Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Related Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) commented on what Sergey Lavrov called US/Western “information terrorism.”

Its regular drumbeat is an every day thing, notably on what relates to their invented enemies like Russia.

It’s at a time when the US/West’s hostile to peace, stability and rule of law agenda is in plain sight for everyone paying attention to see and understand.

MZ justifiably slammed “fakes, disinformation, planted stories, slander and (big) lies” by the US-dominated West.

It’s ongoing with no letup in prospect, especially about what relates to Ukraine, MZ saying:

Today and every day “mark(s) another day of” what’s claimed to be imminent Russian aggression on Ukraine — despite no evidence to suggest what’s clearly not planned or forthcoming.

Yet US/Western fake news claims otherwise persist from official sources and their MSM echo chamber.

Last week, CNN had “its correspondents and camera crew keep a round-the-clock watch to film what they called an ‘invasion of Russian tanks’ ” no one spotted because they were nowhere in sight, MZ explained.

Reuters fake news expected “something terrible.”

Even return of Russian forces to their bases after completing long planned in advance nonthreatening military exercises was reported by 

Western MSM as a “cunning trick” by Moscow to divert attention from an imminent invasion of Ukraine that’s invented, not real.

Even Kiev is uneasy about US/Western hyperventilating about an impending Russian invasion with forces mobilized along its border that no one spotted because they’re not there.

MZ: “(T)here are no facts of any (Russian) invasion.” 

“Everything (reported otherwise by) Western media is disinformation.” 

“Russia and Ukraine have been presented as hostile countries on the verge of a big European war, but they have refuted these allegations almost simultaneously, although their bilateral relations are far from positive.”

Kiev asked the Biden regime to tone things down.

MZ: “Did anyone listen to them? No.” 

“Instead, the (US) embassy relocated from Kiev to Lvov” — despite no Russian threat to their staff.

There are no foreign threats of any kind so the Biden regime and its Western vassal states invented what doesn’t exist.

Zelensky regime official Mikhail Podolyak accused Western media of creating panic by spreading misinformation and disinformation.

Imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine hyperventilated about is nowhere in sight.

MZ: Russia and Ukraine “have been saying at all possible levels that there would be no war, that nobody would invade anybody or had any invasion plans, and that no preparations were being made for an invasion.” 

“But this has not stopped the Western propaganda machine.”

“Official statements continued to be issued in an endless stream” of MSM regurgitated propaganda rubbish. 

Rare exceptions prove the rule.

MZ cited an example of Western truth-telling about life in Donbass by reporters from a “leading French television channel.”

Airing it prompted Western and Kiev “indignation,” said MZ, adding:

“How did they dare show the truth?”

A written or unwritten MSM rule requires sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Separately on nonthreatening joint Russian/Belarusian Allied Resolve 2022 military exercises to be concluded on Sunday, US/Western fake news pretended that they rehearsed an invasion of Ukraine not planned or forthcoming.

MZ: They’ve been “carried out in full accordance with the proclaimed concept.” 

“Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin provided detailed information about the goals, stages and timeline of the drills during a briefing on January 18.” 

“A similar (briefing) was held for foreign military representatives by our Belarusian partners in Minsk on the same day.”

Yet US/Western reports on them fear-mongered rubbish about holding them in preparation to invade Ukraine.

MZ: “The real security threat in the region is not posed by Russia and Belarus testing their defense capacities.”

It’s “by the provocative buildup of NATO forces at the Union State border and by Western countries themselves — (that includes) pumping weapons into Kiev” for war-making, not defense. 

They’ve been pouring into the country for months by dozens of military transport aircraft from the US, UK, Canada and other NATO countries.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s Feb. 2014 Maidan coup in Ukraine, it’s unclear how many billions of dollars hegemon USA supplied to Ukraine.

Officially it’s $2.7 billion. The real figure may be double or more this amount — plus what’s supplied by other NATO regimes.

Heavy and other weapons sent to are unrelated to defense for a nation facing no foreign threats — just invented ones.

Events on the ground explain what duplicitous US/Western officials and their MSM press agents continue to conceal.

In response to US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg’s fake news hyperventilating about Russia, MZ called his fear-mongering hysteria “absolute nonsense,” adding:

“Russia is not threatening NATO countries (or any others) and has no intention to attack” anyone.

“We are pursuing a peace-loving policy in a bid to preserve peace.”

“For Russia, peace is a core value.”

“Russia constantly had to fight aggressors on its territory, aggressors whose unexpected invasions destroyed villages and cities, people, and infrastructure.”

“We know what peace is and how to defend it.”

“The reason why we are developing our armed forces is that we know what trials Russia went through” time and again earlier.

On US/Western fake news claims about a Russian coup plot against Ukraine, MZ noted:

“I get the impression that such a coup is taking place every day there, be it an unconstitutional coup or a figment of the regime’s imagination.” 

“Something is happening all the time.”

Virtually everything claimed about Russia by the US/West is fake news.

Truth-telling about its domestic and geopolitical policies were long ago banned.

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