Biden Regime Ordered Assault on Donbass

The US-installed and controlled Ukraine regime does nothing geopolitically unless ordered or approved by its higher power in Washington.

Because of escalated Kiev aggression on Donbass perhaps to include invasion, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin said the following:

“From today, February 18, a mass centralized departure of the population to the Russian Federation has been organized.” 

“First of all, women, children and the elderly are subject to evacuation.”

His announcement followed a DPR agreement with Moscow to provide accommodations and humanitarian aid for Donbass residents fleeing from harm’s way.

Since Thursday, Western Donbass has been heavily shelled cross-border by Ukrainian forces.

On Friday, the Lugansk Media Center quoted People’s Militia spokesperson Ivan Filiponenko saying the following:

“(T)he enemy has chosen this area to deliver the main blow of” its escalated aggression against “the Svetlodarsk salient.” 

It aims “to cut through our defense, block transport routes between the Republics, and proceed with further offensive deep into our defense along the flanks.”

Kiev forces are preparing drone attacks involved in “dropping explosive devices disguised as household goods and toys.”

The republic is on “red alert” for the expected (US-orchestrated and directed) assault.

On Friday, LPR head Leonid Pasechnik said the following:

“(T)o prevent casualties among the civilian population, I call on residents of the Republics who do not have mobilization orders, as well as are not involved in the life support of social and civilian infrastructure, to leave for the Russian Federation as soon as possible” where shelter and humanitarian aid has been arranged with Moscow.

On the same day, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“As for the situation at the line of engagement in Donbass, we are very alarmed by reports…yesterday and the day before yesterday, of a sharp increase in shelling using weapons that are prohibited by the Minsk Accords.” 

“In relation to this, I would like to highlight the fact that the Kiev regime has been blatantly violating its obligations for several years and every time when additional measures to ensure a ceasefire are coordinated, it sabotages them.”

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission breached its mandate by “camouflag(ing)” events on the ground.

It’s “gloss(ing) over” aggression by Kiev forces.

“(T)here is no alternative to the implementation of the Minsk Agreements in their entirety.” 

“(W)e emphasized our serious concern over the statements by Kiev that they would not conduct direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk.” 

“This is a direct challenge and a direct refusal to comply with the Minsk Agreements.”

Separately, Lavrov said that (US-recruited) foreign mercenaries involved in Kiev’s aggression.

On the same day, Vladimir Putin said that despite Russia’s efforts to end fighting “at the level of advisors to the leaders of the Normandy format countries France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine), our consultations on this issue have not helped.”

“Kiev (continues to) sabotag(e) implementation of the (Minsk) agreements” — on orders from its higher power in Washington.

Whatever the outcome of further talks between Russian officials and their US counterparts, the Biden regime “will impose…(illegal) sanctions…in any case.?

“Whether they have a reason in connection with events in Ukraine of if (there’s) no reason, (it’ll) be found.”

The US “goal is to slow down the development of Russia and Belarus.”

Sanctions are “absolutely illegitimate.”

Imposing them “is a gross violation of international law, but those who are now talking about them care only about (what’s) advantageous to them.”

There’s “only one way to overcome this state of affairs — to strengthen ourselves from within, and above all, of course, economically.”

“There is always a solution,” he stressed.

In the last eight years, Russia achieved over 90% of what it aimed for to neutralize the effects of US sanctions.

“Much (still) remains to be done” to increase the level of economic sovereignty Moscow aims to achieve.

Separately on Friday, a DPR statement said plots by Kiev saboteurs to blow up ammonia, oil storage and chlorine sites were foiled, adding:

“Large-scale catastrophic consequences were prevented thanks to the coordinated efforts of the DPR law enforcers.”

A Final Comment

Early Friday evening, an explosion rocked central Donetsk.

An apparent car bomb was detonated outside government headquarters.

Images showed a destroyed vehicle and surrounding damage about 100 meters from the seat of government.

According to a DPR spokesperson, the blast wave was heard at some distance from where the detonation occurred.

Emergency services were deployed to the scene straightaway.

Government authorities urged the public to “remain calm, stay vigilant and to reduce travel around the city as much as possible.”

Years of Kiev aggression on Donbass was made-in-the-USA.

Will escalated shelling by Ukrainian forces continue?

Will invasion follow?

The Biden regime is calling the shots.

What’s happening along the contact line between Kiev and Donbass is US proxy war on Russia.

The Biden regime is using Ukrainian foot soldiers with likely intent to draw Moscow into the conflict to say we told you so.  

What’s ahead depends on hegemon USA’s intentions and how the DPR, LPR and Russia react.

The US-dominated West considers Donbass Ukrainian territory.

If Russia intervenes to protect its nationals in harm’s way — its UN Charter right — it’ll be falsely accused of invading Ukraine.

At this time, it looks like the above scenario is what the Biden regime is hoping for to create a pretext for punishing new sanctions.

If imposed, they’ll likely intend to prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming operational, along with other ways of harming Russia economically and politically.

As the saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men often don’t go as intended.

Russia is well aware of US dirty tricks, its war by other means and overall scheming.

The Kremlin may have tricks of its own up its sleeve.

What unfolds ahead won’t be known until the best laid plans of both sides play out in the coming days and weeks.

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