Canadians Oppose Trudeau Regime Mandates

According to CNN fake news, a “strong majority of Canadians oppose convoy protests.”

Defying reality in similar fashion, the NYT falsely claimed that polls show “strong support for” draconian Trudeau regime policies.

Polling data show that most Canadians are fed up with mandates, how they’re being enforced, want them lifted and normality restored.

CNN, the NYT and other MSM claims otherwise are fake news mass deception.

According to a Maru Public Opinion poll conducted on February 9 and 10, nearly two-thirds of Canadians (64%) want mandates lifted. 

Majority Canadians (56%) oppose public pressure on refuseniks to be jabbed.

Nearly half (45%) of respondents said it’s time for Trudeau and provincial regimes to step back from deciding what’s best for Canadians.

Opposition to mandates is strongest in Quebec at 71% against them.

In Ontario and Alberta, it’s 65%.

A 61% majority oppose them in Atlanta Canada, 59% in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as well as 52% in British Columbia.

Overall, 63% of respondents want restrictions lifted and normality restored.

This sentiment is highest in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

In late January, Angus Reid Institute polling data found that 54% of Canadians want Trudeau regime imposed restrictions lifted across the board.

Majority support represents a 15-point increase since early January.

In Quebec where some of the most draconian restrictions were imposed, 59% of respondents want mandates ended compared to 34% in favor of continuing them.

At this time, mandates are being eased in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The Trudeau regime remains firm on this draconian issue — wanting maintained what most Canadians oppose.

Invoking Emergencies Act tyranny for the first time in Canadian history — when no emergency exists — usurped dictatorial powers as long as they’re in place and whatever residue lingers when they’re nominally lifted.

Canadian courts may have the last word on this issue.

The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms filed a court application to overturn Trudeau’s usurpation of dictatorial powers.

If not judicially revoked, the rule of law in Canada no longer will exist.

On Tuesday in the US, Senator Mike Lee and five GOP allies called for the body to defund mandates — by letter saying in part:

‘We have consistently opposed (Biden regime) mandates, which force millions of Americans to choose between an unwanted medical procedure and being able to provide for their families.” 

“For legal, constitutional, and policy reasons, we remain not only strongly opposed to the mandates, but also firmly convinced that the risk of inaction on our part is unacceptably high.”

“(M)andates amount to a serious abuse of both federal power and executive authority.” 

“They also further strain the economic and social pressures our society currently faces, while completely ignoring existing evidence-based data on natural immunity…” 

Senators Roger Marshall, Cynthia Lummis, Mike Braun, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz co-signed the letter.

If a vote on lifting them isn’t called, they vowed to oppose a Feb. 18 continuing resolution vote to keep the federal government funded.

Ruling US/Western regimes lied and mass deceived about kill shots and all else flu/covid related for over two years.

The same goes for their MSM press agents.

On Tuesday, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) turned science and the rule of law on its head by reporting the following fake news, saying:

“Getting (jabbed) against (flu/covid)  may also help protect babies after they’re born (sic).”

The above perversion of reality is based on corrupted data from Pharma-controlled CDC Morbidity and Mortality reports.

Analysis by Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD (in computational biology), MSc (in immunology), and BSc (in applied mathematics) debunked the above rubbish.

Presenting indisputable evidence of devastating harm to health from kill shots, she explained the following:

“Analysis suggests that (flu/covid jabs) are likely the cause of reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, and anaphylactic reactions in addition to cardiovascular, neurological and immunological AEs.”

Because of hazards posed by jabs, “extreme care should be taken when making a decision to participate in this experiment” —that’s highly likely to turn out very badly, far worse than already.

According to CDC data through Feb. 11, mass-jabbing caused 1,103,893 injuries and deaths since Dec. 2020.

Fetal deaths rose by 1,867% since mass-jabbing began.

Officially reported numbers are a minute fraction of the true toll, as earlier explained.

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

Every pregnant woman jabbed irreparably harmed herself and fetus.

Every woman wanting children assures harm to their unborn pre-pregnancy from toxins injected into their bodies.

According to Rose’s analysis, over 416,000 spontaneous abortions resulted from toxins in kill shots.

NPR and other MSM involved in supporting all things flu/covid — to include mass-jabbing of pregnant women — are complicit with state-sponsored mass-murder.

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