US/Western MSM Operate as a Fourth Branch of Government

Throughout the US/West, most people confuse what they see on television, hear on radio, or read in daily broadsheets with news.

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the lead offender.

On major domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, all the news its claims is fit to print is state-approved propaganda — the real thing nowhere in sight.

Repeating Biden regime fake news rubbish about Russia on Thursday, the Times ignored reality by falsely claiming the following:

“Moscow added more than 7,000 combatants in recent days” along Ukraine’s borders (sic).”

It’s “fresh evidence (of) mobilizing for war (sic).”

An anonymous Biden regime official was cited. So was a UK prevaricator, falsely claiming:

“Contrary to their claims (sic), Russia continues to build up military capabilities near Ukraine (sic).”

“Russia has the military mass in place to conduct an invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

Days earlier, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, said the following:

On the republic’s territory, “more than 130 mass graves of victims of (earlier) Ukrainian aggression were found and opened.”

“They are mass graves of civilians that were killed during operations by Ukraine’s armed forces in the DPR in Snezhnoye, Debaltsevo, Khartsyzsk and Ilovaisk.”

“(B)odies…retrieved…(included) elderly people, women and children.”

They were “buried in civilian clothes that they wore at the time of death.”

“So we are talking about (mass slaughter of defenseless) civilians” years earlier.

Russia’s Investigative Committee announced the initiation of a criminal investigation to lay blame where it belongs.

Mocking victims of Kiev atrocities, White House spokeswoman Psaki called evidence of what was found “faked videos (and) false allegations (sic).”

The Times echoed her perversion of reality, saying:

The Biden regime “had seen false claims from Russia about NATO activities (sic) (and) fake reports of unmarked graves of civilians in Eastern Ukraine allegedly killed by Ukrainian forces (sic),” adding:

“Russian statements of a desire to engage in diplomacy should not be taken at face value (sic).”

The Times quoted interventionist Blinken’s bald-faced Big Lie about increased numbers of Russian forces “massed at the border” of Ukraine not there.

At a time when no Russian military provocations exist, no threat of invasion or other hostile actions, the Times quoted US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg’s fake news.

Reciting lines scripted for him by his US master, he claimed a “crisis in Europe security (sic)” that doesn’t exist, adding:

“Moscow…is prepared to contest the fundamental principles that have underpinned our security for decades…by using force (sic).”

The claimed threat of Russian “force” against any nation is zero.

Stoltenberg long ago eviscerated his credibility by supporting US-dominated NATO aggression against invented enemies, by blaming them for high crimes committed against them, by bashing nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia, for operating as an imperial stooge.

A Final Comment

On February 18 – 20, about 35 heads of state and other officials will take part in the annual Munich Security Conference.

Russia opted out this year, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explaining why, saying:

“(I)n recent years, the conference has been increasingly transformed into such a transatlantic forum, losing its inclusiveness and objectivity.”

“Interest in Moscow for this event has dropped noticeably.”

In recent years, a Russian delegation to the conference was led by Sergey Lavrov.

In 2007, Vladimir Putin delivered a memorable straight talk address that included the following remarks:

“(S)ecurity for one is security for all.”

“When peace has been broken anywhere, the peace of all countries everywhere is in danger.”

He denounced unipolarity, notions of world supremacy, and other “aspects of Cold War bloc thinking.”

A world with “one master, one sovereign” in unacceptable,” he stressed. 

It’s “pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.”

“And this certainly has nothing in common with democracy.”

“(W)e are constantly being taught about democracy.” 

“But for some reason those who teach us do not want to learn themselves.”

“(T)he unipolar model is not only unacceptable but also impossible in today’s world.”

‘(T)he model itself is flawed because…(u)nilateral and frequently illegitimate actions have not resolved any problems.” 

They create major ones.

Imperial policies “caused new human tragedies and created new centers of tension.” 

“(A)n abyss of permanent conflicts” shows no signs of ending.

“We are seeing a greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law.”

“One state…first and foremost the US…We are seeing a greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law.”

“(N)o one feels safe.” 

“(T)oday we are witnessing…countries participating in military operations that are difficult to consider legitimate.”

“(T)he only mechanism (for) using military force as a last resort is the (UN) Charter.”

Fifteen years ago in Munich, Putin called for the world community of nations to work cooperatively together for world peace and stability, adding:

“(W)e would like to interact with responsible and independent partners with whom we could work together in constructing a fair and democratic world order that would ensure security and prosperity not only for a select few, but for all.”

Over the past 15 years, US-dominated Western relations with Russia sank to a new low in modern memory.

US-pushed Cold War rages with no signs of easing.

Hegemon USA finds new ways of revealing the unparalleled menace it represents to everyone everywhere.

Because of its rage to dominate the world community of nations by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims, peace in our time is nowhere in sight.

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