Putin Decided to Invade Ukraine?

NYT fake news claimed that the above fiction is fact no matter otherwise in its latest propaganda edition.

Despite no evidence of a Russian threat to Ukraine or any other nations, the Times quoted dementia Joe’s double on Friday.

Repeating lines scripted by his handlers for him to recite via teleprompter, the White House imposter said the following on Friday:

I was instructed to say that “(w)e have reason to believe the Russian forces are planning to, intend to, attack Ukraine in the coming week, in the coming days (sic)” — even though it’s fake news.

Yet my instructions are to claim that Russian forces “will target Ukraine’s capital Kiev (sic).”

I was told to stress that “I’m convinced (that Vladimir Putin) made the decision (sic).”

Asked what evidence supports the claim, he was told to respond:

“We have significant intelligence capability (sic).”

Of course, no Russian intention exists to invade Ukraine.

Whether it responds defensively to Kiev’s aggression against its nationals is another matter entirely, what’s permitted by the UN Charter.

According to the Times based on updated Biden regime fake news, “Russia has as many as 190,000 troops massed at the Ukrainian border (sic) and inside…Donetsk and Lugansk (sic).”

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russian forces operate legally in their own territory.

None are massed with intent for cross-border invasion or with other hostile intentions in mind.

None operate in Donbass.

Claims otherwise are typical bald-faced Big Lies featured daily by the Times and other MSM.

They repeat with disturbing regularity while ignoring US war on humanity at home and worldwide.

Despite heavy Kiev cross-border shelling of Donbass communities for the past few days, the Times defied reality as follows saying:

“(H)ead of Ukraine’s ministry of (war) said (that) the claim (of) an attack (on Donbass) was imminent was false (sic),” adding:

It’s “a ploy designed to inflame tensions and offer a pretext for Russia to invade (sic).”

“He made a direct appeal to people living in (Donbass), telling them they were fellow Ukrainians and were under no threat from Kiev.”

Heavy cross-border shelling of Donbass communities continues.

Gas pipelines were targeted, cutting off power to homes dependent on energy they supply.

Yet according to Times fake news, Donbass residents offered “no proof of imminent danger (sic).”

Instead it quoted the Biden regime’s OSCE envoy Michael Carpenter’s reinvention of reality, falsely saying:

“(W)e acquired information that the Russian government was planning to stage a fabricated attack by Ukrainian military or security forces against Russian sovereign territory, or against Russian-speaking people in (Donbass), to justify military action against Ukraine (sic).”

No such information exists.

There’s no Russian plot against Ukraine.

Carpenter lied claiming otherwise. 

According to WaPo fake news, hegemon USA is “brace(ing) for false-flag operations by the Kremlin ahead of a potential invasion” not planned or forthcoming.

A separate perversion of reality by the broadsheet bizarrely claimed that Putin’s (nonthreatening) threat to Ukraine “is his (concern about a) successful pro-Western democracy (sic)” bordering Russia.

In a separate opinion piece, WaPo called for the Biden regime and Congress to “immediately impose a “raft of withering sanctions” on Russia — no matter their illegality and certainty of more greatly heightening East/West tensions.

A Final Comment

Late Thursday after failing to agree on an illegal Russian sanctions measure — following weeks of debate — the Senate adopted a mean-spirited nonbinding resolution instead.

GOP Senator Rand Paul vowed to block the measure, saying:

“We have some amendments to it.”

“We believe that it should say nothing to be construed as an authorization of war and nothing authorizing use of (US) troops into Ukraine.”

Rejecting his proposed amendments, the symbolic measure calls for the Biden regime to “exhaust all tools at its disposal to impose significant costs on the Russian Federation to restore peace in Europe.” 

Notably, both wings of the US war party deplore and don’t tolerate peace to maintain a permanent state of hot and cold wars worldwide on invented enemies like Russia.


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