Russia-Bashing on US Propaganda TV

US Sunday morning TV talk shows feature state-approved propaganda on domestic and geopolitical issues — truth-telling consistently banned.

Pushing kill shots and all else flu/covid is the major domestic issue discussed — with health and freedom-destroying aims in mind.

Bashing invented US enemies is featured when geopolitical issues are discussed.

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia is currently top featured at a time when dominant Biden regime hardliners are using Ukrainian proxy forces to wage war on Donbass along its border.

Interventionist Blinken showed up on multiple Sunday talk shows to lie and mass deceive viewers about Russia — one of his specialties.

On all things Russia and other US invented enemies, his remarks always exclude truth and full disclosure.

There’s no ambiguity about Russia’s geopolitical agenda.

On the world stage, the Kremlin priortizes peace and stability in compliance with international law.

It’s in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s forever wars on humanity by hot and/or other means at home and worldwide.

Straightaway, Blinken turned truth on its head with the following remarks:

“(E)verything we’re seeing tells us that the decision we believe President Putin has made to invade (Ukraine) is moving forward (sic).”

Fact: Not a shred of evidence suggests it.

Fact: Since none exists, the Biden regime and key Western vassal states invented rubbish that doesn’t pass the smell test.

Fact: No US or other Western intelligence exists to suggest impending hostilities by Russia against Ukraine or any other nations.

Fact: Hegemon US is currently waging direct and proxy hot and cold wars against dozens of invented enemies threatening no one.

Fact: US/Western MSM pretend not to notice.

Fact: No evidence exists to suggest Russian hostilities in any form cross-border — no hot wars, hybrid actions, cyberattacks or anything else in breach of international law.

Fact: In stark contrast, hegemon USA-dominated NATO, apartheid Israel and their war-making partners are serial offenders.

What Blinken called ongoing US/Western “defensive assistance” to Ukraine is all about supplying heavy and other weapons for waging forever war on Donbass along Russia’s border.

Ukraine’s only foreign threats are invented. No real ones exist — not from Russia or any other nations.

Claims by Blinken of Russian cyberattacks and other hostile actions against Ukraine were fake news like all other false accusations.

Acting as appendages of US foreign and domestic policies, MSM cheerlead and otherwise support its forever wars on humanity at home and worldwide.

Using state-provided talking points, they bash Russia and other invented US enemies while turning a blind eye to its crimes of war, against humanity, the worst of atrocities and other dirty tricks.

If all-out direct or proxy war erupts in central Europe, it’ll be made-in-the-USA — clearly not Russia.

Claims otherwise by interventionist Blinken, other Biden regime hardliners, their Western counterparts and their MSM echo chamber turn truth on its head like always when hegemon USA goes to war.

Like countless other active and former US officials, Blinken in an unindicted war criminal multiple times over.

He’s also been caught lying and mass deceiving time and again.

Nothing he, other Biden regime officials, and their Western counterparts can be taken at face value.

The same goes for their MSM press agents.

US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg also showed up on Sunday TV to recite and paraphrase pre-scripted rubbish about Russia.

Serial lying is his stock and trade.

The Ukraine-related crisis he hyperventilated about was made-in-the USA and other major Western capitals.

He lied accusing Russia of threatening European security by “use of force (sic).”

He lied saying Russia invaded Ukraine earlier (sic).”

He lied saying a Russian attack on Ukraine is imminent when the made-in-the-West claim is invented, not real.

He lied accusing Russia of conducting military exercises to intimidate NATO.

They’re held in its own territory and at present jointly with Belarus as Union State exercises in its territory.

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO exercises are held provocatively in nations close to Russia’s borders, including in the Black Sea.

Imagine the hostile US response if Russia or China held military exercises along America’s northern or southern border or in Mexico’s Gulf.

No further elaboration is needed.

Stoltenberg is a US imperial stooge, a figure with no credibility, a robotized boob who finds ways to embarrass himself.

As ordered by his higher power in Washington, his job has nothing to do with collective defense.

At this time and for sometime earlier, he’s been instructed to maintain a steady drumbeat of Russia bashing by making stuff up.

Invited on US propaganda TV was with this mandate in mind.

His credibility is so thin that even his US/Western sponsors strain to take him seriously.

On a serious note, Russia’s UN envoy Anatoly Antonov got a rare invitation to speak truth to power on US propaganda TV.

He minced no words saying the following:

“There is no invasion and there is no such plans.” 

“It was fixed in Russian documents that we conveyed to (the White House and) State Department.” 

“Russia declared its readiness to continue diplomatic efforts to resolve all outstanding issues.” 

“Russian troops are on sovereign Russian territory. We don’t threaten anyone.”

“Today the problem is not Ukraine.”

“The problem is what kind of world order will be in the future.”

“Whether we can, together, establish a firm security, guaranteed for everybody, without undercutting very important principle of indivisible security for everybody.”

“We are not trying to take any territory of a foreign countries.” 

“I would like to confirm that Donbass is a part of Ukraine.”

“(W)e are very much concerned that the US and other NATO countries…are pumping off Ukraine with a lot of weapons” for war-making, not defense.   

Russia has no military buildup against anyone.

A state of US-initiated Cold War rages against Russia and other invented enemies.

Antonov rightfully scoffed at the notion of US-dominated NATO as a defensive alliance.

It’s a tool for furthering US imperial interests by hot and cold wars, by intimidating independent countries — smashing or otherwise harming ones unwilling to sell their soul to Washington.

A Final Comment

On Monday, Russia’s Southern Military District reported the following:

“On 21 February 2022 at about 6 am Moscow time, on a section of the state border between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine in the area of the settlement of Mityakinskaya, Rostov region, an FSB border detachment discovered infiltration by a sabotage and reconnaissance group.”

“In order to detain the sabotage group, the FSB border patrol detachment requested reinforcements from a military unit from the Southern Military District allocated to provide operational cover of the state border.”

A firefight ensued.

Two Ukrainian Armed Forces infantry fighting vehicles involved in  trying to rescue what Moscow called saboteurs were destroyed.

Five Ukrainian forces were killed. No Russian casualties were reported.

Denying indisputable evidence, the Zelensky regime called reality on the ground “fake news.”

Kiev’s action was a hostile act of war on Russia.

What the Biden regime likely staged suggests more of the same ahead.

One thought on “Russia-Bashing on US Propaganda TV

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    ” Serial Lying”


    I once had a job
    Writing Advertising Copy

    You’re a Home Run king
    In Advertising, pal.


    That’s like, ” Oh what a feeling”

    It pops.

    Always start with SERIAL LYING

    This whole thing will blow up the Gangsters faces.

    All their propaganda will have a Boomerang affect on the Public.

    A World and Country sick of Wars.


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