Reality Check MSM Ignore

MSM mouthpieces for wealth, power and privileged interests produce supportive press releases that masquerade as journalism they long ago abandoned.

Since April 2014, US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression has gone on against the Donbass People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

According to DPR deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin:

Ukrainian forces are “finalizing a plan of an offensive in Donbass under the supervision of US advisors.” 

“The exact time of the offensive launch will be determined after offensive groups are formed, and the plan is endorsed by (Kiev’s so-called) national security and war council.”

On Thursday along the line of contact between Ukraine and Donbass, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

“Tensions…increased dramatically.”

“The enemy is making attempts to (escalate) hostilities.” 

“To protect the civilian population, our defenders had to return fire (in response to preemptive) enemy” cross-border shelling.

“DPR militia intelligence agents obtained new information on the Ukrainian army’s planned offensive in Donbass.” 

“Commander of (Kiev’s) Operations and Tactical Group East, Yury Sodol, is planning and preparing the landing of a tactical amphibious force to gain a foothold on the Azov shore of the DPR (to) attack our troops from the rear.”

“The landing force will use vessels handed over to Ukraine by the USA as part of its military assistance.”

Since Kiev agreed to observe “tighter ceasefire control measures (on) July 27, 2020,” cross-border shelling by its forces have continued almost daily.

On Thursday, Kiev forces shelled “nine settlements in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

“The enemy used 120mm and 82mm mortars (expending 67 rounds overall), grenade launchers (90 rounds) and high calibre small arms,” according to the DPR’s Joint Center for Control and Coordination.

DPR intelligence learned that Kiev intends to use “Tochka-U short-range ballistic missile systems” to strike Donbass targets that include residential areas.

In the last 24 hours alone, Ukrainian forces breached agreed on ceasefire terms 24 times against Donetsk targets and 29 times against Lugansk. 

According to NYT fake news on Friday:

“Residents near Ukraine’s front line rushed into basements for cover Thursday (sic) as exchanges of artillery fire with Russian-backed separatists (sic) reached their most intense level in months…” 

The Biden regime believes that “Russia might use the fighting as a pretext to invade Ukraine (sic).”

The Times ignored preemptive Kiev shelling of Donbass.

DPR and LPR forces responded in self-defense, their UN Charter right — ignored as well by the Times.

Saying “artillery fire began in the early morning and did not let up with the advent of evening” failed to lay blame where it belongs.

Instead, the Times cited a Kiev military source’s claim that “shelling in eastern Ukraine damaged a kindergarten, knocked out electricity and wounded at least four adult civilians and two soldiers.”

According to the standard of the self-styled newspaper of record, Donbass forces are guilty of the “crime” of self-defense by responding militarily to Kiev’s aggression as international law allows.

Separately during a Thursday Security Council session, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Vershinin explained the following:

On February 17, 2015 — 7 years ago yesterday — the Security Council unanimously adopted Res. 2022 — affirming Minsk II conflict resolution between Ukraine and Donbass, making it binding international law.

Seven years later, Kiev remains in flagrant breach of what it agreed to, Vershinin explained.

He quoted deputy Ukrainian PM Irina Vereshchuk, defiantly saying that they’ll “be no new laws, no direct coordination” on all things related to Donbass.

On Feb. 4, Ukraine’s foreign minister Kuleba defiantly said that Minsk terms will not be implemented — falsely claiming they’re based on “Russian conditions (sic).”

On Feb. 1, US-installed Kiev puppet Zelensky said his regime “has varying views (sic)” on Minsk II provisions.

On January 31, Ukraine’s national security and war council secretary Danilov defied reality by falsely claiming that “fulfillment of…Minsk (terms) means the country’s destruction (sic).”

Ignored was that Kiev voluntarily agreed to observe Minsk provisions.

They include:

Cessation of hostilities.

Withdrawal of weapons from along the contact like.

OSCE monitoring of actions by both sides.

Engagement of dialogue between Donbass and Ukraine.

Amnesty to facilitate peace.

Exchange of detainees by both sides.

Unrestricted humanitarian access to  Donbass.

Lifting of the US-ordered/Kiev implemented economic blockade.

Withdrawal of foreign mercenaries and formations in Ukraine.

A change in its constitution to recognize the special status of Donbass.

The right to democratically elect its ruling authorities.

Efforts along the contact line to preserve peace.

Vershinin minced no words stressing that Kiev breached all of the above provisions straightaway, adding:

“The root cause of the problem is Kiev’s systematic unwillingness to have direct dialogue with authorized representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Contact Group.”

Most important is that hegemon USA controls Ukraine.

Its officials follow orders from their higher authorities in Washington.

Both right wings of the US war party prioritize a perpetual state of war along Russia’s border by use of proxy Ukrainian forces.

For seven years, Kiev refused to implement Minsk provisions because three US regimes ordered otherwise.

Kiev refuses to engage in dialogue with DPR and LPR officials because diplomacy to resolve conflict flies in the face of US imperial aims.

Ukraine is a US vassal state.

It’s occupied and controlled by Pentagon and CIA forces together with their NATO counterparts.

Minsk I (in 2014) and II (in 2015) provisions were DOA before the ink on them dried.

Nothing in prospect suggests a change in the current status quo.

As for US/UK hyperventilating about a nonexistent imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vershinin noted that hegemon USA’s designated Feb. 16 D-Day passed uneventfully, adding:

“(S)o perhaps (the Biden regime and its MSM echo chamber should) stop putting (them)selves in an awkward situation” since no Russian invasion is planned or forthcoming.

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