Russia’s Response to the Biden Regime’s Contempt for its Sought Security Guarantees

A state of US war on Russia by other means rages with no prospect of easing.

In response to Russia’s sought security guarantees — as mandated by the UN Charter and other international laws— the Biden regime ignored its core concerns.

It said nothing about what’s binding according to the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation.

Nor did it address the indivisibility of security — that no Founding Act signatory may strengthen its security at the expense of other member states. 

Instead, it hysterically inflated East/West tensions that includes a daily litany of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception about Russian actions and intentions — regurgitated by MSM co-conspirators.

“We want to be treated honestly” according to the rule of law, Sergey Lavrov stressed.

Domestically and worldwide, hegemon USA long ago abandoned it in pursuit of its diabolical aim to control the world community of nations, their resources and populations.

In response to the Biden regime’s contempt for Russia’s sought security guarantees, its Foreign Ministry said the following:

Moscow is concerned over “the growing military activity of the US and NATO directly near (its) borders, while our ‘red lines’ and core security interests, as well as sovereign rights to protect them are still being ignored,” adding:

“Ultimatum-like demands to withdraw troops from certain areas on the Russian territories accompanied by threats of tougher sanctions are unacceptable and undermine the prospects for reaching real agreements.” 

Russia has no intention of “inva(ding)” Ukraine or any other countries.

False claims otherwise are saber-rattling rubbish 

US-dominated Western “statements about Moscow’s responsibility for escalation cannot be regarded (as other) than as an attempt to exert pressure and devalue Russia’s proposals on security guarantees.”

Deescalation of made-in-the-USA East/West tensions is essential.

It’s “fundamentally important” to halt arms supplies to Ukraine for aggression against Donbass.

Western advisers and instructors in the country involved in orchestrating and directing war on Donbass should be recalled straightaway.

Involvement of NATO countries in Ukraine’s military exercises is unacceptable.

Vladimir Putin said Russia is open to dialogue.

He called for “stable and equal conditions of security for all participants in international life.”

“Deployment of Russian armed forces on its own territory does not and cannot affect fundamental US interests.” 

“We would like to remind you that we don’t have our forces on Ukrainian soil.”

Nor is there any intention to send them there.

Hegemon USA’s so-called “open door” policy to other nations on joining NATO flies in the face of the indivisibility of security — that no nation may strengthen itself militarily at the expense of others.

It defies the letter and spirit of OSCE commitments.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry urged US-dominated NATO to comply with its “international obligations in the field of maintaining peace and security,” adding: 

“We expect Brussels to put forward specific legal proposals on the alliance’s non-implementation of its plan on NATO’s eastward expansion.”

Instead of addressing Russia’s security concerns, the Biden regime “deliberately” discussed “convenient topics…which, in turn, were ‘twisted’ to gain advantages for the US and its allies” at Moscow’s expense.

In early February, Vladimir Putin stressed that “(w)e did not see our three key demands considered” by the Biden regime.

They include “stopping NATO’s (hostile) expansion (toward Russia’s borders, removing) strike weapons systems near (its) borders, and returning the bloc’s military infrastructure in Europe to how it was in 1997.”

No occupation or presence of Russian forces exist in Ukraine’s territory.

The Kremlin strongly objects to the deployment of US nukes in other NATO countries, notably ones close to Russia’s territory.

“Without (their removal), discussion on the topic of non-strategic nuclear weapons is impossible.”

If Moscow’s red lines relating to security are ignored or breached, it reserves the right to respond by a “military-technical” means.

Heightened East/West tensions show no signs of easing.

Talks by Russian officials with their US counterparts were a colossal waste of time, achieving nothing positive.

Yet according to the Biden regime’s State Department, Lavrov will meet with interventionist Blinken again next week to discuss Ukraine and related issues.

On Thursday at the Security Council, he recited his thoroughly debunked litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia.

Those pesky Russians are “prepar(ed) to launch an attack against Ukraine in the coming days (sic),” he roared, adding:

A “manufacture(d) pretext” is coming (sic)…“a fake (or) real attack using chemical weapons (sic)” or something else.

On the same day, dementia Joe’s impersonator said Russia is “prepared to…attack Ukraine (sic).”

The invented threat of a Russian invasion is “very high” to occur “several days” from now (sic).”

Biden regime UN envoy Thomas-Greenfield turned reality on its head in similar fashion by claiming that “invasion” of Ukraine by Russia is “imminent (sic).”

Against this backdrop and what’s gone on since undemocratic Dems usurped power by election rigging, why do Russian officials waste time and energy dealing with their US counterparts?

Why do they engage with demonic figures who are hostile to Russia’s rights and survival as a sovereign state?

One thought on “Russia’s Response to the Biden Regime’s Contempt for its Sought Security Guarantees

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  1. Mr Lendman,.

    Who could blame the Russians?
    They’re real Diplomats..

    Sign Says:

    ” Diplomacy served here..!”

    They’re slightly delusional of course,

    if they believe the Gangsters will change their spots.

    All the know is violence, the Threat of Violence, lies extortion, Embargoes, Sanctions and Dirty Tricks.

    Frankly, at this late stage in
    American Gangsterism..

    Small brush fires, like the Shelling of the Donbass currently.

    Maiden events
    Cyber War

    Is all they’re capable of.

    I know it appears,

    That the Gangsters will launch a real Military War

    ( Replete with the Hoax today that the EU in Brussels is putting aside BILLIONS to pay for the expected million Refugees…LOL..



    Empirically it might appear as a War Coming

    But the Military Components are just not their..

    All Fakes..head and now body
    No Pattern..

    Feet ain’t moving

    Lotta Yapping


    Last Pop:
    Gangsters are seriously confused

    All this Bullshit

    Except when the USSR was around..they laughed at the fool’s..

    Never wasted too many Brain Cells.

    Putin stand Pat..
    Even make more Demands

    Up the Kitty

    Russia will get a Walk Off Homer..

    Win the “World “Series..

    Haven’t done that in a long time.

    Russia has big bats now
    And three good pitchers..

    And almost Impossible
    To beat at home ..!


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