No Easing of Fake News About Russia

On Monday, troops from Russia’s Southern Military District began returning to their bases after completing long-scheduled in advance military exercises threatening no one, an announcement saying:

They “completed (assigned) tasks as part of scheduled tactical exercises at combined arms practice ranges on the Crimean Peninsula (and began) returning to their permanent bases.”

“(T)actical drills (were conducted) at 15 arms practice ranges” in Russian territory.

“They involved reinforced companies of battalion tactical groups.”

Drills were nonthreatening exercises, not rehearsals for aggression the way US-dominated NATO operates.

On Tuesday, a Kremlin statement said the following:

“Russian troops always return to their permanent bases after exercises, but some people overseas are unable to stop inventing horror stories and reciting mantras about a looming war between Russia and Ukraine.” 

“We have always said that as soon as the exercises come to an end when their stages end within certain deadlines, the troops always return to their permanent bases.”

“(T)here is nothing new. (It’s) a normal process.” 

“As for gloomy prophecies, you are strongly advised to put these questions to those who author them overseas and who keep reciting mantras about a looming war” not forthcoming by Moscow on anyone.

Large-scale joint military drills with Belarusian forces will conclude in a few days.

According to US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg on Tuesday — a robot-like figure who hyperventilates pre-scripted lines for him to recite by his higher authorities in Washington, what reflects fiction, not facts:

“(W)e have not seen any sign of de-escalation on the ground (sic).”

“Russia has amassed a fighting force in and around Ukraine (sic), unprecedented since the Cold War (sic).

“Everything is now in place for a new attack (sic).”

“Russia (should) step back from the brink (sic).”

“Stop preparing for war (sic).”

“We have systematically exposed Russia’s actions, plans and disinformation (sic).”

It’s impossible to take anything he hyperventilates about seriously.

Serving his master in Washington, he recites what he’s ordered to say.

Sergey Lavrov called him “arrogant and pompous,” a duplictous figure to be scored and ignored.

According to WaPo’s fake news, “Russian troops remain poised for attack on the border of Ukraine  (sic).”

“Will he or won’t he invade (sic)? Putin loves to keep the world guessing (sic).”

No “contradictory (Russian) signals” exist.

No threat of hostilities against Ukraine or any other countries.

No “signs” suggesting it.

No Russian forces “mov(ing) forward” toward Ukraine’s border with intention to invade or anything else hostile.

No ongoing Russian “war of nerves.”

No “brinksmanship.”

No “wake-up call for the West (on his) actions.”

His “course may already be set for Kiev (sic).” 

“It’s hard to imagine that he has moved a vast army to the Ukraine border twice in the past year (sic), only to retreat (sic).” 

Who dreams up this type rubbish?

Do MSM editors collude with each other to get their fake news straight on the fabricated official narrative they stick to propaganda reports?

Separately, WaPo commented on what it called Biden regime “preparations for a Russian invasion” of Ukraine — not planned or forthcoming.

So US dark forces and their complicit MSM press agents made the whole thing up as part of longstanding bashing of Russia and other invented US enemies threatening no one.

Fake news about a nonexistent Russian intention to invade Ukraine is worlds apart from what WaPo called a “major foreign policy crisis facing the” Biden regime.

So-called “especially high…stakes” don’t exist.

No “unpredictable chaos and bloodshed” looms in Ukraine.

On Tuesday during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Putin said the following:

“We view the deterrence of Russia by force as a direct and immediate threat to national security, which the legal agreements of the draft projects submitted by us are designed to remove.”

“(R)esponses we received from the (Biden regime) and NATO (on Russia’s sought) security guarantees do not meet (our) basic requirements.”

“We are ready to continue this joint work further.” 

“We are also ready to follow the negotiation track but all issues must be considered as a whole, without being separated from the main Russian proposals, the implementation of which is an unconditional priority for us.”

A Final Comment

As part of its Russia bashing policy, the NYT misportrays Western darling, widely reviled, convicted embezzler, self-serving opportunist, and longtime CIA/NED asset Navalny as “the most prominent challenger to…Vladimir Putin (sic).”

On Tuesday, new trial proceedings began against him in Pokrov about 100 km east of Moscow on four counts of fraud and one count of contempt of court.

He’s accused of greater grand theft than earlier believed.

New charges against him are for stealing about about 350 million rubles (about $4.5 million) from donations to his so-called Anti-Corruption Foundation (FKB).

It was exposed as operating as a foreign agent and extremist organization.

Navalny was also charged libelous contempt toward Judge Vera Akimova.

If convicted on all counts, he’ll potentially spend years more in prison where he belongs.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova earlier explained that he operated as a foreign agent for US-led NATO regimes, adding:

He’s one among many examples of how they operate — notably by “illegitimate, illegal, and aggressive attacks on us.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier accused Navalny of involvement with rent-a-mobs on streets in Russian cities — “hooligans and provocateurs (engaged in) illegal actions” by clashing with police.

His FKB front group operated as a fifth column “foreign agent.”

Longterm imprisonment is where he belongs for colluding with US/Western dark forces against his country.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    (Big Rain storms
    Wifi in and out..

    You have three posts on the last article from me..

    You can delete the first two if you like… please do)


    Came back from the dead..


    the only man to survive Novichok in History.


    Navidad Navalny
    The Ganiffs

    $4.5 , Million…


    CIA Making $4.5 million
    A minute in the business.


    $4.5 Million is irrelevant anyway

    He’s a CIA ASSET

    Russia needs to kick out all the NGOS..


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