Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada

Canadian truckers and supporters are profiles in courage at a time when ruling regimes throughout the West are going all-out to eliminate what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

Days earlier, Ottawa-based free lance journalist Rupa Subramanya spoke to scores of truckers.

“(N)ot one of them sounded like an insurrectionist, white supremacist, racist or misogynist,” she explained.

Husband and wife Ukrainian emigres said they “came to Canada to be free, not slaves,” adding:

Yet under Trudeau regime rule, “we’re now fighting for our freedom.”

Freedom Convoy spokesman BJ Dichter said he “ha(s) family in mass graves in Europe.”

Yet Trudeau regime propaganda considers him and likeminded truckers “white supremacist(s) (sic).”

Protesters are in Ottawa and elsewhere across Canada for restoration of lost freedoms.

Pompously arrogant Trudeau refused to meet with their representatives to hear what their freedom-fighting activism is all about.

One protester told Subramanya that the unjabbed are “treat(ed) like garbage lying on the streets.”

Another said they’re “treated like second-class citizens.”

A “growing divide between haves and have-nots” in Canada is another polarizing issue.

Member of Trudeau’s Liberal Party, MP Joel Lightbound, said its rule “stigmatizes and divides people.”

Canadian freedom-fighting truckers have millions of supporters nationwide and abroad.

Growing numbers of Canadians are fed up with all things related to draconian flu/covid mandates — wanting normality in their lives restored.

The same sentiment applies throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

According to a Canadian Freedom Convoy statement in late January, organizers said what began with 1,600 truckers grew to around 50,000.

Claims by the Trudeau regime and its MSM press agents about hundreds or a few thousand “fringe” elements involved are defied by reality in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada nationwide.

En route to Ottawa and elsewhere, thousands expressed support along the way and after arrival at their destinations.

Since arriving in Ottawa on January 28, trucker activism has been peaceful according to the rule of law.

Claims otherwise reflect Trudeau regime propaganda to demean and undermine their freedom-fighting mission.

Last week, undemocratic New Dem party leader Jagmeet Singh falsely called freedom-fighting truckers an insurrectionist attempt to “overthrow the government (sic),” adding:

Protesters are “getting funded by foreign interference (sic), and we need to investigate and stop that (sic) – stop the flow of that foreign interference (sic).”

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino is a Trudeau Liberal Party member.

On Tuesday, he repeated Singh’s bald-faced Big Lie, saying:

“(T)his movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government (sic).”

No evidence exists to suggest it or that any freedom-fighting truckers are armed.

Yet according to Mendicino, the Trudeau regime “seiz(ed) a significant number of illegal firearms by a group that is very committed to the cause is something that we need to be very sober about (sic).”

The RCMP falsely claimed that protesters have a “willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade (sic).”

Evidence on the ground debunked the bald-faced Big Lie.

Yet the RCMP said they arrested 11 individuals at the Coutts, Alberta border-crossing to the US.

If armed elements were arrested in Coutts or anywhere else in Canada, no credible evidence links them to law-abiding, freedom-fighting truckers.

According to Canada’s National Post, the RCMP “seized 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armor, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition and high-capacity magazines.”

If the above report is accurate, did the Trudeau regime orchestrate it to falsely blame truckers as part of its attempt to discredit their activist cause?

Ottawa protest organizer Chris Barber said “(a)ll we want is (the) remov(al) (of flu/covid) mandates.”

“There’s never been a case for trying to overthrow the government” violently or in any other way.

Spokeswoman for Ottawa protesters Tamara Lich, said the following:

“We will hold the line. There are no threats that will frighten us.”

A Final Comment

According to new Maru Public Opinion poll results:

Nearly half (48%) of Canadians said Trudeau is “not up to the job” of serving as prime minister.

Over half of respondents (53%) called him weak, 44% saying he “inflamed” things by regime actions against truckers.

Only 16% said they’d vote for him ahead — compared to 63% expressing opposition.


6 thoughts on “Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada

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  1. Mr Lendman

    This could be the Spark..!

    All it takes is one little spark to ignite the World.

    Like the Boston Tea Party..!
    Which unlike the Ottawa sit in

    The Boston Tea Party was destructive..

    And Yet we honor it now..!

    Name Baseball Teams after them…( Boston Braves )

    If you want to make an omelette
    You need to crack a few eggs.

    Nothing ever gets changed by voting for crooked politicians, as they would have you do.

    Organizers need to
    educate the supporters

    Way ahead of time

    The Cops will always use
    Frame Ups, Agent Provocateurs
    Planted guns and drugs…etc

    To harass and impede the growth of any
    Progressive Movement.

    Need to get the Spark across every border in the World

    “Blow this Pop Stand..”
    Jake and Elroy

    Mr Lendman

    I have a somewhat scurrilous slogan to offer up :

    ( Tell me of you like it.. LOL)

    ” if you ain’t Supportin the Truckers…

    Then you’re in with the lyin Motherfuxers…!”


  2. ‘

    The World’s Done with It’: Canadian Premier Drops Truth Bomb on Trudeau’s Covid Dictatorship
    February 16, 2022by Kyle Becker

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is losing allies left and right over his extreme motion to invoke the Emergencies Act to suppress the Freedom Convoy protest that is disrupting his plans for a perpetual Covid dictatorship.

    Enter Ontario Premier Doug Ford. No fan of the Freedom Convoy protest, Ford has repeatedly denied that any of Ontario’s recent concessions on Covid mandates had anything to do with the disgruntled truckers.

    “As of March 1, the province of Ontario will no longer require people show proof of vaccination to enter any indoor spaces, the premier, Doug Ford, announced on Monday morning,” the New York Times reported on Monday.



    16 FEBRUARY 2022
    HITS: 15346

    With his invoking of “Emergency Act” war-type powers, and his Order to seize bank accounts of anyone found donating to the trucker’s Freedom Convoy, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apparently triggered a BANK RUN in Canada.

    The withdrawals are so widespread Canada’s largest banks Royal Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, and CIBC Bank, ARE ALL OFFLINE!

    Canadians are already talking about it online:


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