do with false claims by the Times.

They represent freedom-fighting’s finest hour by truckers and supporters by putting their bodies and spirit on the line for restoration of lost rights.

Individuals involved and widespread supporters are from all walks of life.

They’re not “far-right, anti-government” fringe elements involved in harassing city residents as falsely claimed by Times fake news.

Their activism for justice fully complies with the rule of law.

In Ottawa and other Canadian cities, some plain-clothed police joined their ranks. So did members of Canada’s military.

Even the Times admitted that organizers have military or law enforcement backgrounds.

They know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Protesters didn’t turn Canada’s capital and other cities “upside down.”

Draconian Trudeau regime health and freedom-destroying mandates bear full responsibility.

According to a Monday Ontario Province news release, the Doug Ford regime will begin easing mandates on Feb. 17, adding:

On March 1, further easing will include lifting proof of kill shots for access to most public places.

Activism in Ontario is unlikely to end until all Trudeau regime mandates are unconditionally rescinded.

A protester in Ottawa expressed widespread sentiment, saying “(w)e aren’t going anywhere.” 

“We are here to fight for our freedom, our rights, our ability to choose whether we want to do something or not.”

Expressing support for trucker protests, Senator Rand Paul said:

“I’m all for it.”

“Civil disobedience is a time-honored tradition in our country, from slavery to civil rights to you name it.” 

“Peaceful protests, clog(ging) things up, make people think about the mandates.”

“I hope the truckers do come to America, and I hope they clog up cities.”

WaPo editors reinvented orderly Canadian trucker protesters, falsely accusing them of “thuggery, (of) flout(ing) Canada’s laws and constitution, (of) threat(ing) peace and order elsewhere that goes well beyond the exercise of free expression (sic).”

WaPo accused them of defying declared states of emergency that don’t exist, engaging in “loud dance parties,” setting of “illegal fireworks,” and consuming “alcohol in blockaded streets.

What’s going on across Canada isn’t a “cause celebre for the political right” or actions by fringe group Canadians.

When lost rights are fully restored nationwide, protests will end.

Until then they continue.

A Final Comment

A same day article explained the Trudeau regime’s usurpation of tyrannical powers on Monday.

According to the Toronto Sun, he convened an emergency cabinet meeting on Sunday.

On Monday, he briefed provincial leaders.

Convoy organizers stressed that their freedom-fighting activism doesn’t rise to the level of a national emergency as defined by the Act.

No threats to national security exist, no violence or other lawbreaking committed by freedom-fighting protesters.

It remains to be seen how far Trudeau regime hardliners intend to go and how parliamentarians, provincial leaders and the courts respond.

Freedom-fighting Canadian truckers and supporters are committed to stay the course for justice.

Trudeau wants them denied.

Much depends on what follows ahead.


2 thoughts on “MSM Fake News About Trucker Protests

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Need Organizaters.

    1)..teams need to leave the bouncy Castles and go out to the residential communities

    ( All over Canada)

    Go Door to Door

    With leaflets and signs they can stick in the front yard.

    Also very importantky
    can ask for donations.

    Ask them if you can plant a Flag for Canada and Freedom.

    2)… Supporters need to speak at all forums possible

    Doesn’t Matter if it’s the PTA,
    MADD mtgs, History Classes at University..etc

    Anywhere you can get permission.

    3)…Need Weekly Mtgs
    That educate and reach out to more people..
    Sub Committees formed

    A)..make banners
    B)..Bake Cookies for Bake Sales.
    C)..Callers to contact all the Union Rank and File Committees

    D).. Media team to Press
    Squeeze the ” Free Press ”



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