Laughing Stock MSM Reschedule Nonexistent Russian Invasion of Ukraine

On Feb. 11, Politico fake news falsely claimed that “Russia (would) start a physical assault on Ukraine as soon as Feb. 16 (sic).” 

The state-approved propaganda piece cited unnamed Biden regime sources — elements exposed time and again for spreading Big Lies and mass deception about invented US enemies.

No Russian invasion occurred on the designated D-Day.

No “missile strikes and cyberattacks” on Ukraine.

No “aerial bombing” in other form.

No “intelligence” suggesting the above.

The whole thing was made up.

Instead of embarrassment to Politico for reporting fake news, an encore mass deception performance followed.

Once again using Biden regime-supplied talking points, Politico defied reality as follows, saying:

“(K)eep an eye on…Feb. 20,” dubiously claiming that a date no different from others “worries Russia watchers (sic).”

“Feb. 20 looms large (sic),” it roared.

So-called “analysts” — not named — claimed “that Putin is using the extra time to prepare a pretext for invasion (sic), now that his false flag video operation, that doesn’t exist, is out in the open (sic).”

What happens Sunday, Feb. 20, when all quiet on the Russian side of its Western border with Ukraine shows no invasion plot in sight?

According to a former militantly hostile to Russia US official, if no invasion happens by end of Feb., the (nonexistent) threat will be far from over, adding:

Putin “could dial tensions down and just as quickly ratchet them up again (sic).” 

“Just because these dates come and go doesn’t mean the risk, at this point, is any less (sic).”

Dementia Joe’s double hyperventilates lines scripted for him to recite.

Calling the nonexistent threat of Russia invading Ukraine “very high (sic), he sounded buffoon-like adding:

“(E)very indication that we have is that they are prepared to go into Ukraine, attack Ukraine…within the next several days (sic).”

All that’s imminent is an endless stream of MSM regurgitated Big Lies by US officials.

It’s an every day thing with no end of it about invented US enemies.

Under Trump, China was in the eye of his regime’s storm.

Under undemocratic Dems, nominally headed by dementia Joe’s impersonator, it’s Russia.

In response to fake news about Russian forces along Ukraine’s border with intent to invade, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following on Thursday:

“We are not ready to and won’t consider complaints with regards to how we move the armed forces on the territory of our country.” 

“This is our sovereign right, and we don’t intend to discuss it with anyone,” adding:

Following completion of drills in the Russian Republic of Crimea, withdrawal of forces and equipment to their bases began.

“This is a prolonged process.” 

“It is clear that the contingent for the drills, for the exercise was formed over many weeks, and, of course, it is impossible to withdraw it in one day.”

Withdrawal is underway, Claims otherwise are “absolutely groundless.”

Separately on Thursday, Tass and other Russian media said that deputy Biden regime envoy to Russia, Bart Gorman, was expelled from the country.

Reportedly he was told to leave immediately.

The move came weeks after over 50 Russian diplomats and their families were expelled from the US.

Biden regime retaliation is virtually certain.

Highly strained bilateral relations are near a breaking point.

Britain aside, how much longer will European nations ally with Washington’s cold war on Russia, with its confrontation policies toward the continent’s preeminent peace and stability advocate?

No Russian aggression occurred since the Soviet Union dissolved. 

No Russian threats to other nations exist.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA is perpetually at war on invented enemies.

Allying with its permanent war economy exacts a significant toll.

In March 2003 at the onset of Bush/Cheney aggression on Iraq, Seymour Melman addressed the issue, saying:

“(A)t the start of the twenty-first century, every major aspect of American life is being shaped by our Permanent War Economy.”

The horrific toll includes:

A de-industrialized nation from offshoring production and jobs to 

China and other low-wage nations. 

Government financing and promoting “every kind of war industry and foreign investing by US firms.”

War-making priorities take precedence over essential homeland needs.

America’s “Permanent War Economy…has endured since the end of World War II.”

Since 1950, the US has been perpetually at war on nonbelligerent North Korea, Nicaragua, Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.

It toppled the governments of numerous others to transform independent nations into vassal states. 

It’s perpetually at war at home against targeted segments of its society.

Forever wars leave no “public space (for) improving the quality of our lives,” Melman stressed.

“Shortages of housing caused a swelling of the homeless population in every major city.”

It’s because US “state and city governments across the country have become trained to bend to the needs of the military.”

Militarism and belligerence created a nation of poor, disadvantaged, uneducated, and “disconnected people from society’s mainstream.”

They’re “rrestless, unhappy, frustrated, angry, and sad.”

“State Capitalism” characterizes America’s government/business  partnership. 

Its permanent war economy — combined with transferring wealth from most Americans to its privileged few — has come at the expense of a nation in decline, corrupted leadership, lost industrialization, crumbling infrastructure, and suffering millions on their own, uncared for, unwanted, exploited and otherwise harmed.

Melman stressed that “further evasion is out of order.” 

“We must come to grips with America’s State Capitalism and its Permanent War Economy.” 

Re-industrialization is essential “to restore jobs and production competence — industry by industry.”

“Failing that, there is no hope for any constructive exit” — for the nation or its people.

Nearly 20 years after Melman’s Permanent War Economy indictment, conditions in the US are further along in the wrong direction than the other way around.

The US is its own worst enemy.

In his book, titled the World in Crisis, Gabriel Kolko expressed the belief that US decline began after preemptive war on North Korea.

A decade of Southeast Asia war accelerated it.

World community nations are increasingly less dependent on its “economic might” because China, India, and other nations are rising on the world stage.

A century of US “domination is now ending,” said Kolko.

A nation permanently at war furthers its own decline.

It’s “rotting away at a funereal pace,” Gore Vidal believed.

Will its epitaph one say words to the effect that imperial arrogance, overreach and misguided policies fostered its terminal decline.

2 thoughts on “Laughing Stock MSM Reschedule Nonexistent Russian Invasion of Ukraine

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “Dementia Joey”


    So fuxin funny..

    The Dummy..

    Charlie McCarthy is laughing at that puppet..!


    BTW.. Always
    ” Unnamed Sources ”

    With the Gangsters, huh?

    What more can you say about Fools that pull their own pants down..?

    The Whole Western World
    Is Fuxing Laughing.

    At really quite annoyed.

    One quick anecdote,

    that best reflects the depth of the stupidity,

    Went to the gym today
    ( Second time in 4 months)

    And saw two Republicans
    One from Ariz and Tennessee

    And about 10-12 other Gringos

    Everyone was laughing
    Not really laughing

    Can’t exactly come up with the word..

    Appalled, maybe..?
    Shocked.. perhaps

    The Two RePubs were saying Dementia Joey

    Blew it.

    This will have more of a resounding affect

    Than even the Afghan Debacle.

    They’re probably correct..!


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