Jackboot Rule the New Abnormal in Canada

Democracy in Canada was always pure fantasy, the real thing as it should be banned.

Trudeau regime jackboot rule revealed reality for Canadians and others worldwide to see.

The nation’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms are null and void.

Gone are free expression, “freedom of peaceful assembly (and) freedom of association.”

Are media and academic freedoms next in line to be abolished?

Elections already are farcical.

Will they be eliminated altogether ahead?

Will “freedom of conscience…religion…thought, belief (and) opinion” go the same way?

Will what remains of greatly eroded free and open Canada disappear by Trudeau regime diktats?

What’s going on in Canada applies throughout the US-dominated West.

As stressed time and again since seasonal flu was renamed covid by US dark forces with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, the scheme all along has been all about mass-extermination of unwanted people worldwide, along with the transformation of nations into ruler/serf societies worldwide.

Mass-jabbing and all else flu/covid have nothing to do with protecting and preserving public health.

What’s gone on for over two years throughout the West and elsewhere is all about destroying it.

It’s about replacing freedom with social control tyranny.

On Friday in Ottawa, Trudeau regime storm troopers unleashed Gestapo tactics against freedom-fighting truckers and supporters.

Reporting on tyranny’s ugly face, the Toronto Sun said the following:

“Turns out the lasting image of the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill will not be bouncy castles but that of a woman with a walker being trampled by a police horse.”

“(I)ncidents Friday under (virtual) martial law were grotesque.”

Horse-mounted cops “charg(ed) into” peaceful freedom-fighting protesters.

Cops “smashed” one or more nonviolent protests “repeatedly with…rifle” butts.

Others were violently beaten. 

Co-organizer Benjamin Dichter said one freedom-fighting driver “had his truck windows smashed by Ottawa Police (with) guns drawn.”

He was “dragged out of his vehicle by force.”

When protests began three weeks ago, Trudeau lied as follows, saying:

Protesters intend “to incite violence (sic).”

Arrogantly calling them a “small fringe minority (sic),” he added:

They “pos(e) a threat to themselves, to each other, to Canadians (sic).”

The above remarks are bald-faced Big Lies.

No violence was planned or displayed by truckers.

Since arriving in Ottawa on January 28, their actions included peaceful “bouncy castles, hot tubs, pancake breakfasts, pig roasts, road hockey games, dancing and fireworks displays,” the Toronto Sun explained, adding:

“Turns out that the lasting image of the Freedom Convoy protest at Parliament Hill will not be bouncy castles but that of a woman with a walker being trampled by a police horse.”

“(V)iolence (Trudeau falsely) expressed concern about…didn’t unfold until (his) Emergencies Act police army was sent in to disperse the crowd” by brute force.

“(M)ajor incidents Friday, under a form of martial law, were grotesque.

“While Trudeau tried to pin the online postings of a Swastika and Confederate flag on the truckers, they brought in a crane to rise the Canadian flag and sang O Canada every day.”

“(T)he didn’t cause violence” at any time over the past three weeks — not in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada where protests have been ongoing for restoration of lost freedoms.

Along with trampling and beating peaceful protesters violently, police used tear gas and pepper spray against them.

The Trudeau regime unleashed the dogs of war against freedom — in flagrant breach of the rule of law.

On Friday, interim opposition Conservative Party leader Candice Bergen tweeted the following:

“I’m disturbed & saddened by what we are seeing today in Ottawa.”

“This situation was created by the PM & his desire to divide Canadians.”

“It’s time for MPs to return to the House tomorrow to stop the overreach by this government & restore unity, wholeness & hope back to our nation.”

The Trudeau regime — not freedom-fighting truckers — were violent, the Toronto Sun stressed.

Who’ll hold him and his regime accountable for what happened Friday — what’s likely to continue as long as freedom-fighting activism in Canada persists.

On Thursday, co-organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were unlawfully arrested and detained.

On Friday, scores more arrests followed along with police state violence.

Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington said that by invoking Emergencies Act powers, the Trudeau regime circumvented the rule of law by instituting police state rule.

By letter to Trudeau, 29 Canadian clergy members condemned his “indefinite suspension of civil liberties, coercive mandates and” other unlawful actions.

Instead of engaging with protesters peacefully, “your (regime) insulted, denigrated and lied about them, further dividing a hurting and broken nation.”

“Your (regime) does not grant people the right to their bodily integrity, the right to work or earn a living, the right to decide for their children or” other fundamental rights, according to the rule of law.

“There is no national emergency and to invoke one to crush peaceful political dissent is a totalitarian act of repression displaying weakness not strength.”

A Final Comment

On Thursday, the Canadian Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms said the following by email to Ottawa’s interim police chief Steve Bell:

“(W)e are writing to you directly with our grave concerns regarding your legally unsupported warning to Canadians about rights of public assembly and protest.”

“(Y)ou stated that your police will not allow people to enter downtown Ottawa to participate in peaceful protests.”

“You have no (lawful) authority whatsoever to make such an order.”

“Your direction to the police is contrary to the rights of Canadians to peaceful assembly, as is

guaranteed under section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

“The Charter ensures that Canadians are free to peacefully assemble, to express their ideas, to gather to discuss them and to communicate political dissent widely to other people.” 

“You must immediately cease and desist any actions that restrict the peaceful assembly of protestors in downtown Ottawa.”

“Further legal action may be commenced against the Ottawa Police, and against you personally, for highly improper conduct.”

What followed is explained above.

The only option is committed resistance against Trudeau regime tyrannical rule until fundamental freedoms are restored.

Nothing less is acceptable.


6 thoughts on “Jackboot Rule the New Abnormal in Canada

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Great article..timely.. important
    Has a real kick to it..a fervor.

    These are Serious Times.

    ” Truckers ..

    Gotta go back Jack..
    And do it again…”

    Next time
    The Second Half..
    you’ll make some adjustments.

    That was the gottdamn
    Peterloo Massacre

    Every Englishman everywhere should be enraged.

    Prominent Intellectuals from around the World writing letters.


    I might add

    In the May June Events
    1968 in Paris

    The French Railway Workers
    Took 14 lead pipes for Defense

    Educational Tools.

    The CRS got their heads busted in just like they dealt out.

    No cop has the right to beat up citizens.

    Every Englishman has the right to protect himself from violence.

    Okay..Two Steps forward
    One Step back

    It ain’t over
    It’s just beginning.

    “Here We go Giants
    Here We Go..

    Here we go Giants..
    Here we go..!”

    Rome wasn’t built in a day !



  2. “Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: It’s Happening Now! Global Control Coup” — 1:00:44 video from 2/11 — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ9VYCnEHis

    Description: Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt Interviews Catherine Austin Fitts
    As She Reveals The Global Control Coup!

    I did not see CAF on any channel for her January promotion of the quarterly Solari Report. There is an important segment on forming a new banking system with alliance from people around the world at the 16 minute mark.


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