Ukraine v. Biden Regime on Invented Russian Threat

According to CBS (fake) News, “Russian units near Ukraine moved into ‘attack position (sic),’ ” according to an unnamed Biden regime official, adding:

Russian forces “moved long-range artillery and rocket launchers into firing position (sic).”

They’re in “bumper-to-bumper formations (sic).”

They’re at “80% (strength) to launch a full-scale invasion, and the rest are en route.”

The above rubbish is one example of daily fake news about nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia.

CNN reported similar fake news, falsely saying:

“The build-up of Russian forces close to the Ukrainian border continues apace, with everything from submarines and amphibious landing ships in the Black Sea to short-range ballistic missiles, tanks and howitzers around Ukraine’s northeastern edges (sic).”

On Monday, interventionist Blinken said that the Biden regime is closing its Kiev embassy, adding:

Its staff is being shifted to Ukraine’s far west, a head-fake move at a time when the only Russian or other foreign threats to the country are invented.

No real ones exist.

On Monday, Biden regime war department spokesman Kirby continued his scripted litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia, saying:

Vladimir Putin “added military capability along that border with Ukraine and in Belarus (sic).”

“He is exercising his…some of his units on the ground there in the south, as well as naval units in the Black Sea (sic).” 

“So he continues to add to his readiness (sic).” 

“He continues to give himself more options should he pursue a military path” against Ukraine — knowing that nothing of the sort is forthcoming.

On the same day, Ukraine’s national security and war department head Alexey Danilov said the following:

“(T)he situation (along the border with Russia) is absolutely under control.”

Ukrainian intelligence sees no impending “Russian offensive.”

“We aren’t planning for that and we don’t see that.”

“We aren’t closing the skies above us and we are not going to.”

“There are no reasons for that.”

On Monday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachev said “(t)he following is obvious.”

Ongoing “military exercises (threatening no one) will end as planned.”

“There are no military preparations (for) war.”

Western “hysteria about this has a purely artificial nature.”

On the same day, Donetsk People’s Republic of Donbass leader Denis Pushilin stressed that Western weapons continue to pour into Ukraine.

“The situation looks unstable.”

“There are hundreds of (US and other Western) saboteurs and professional instructors who, according to Ukraine’s estimates have already trained more than 20,000 men for committing acts of sabotage.”

Last weekend, US stinger anti-aircraft missiles were delivered to Ukraine.

Deputy head of Russia’s Main Operational Department of its General Staff, Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, said hegemon USA-dominated NATO is manipulating Ukraine to escalate war on Donbass.

On the same day, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “large-scale movements of Ukrainian troops are being observed in the border areas on Ukraine’s territory, in the zone bordering the self-proclaimed republics.”

At a time of heightened East/West tensions with no prospect for positive change, Sergey Lavrov urged further diplomacy with the West, saying:

“(W)e should…continue to pursue and build on (it, but talks) should not be endless.”

Separately, Russia’s EU envoy Vladimir Chizhov said Moscow has no intention of invading Ukraine unless its forces “attack Russia.”

“Or if (Kiev) starts blatantly killing Russian citizens anywhere…in Donbass or wherever.”

Under international law, including the UN Charter, the right of self-defense is inviolable.

Chizhov expressed concern about a (a US/NATO orchestrated) “provocation…against the self-declared Donbass republics…provoking Russia to react (against a) humanitarian catastrophe on its border.”

Both right wings of the US war party are addicted to wars by hot and/or other means against nations free from their control.

Diplomacy with the US achieved nothing positive that proved durable when undertaken by Russia and other independent countries.

The prospect of hegemon USA turning a page for peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law domestically and in dealings with independent nations is virtually zero.

One thought on “Ukraine v. Biden Regime on Invented Russian Threat

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  1. Mr Lendman

    The Gangsters are so desperate
    They’ve now advanced to body fakes rather than just head fakes..

    As an old Cornerback and

    You only watch the shoulders on a head fake .

    With a body Fake

    Watch the feet
    They tell you everything.

    But the Feet ain’t moving..
    No fly pattern
    No skinny Post

    The Washington Stink
    0-6 on the Road

    are giving the impression they want a war.

    Sadly,Russia is starting to cave some.

    The Gangsters been running this play for 100 yrs.


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