Perpetual Anti-Russia Hysteria

On all things Russia, Big Lies that won’t die repeat daily.

Defying reality on Wednesday, interventionist Blinken turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“(W)e haven’t seen any pullback of (Russian) forces (sic).”

“We continue to see critical units moving toward the border, not away from the border (sic).”

Indisputable evidence refutes his perversion of reality on the ground.

Commenting on Biden regime fueled hysteria fake news about the invented threat of Russia invading Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov said the following on Wednesday:

“No matter what we do on our territory (threatening no one), the (US-dominated) West…lecture(s) us on how to behave.”

There’s “no end to (invented) threats” that don’t exist.

As likely directed by her higher power in Washington, European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen embarrassed herself like countless times before on all things Russia, saying:

“We dare you to invade Ukraine (sic).” 

“We will promptly announce sanctions the likes of which the world has never seen (sic).”

The BoJo regime made similar threats.

It approved a draconian policy to unilaterally and illegally “impose sanctions on any individual or company just because they belong to Russia or are Russian citizens or organizations,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“This is unprecedented in history.” 

If the BoJo regime escalates cold war on Moscow this way, Lavrov has “no doubt” that Russia’s parliament will approve similar actions against Britain. 

In cahoots with hegemon USA’s war on Russia by other means, the UK marches in lockstep to an extreme.

Separately, Lavrov explained that Russian military exercises are planned long in advance to be held in its own territory, threatening no one.

At this time, Russian/Belarusian Union State exercises are ongoing.

Biden regime fueled hysterical claims about their intent to invade Ukraine from the north and seize Kiev reflect Russophobic rubbish.

Lavrov repeated the right of Moscow to conduct military exercises with protecting its own security in mind.

Russia’s US embassy accused the Biden regime of fueling hysteria to block steps toward normalizing relations.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed fake US “intelligence” about hostile actions toward Ukraine not planned or forthcoming.

“What kind of intelligence were they speaking about,” she asked?

“It’s nothing but an utter disgrace.”

No information exists to show that “invasion is about to happen.” 

Yet the Biden regime and its MSM echo chamber (claim to) “know the date (sic).”

It’s coming “in 48 hours, in 24 hours…maybe at one AM, or, maybe, at four in the morning.”

“Is that what they call intelligence?”

The same goes for statements by US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg.

“He’s a NATO has been,” said Zakharova.

“He’s not a person whose statements (are) regarded in Moscow as serious arguments.”

Separately along the line of contact between Ukraine and Donbass, head of the Lugansk People’s Republic’s (LPR) militia Yan Leshchenko issued the following warning on Thursday:

“Over the past 24 hours, the situation at the line of combat engagement has significantly escalated.” 

“The adversary, following direct orders of Kiev’s military-political leadership, is undertaking attempts to aggravate the conflict.”

“We are urging international observers to record the facts of aggressive actions on the part of Kiev’s militants and undertake immediate measures to prevent further bloodshed in Donbass.”

Ukrainian forces are massed along the border of Donbass.

Multiple shelling incidents occur daily.

The threat of invasion has Donetsk and Lugansk forces on high alert.

Separately on Tuesday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polansky said the following about fake news of a Russian threat to Ukraine.

No “evidence” supports the fabricated claim.

“I do not know about any threats.” 

“Our troops are on our territory and represent a threat to no one.”

“Ukraine should implement the Minsk Agreements.” 

“That’s the core thing that should de-escalate the situation in the east of the country.” 

“We have been saying it for a long time, and we will be saying it” again during a Thursday Security Council session.

A Final Comment

No Russian invasion of Ukraine happened on Feb. 16 — the Biden regime’s designated D-day.

So it was rescheduled according to a NATO statement by US vassal state Estonia, saying:

“(T)he Russian Armed Forces are ready to embark on a full-scale military operation against Ukraine from the second half of February (sic).”

“Once military readiness has been achieved, only a political decision is required to launch the operation.”

The above rubbish was scripted for the Estonian regime to claim by its higher power in Washington.

When repeated ad nauseam, Big Lies take on a life of their own and refuse to die.


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