Biden Regime’s Hostile to Peace Indo/Pacific Strategy

Last week, the Biden regime unveiled its Indo-Pacific strategy with escalating cold war on China in mind.

In similar fashion to longstanding US operations on the world stage, the strategy is long on military deterrence, bullying and threatening other nations to bend to its will.

Peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law are off the table.

Hegemons demand subservience.

Respect for the rights of other nations by the US are ignored when conflict with its own.

At war with Russia by other means at risk of turning hot by pushing things too far, the Biden regime’s Indo/Pacific strategy is all about confronting China in similar fashion.

It has nothing to do with pursuing a “free and open” region — just the opposite with hostile remarks like the following about Beijing, saying:

“(F)rom the economic coercion of Australia (sic) to the conflict along the Lines of Actual control with India  (sic) to the growing pressure on Taiwan (sic) and bullying of neighbors in the East and South China Seas (sic), our allies and partners in the region bear much of the cost of the PRC’s harmful behavior (sic).” 

“In the process, (it’s) also undermining human rights and international law (sic), including freedom of navigation (sic), as well as other principles that have brought stability and prosperity to the Indo/Pacific (sic),” adding:

“Our objective is not to change the PRC but to shape the strategic environment in which it operates (sic).”

Longstanding US policy toward 

China aims to undermine its industrial, economic, technological, military, and political prominence on the world stage.

In presenting its regional aims, the regime ignored its war on humanity at home and abroad.

It said nothing about the rape and destruction of nonbelligerent North Korea from mid-1950 to mid-1953.

Massacring millions of its people was followed by forever cold war since terror-bombing and invading the country ended.

Unmentioned as well in the Biden regime’s grand regional strategy was a decade of Southeast Asian war by hegemon USA against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Nor was anything suggested about its longterm aim to transform China and other regional countries into US vassal states.

A so-called Indo/Pacific Quad alliance was cobbled together with this in mind.

Comprised of hegemon USA, India, colonized-Japan and Australia, its aim is all about countering China’s growing prominence regionally and worldwide.

It’s about checking and undermining Beijing’s development.

Unrelated to regional peace, stability and prosperity, the alliance seeks US dominance over a part of the world not its own — the same objective it pursues worldwide by belligerent and other means.

According to Chinese Professor of International Relations Li Haidong, the Biden regime’s regional strategy “calls for closer US integration with other players (by) requiring Asian countries to cut off ties and to uncouple the current cross-national frameworks with China,” adding:

Claims about seeking to “safeguard regional security (and foster) connectivity” with regional nations aims to co-opt them as a way to contain and undermine China.

Analyst Lu Xiang slammed the strategy as follows, saying:

It’s a “ridiculous” aim to co-opt regional nations that value close ties to Beijing.

Australia is perhaps the only one likely go along with its hostile to China agenda.

While nominally reaffirming Washington’s One China policy, US policy toward Taiwan suggests otherwise.

Instead of working with China and other world community nations cooperatively, longstanding US policy calls for dominating them to serve its own interests.

Commenting on the Biden regime’s Info/Pacific strategy, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the following:

“(I)ll intentions underlie (it) under the pretext of ‘the (invented) China threat.’ ” 

“What the US says in its ‘Indo-Pacific strategy’ is different from what it is actually doing.”

It falsely “claims to advance ‘freedom and openness’ in the region, but is in fact forming an exclusive clique through AUKUS and QUAD.” 

“It asserts to strengthen regional security, but is generating grave nuclear proliferation risks that would undermine regional peace and stability.” 

“It professes to promote regional prosperity, but is stoking opposition and confrontation between regional countries which undercuts the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation architecture that has formed over the years, and poses a serious threat to regional cooperation outcomes and development prospects.”

“This ‘strategy’ that resurrects the Cold War mentality and bloc politics has nothing new and no future, but will only bring division and turbulence to the Asia-Pacific.” 

“It will surely be greeted with nothing but vigilance and rejection from regional countries.”

Throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, Washington’s agenda  has been all about pressuring, bullying, bribing, and threatening other nation’s to sacrifice their sovereign rights to its interests — while smashing refuseniks.

Its history of forever hot and cold wars from inception leaves no ambiguity about its hegemonic aims.

Its Indo-Pacific strategy is one of many ways in which they’re pursued by hostile means.

Lu is likely right in saying that perhaps Australia alone in the region will go along with what other Asia/Pacific countries will likely reject to maintain mutually beneficial relations with China.

Note: The US “rules-based” approach is all about operating by its own rules exclusively at the expense of international and its own constitutional law.

Its global empire of bases and CIA operatives everywhere aim to smash, otherwise bludgeon, and/or intimidate refusenik countries into compliance with its hegemonic aims.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    Only this..

    Time for Uncle Sam to leave
    Or get thrown out of Asia


    That’s the Leitmotiff of Crumbling Hegemons..

    Carthage lost all it’s Mediterranean colonies..

    Spain loses all her Colonies in the Western Hemisphere.

    As mentioned previously
    I had the Battle set for

    Dec 7, 2041
    Dec 8, 2041 in Asia

    The point where the Empires flipped

    Trafalgar or Aegistopotamie
    In the Peloponnesian Wars.


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