Canadian Freedom Fighting Truckers in Their Own Words

A line in the sand exists between courageous freedom-fighting Canadian truckers v. Trudeau regime tyrannical rule.

There’s no ambiguity on who’s right and wrong on the cutting edge issue at stake.

State-approved mandates in Canada, throughout the West and elsewhere are all about destroying public health and freedom.

They have nothing to do with protecting what US/Western and allied dark forces are going all-out to eliminate.

Resistance against what no one should tolerate is the only option.

Grassroots activism is the only way to restore lost rights in nations where draconian mandates are enforced.

What’s crucial to achieve will never happen top down.

Power yields nothing without firm demands, especially when hardline the way things are in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Israel and in other countries where the rule of law does not exist.

At a Wednesday news conference, Canadian truckers said the following:

“We came here to do something.” 

“We have a whole world watching us.” 

“It is our duty to continue on with this absolutely phenomenal movement.”

“People might be nervous because they notice that trucks are starting to move around the city and change positions.”  

“This has nothing to do with any sort of negotiation with the City of Ottawa.

“(M)ovements are being coordinated by the operations group along with the truckers that are in Ottawa with a sole purpose to try to get out of the residential areas because our intention was never to be an inconvenience to (city) residents.”

“We continue supplying our friendly demonstrators with their needs to keep them comfortable.”

“We continue to do so and quite efficiently.

Food “donations have been given to us.”

“We take only what is needed.”

“The biggest challenge that we have right now is taking that excess donated food and supplying in to the local shelters.”

“We are in no way going to back away from you.” 

One activist trucker said he’ll be the last man to leave Ottawa,” urging:

“Hold the line ladies and gentlemen!”

“Do not back down!” 

“We’ve got your backs.”  

“We ain’t leaving you alone. We’re here for you.”

“We have veterans that have come forward to help us do collection throughout the community” through a grassroots Express Support Funds raising initiative.

“This has been incredibly helpful for emergency situations that have tide us over while we are trying to release the well-needed funds.”

“Now is the tipping point where we need to band together even more.” 

“They’re coming at us with this (draconian) Emergencies Act.” 

It “still has to be passed through parliament” where majority support may not exist.

What’s going on is “a scare tactic.”

“Now is the time for Canada to unite as one and help each other out even more.”

“This is just the beginning.”

Truckers asked Canadians nationwide to “get to your borders.” 

“Get to your cities.”

“Come to Ottawa.”

“The intention of everybody here is to support each other, stand together and unite to get back what we never should have lost.”

One activist trucker said he’ll never experience as much love and unity and peace as we have thus far in our journey.”

A Final Comment

Remarks in an open letter to freedom-fighting Canadian truckers by mRNA technology inventor Robert Malone MD said the following:

“We should not have politicized the public response to” all things flu/covid.

Judge the Trudeau regime by its actions.

“We are now able to clearly see the previously hidden face of global fascist totalitarianism…the fusion of the power of large corporations with the power of the state.”

It’s been weaponized to wage war on public health and freedom.

“It’s time to end the FAKE Emergency powers which have been used to suspend your constitutional and natural rights,” Malone stressed.

What the Trudeau regime called an emergency doesn’t exist.

So it invented one to continue waging war on what the vast majority of Canadians and their counterparts worldwide hold most dear.

On kill shots and all else flu/covid related, Malone urged everyone to “get informed” about what’s going on to protect themselves and families from what’s hazardous to health, what doesn’t protect as falsely claimed.

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