Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada: Part III

On Thursday, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said it’s “pursu(ing) litigation to challenge” tinpot despot Trudeau’s usurpation of power by unjustifiable “use of the Emergencies Act.”

According to CCLA Executive Director Noa Mendelsohn Aviv:

“We have retained Ewa Krajewska of Henein Hutchison LLP to take the federal government to court.” 

“We have said all along that the federal government did not meet the high burden necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act.” 

“This morning I listened carefully to (Trudeau) and heard no new legal justifications for a national emergency and the enormous power the government is hoping to give to itself to bypass the typical democratic process.” 

“The situation in Ottawa has been complicated, difficult and painful, in particular for marginalized communities who have experienced racial and homophobic intimidation by some.” 

“Governments already have the lawful authority to address difficult situations and do so all the time.”

“(U)se of the Emergencies Act is unnecessary, unjustifiable and unconstitutional.”

“Our society needs peaceful assembly – a critical democratic tool – even though not every person agrees with the content of every movement.”

“Some protests can even be disruptive.” 

“It is possible for a gathering to be both disruptive and also peaceful and nonviolent.” 

“Disruptive protest that may be unlawful, like blocking a pipeline or occupying a  a public space, can also be the most effective way of raising awareness for people who do not have power.”

CCLA Criminal Justice Director Abby Deshman stressed the following:

“We do not want to minimize the impacts of the protests that are occurring across the country.” 

“But, while some of the blockades have been immensely disruptive, (no evidence suggests that they) endanger the lives, health or safety of Canadians so as to rise to the threshold of a national emergency under the law.”

“The emergency orders that the (Trudeau regime) has tabled are not targeted.” 

“They are not limited to specific protests, or specific geographic locations.”

“They are expansive emergency orders that have already come into effect and apply equally across the entire country.”

“And they place unprecedented restrictions on every single Canadian’s constitutional rights.”

“The current emergency orders place significant limits on peaceful assembly across the entire country.” 

“They require financial institutions to turn over personal financial information to CSIS and the RCMP, and to freeze the bank accounts and cut off financial services provided to anyone who has attended, or who has provided assistance to those participating in, a prohibited assembly – all without judicial oversight.”

All of the above constitutes unconstitutional jackboot authority.

Actions taken by the Trudeau regime crossed the line from rule of law governance to tyranny with intent to eliminate what remains of a free and open society.

As long as unjustifiable emergencies powers remain in force, Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom affords no protection for the nation’s people.

Under Canadian and international law, speech, media and academic freedoms are inviolable.

So is the right of peaceful assembly.

No one may legally circumvent, otherwise undermine, or reinterpret  these fundamental rights in pursuit of draconian aims or for any other reasons.

According to Section 3 of Canada’s Emergencies Act, invoking it requires an “urgent and critical situation” that does not exist.

Nor is what’s been going on since Jan. 28 endangered the lives, health, well-being, and/or safety of anyone.

Nor do protests exceed the ability of federal, provincial and local authorities to deal with them according to the rule of law as it should be used.

No emergency exists so the Trudeau regime invented one to harden jackboot rule.

On Thursday, Freedom Convoy organizers Chris Barber and Tamara Lich were unlawfully arrested and detained on invented charges of “aiding and abetting mischief (sic).”

According to the state-owned and controlled CBC:

On Thursday, Canadian banks and other financial institutions froze accounts of individuals involved in or allegedly linked to Ottawa protests through fundraising or other lawful activities.

Deputy Trudeau regime tinpot despot Chrystia Freeland intends to or already cancelled insurance and suspended corporate accounts of rig owners involved in Ottawa protests.

The draconian move aims to put them out of business and prevent drivers from working again as truckers.

Claiming that the Trudeau regime acted to “defend our democracy (by) restor(ing) peace and order” is polar opposite the intent of draconian police state actions taken.

By defying the rule of law as it should be enforced, the Trudeau regime’s legitimacy no longer exists.

Hardened resistance is the only option.

It’s the only language that jackboot rule understands.

The alternative is the transformation of Canada into a ruler/serf society enforced by social control tyranny.

Now is the time for Canadians nationwide to rise up en masse against what no one should tolerate.

“HOLD THE LINE”  read a sign held high in Ottawa by a freedom-fighting trucker on Thursday in defiance of the Trudeau regime’s jackboot rule.


5 thoughts on “Freedom v. Tyranny in Canada: Part III

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    The cornerstone,
    The foundation..
    The Rock of Gibraltar

    the Truckers need to attach their Rightful Demands

    Is the fact, the Truckers Fight for All of Us…!

    The Bourgeois Press

    Throwing polls out that say
    2/3 of Canadians oppose the Truckers.

    Gotta fight Fire with Fire ..

    ” No, they just don’t understand yet .”

    Staying Power

    And for the Truckers to be aware it’s gonna be a protracted fight

    It’s a War..
    Not a single battle..

    Cuz some will be losses or draws…

    And realizing it’s a Long Ling Way to Tipperrary.

    Final Pop..
    Din H made an excellent Suggestion

    With Crypto you don’t have any
    ” Exposure ” in transferring money.

    Everything is safe, discreet and unbelievably expeditious!


  2. Mr Lendman

    Mendelson’s case is tight.
    I hope they win.

    What a tremendous Victory that would be for Democratic Rights.

    Have a rippling effect all over the World.

    I wonder how long that suit will take..

    Meanwhile, back at the Ranch

    Hold on Boys.
    Next Stop… Willoughby.


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