No Russian Invasion of Ukraine in Sight on the Biden Regime’s Designated D-Day

No evidence indicates a Russian invasion of any nation is planned or forthcoming.

Yet on Tuesday, the fake Biden recited pre-scripted lines via teleprompter about an invented Russian threat to Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

Claiming the regime he represents is “ready with diplomacy” is belied by its forever hot and cold wars against invented enemies like Russia.

Saying “a Russian attack on Ukraine…is…very much a possibility” continued to push the months-long perversion of reality.

On Monday, Russia’s Southern Military District troops completed their long-planned in advance drills and began returning to their bases.

According to a Russian Defense Ministry statement on Wednesday:

“Troops loaded tracked armored vehicles (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery mounts) onto flat cars at loading points.”

“A train carrying military equipment belonging to the units stationed in the Southern Military District crossed the Crimean Bridge on its way to permanent bases after completing routing drills.”

According to the fake Biden:

“(W)e have not verified” the above reality — about which there’s no ambiguity.

“Our (so-called) analysts indicate that (Russian forces) remain very much in a threatening position (sic).”

“Russia has more than 150,000 troops encircling Ukraine in Belarus and along Ukraine’s border (sic).”

“An invasion remains distinctly possible (sic).”

Fact: No Russian forces encircle Ukraine or any other country.

Fact: Hegemon USA-dominated NATO forces encircle Russia, China and other invented US enemies.

Fact: Addicted to forever hot and cold wars, both right wings of the US war party represent an unparalleled threat to freedom-loving people at home and worldwide.

Fact: In stark contrast, Russia is a preeminent advocate of peace and stability worldwide.

Fact: No Russian threat exists to Ukraine or any other nations.

Fact: The type “freedom” the fake Biden claimed that hegemon USA stands for is all about subjugating the world community of nations to its will by brute force if lesser tactics fall short.

Last weekend, the Biden regime’s caricature of a national security advisor Sullivan said invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces is coming “any day now (sic),” perhaps on Feb. 16.

According to a Feb. 11 Politico report, the fake Biden “told Western leaders (that it could come on) Feb. 16 (sic),” adding:

“Russia will start a physical assault on Ukraine as soon as Feb. 16 (sic), multiple US officials confirmed to Politico…”

“Washington communicated to allies that it could be preceded by a barrage of missile strikes and cyberattacks (sic).” 

“One person…indicated that cyberattacks are ‘imminent (sic).’ ” 

“(A)nother said the intelligence is ‘specific and alarming (sic).’ ” 

“Sullivan (claimed) that any attack on Ukraine could begin with ‘aerial bombing and missile attacks (sic).’ ”

“What is clear is that…Putin (intends) a new phase (of) war on Ukraine (sic)” — what never occurred before, what no evidence suggests is forthcoming now.

On Wednesday, the Biden regime’s designated D-Day arrived.

Yet all quiet on the Western front persists on Russia’s side of the Ukraine border.

Not a hint of invasion, bombardment, cyberattacks or other hostile actions on Ukraine by Russian forces is anywhere in sight.

The Politico report was fake news.

The same goes for Tuesday remarks by the White House imposter.

On Wednesday, US and other NATO war ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss Russia’s nonexistent threat to Ukraine.

On the same day ahead of the meeting, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg recited fake news lines scripted for him by his higher power in Washington, saying:

“Russia has amassed a fighting force in and around Ukraine, unprecedented since the Cold War (sic).”

“Everything is now in place for a new (Russia) attack” — not planned or forthcoming.

As suggested before, do dominant Biden regime hardliners intend a large-scale false flag attack on or around Ukraine to blame on Russia?

Could it come before midnight on Feb. 16, overnight, shortly thereafter, or in the coming days?

After what seems like forever hyperventilating about a Russian attack on Ukraine, will US dark forces manufacture one to say we told you so?

Hegemon USA is notorious for dirty tricks.

False flags are a longstanding US tradition since at least the mid-19th century to unjustifiably justify stealing half of Mexico.

US Cold War on Russia rages.

Bilateral relations are more dismal than any previous time in modern memory.

The prospect of improving them is virtually nil.

Dominant Biden regime invented reasons to bash Russia and demean Vladimir Putin personally.

Is a major US false flag attack to wrongfully blame on Moscow the next shoe to drop?

3 thoughts on “No Russian Invasion of Ukraine in Sight on the Biden Regime’s Designated D-Day

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  1. Mr Lendman

    And then you realize..

    That all the lies in just the last 72 hours..

    Is all our School Textbooks..

    Our whole entire history
    Fantasy Football History..

    Is nothing but a Flying Carpet woven from the exact same fabric of bald faced lies

    As the last week’s bundle.

    In my New Novel
    ” 2084 ”

    Chapter Entitled

    Winston hears that Russia
    Shot Elvis..!


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